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Assorted Food At Taman Bukit Indah, Johor

YES, I AM STILL TALKING ABOUT JOHOR FOOD though I am now back in Ipoh.... This time round, there were a few new places I was taken to, thanks to my sister-in-law.  She recommended three new places and I would not mind going there again the next time when I go JB again....

One of the new shops we visited was around our vicinity, it is called Laksa House... both of us have not been there before, I think the shop was opened just recently.  The shop was fully air conditioned, the portion of the food was pretty huge and so was the prices... LOL...

After browsing through the menu, we ended up ordering the ones with moderate prices....

A bowl of curry noodles with assorted fish balls and fish cakes... 
This cost RM8.90
Penang fried Koay Teow cost RM12.90...
The portions were huge... and we could not finished this plate of noodles...
It was too spicy for my liking.... 
In another place on another day, I had this curry noodles with assorted fish balls for RM5 only...
This place is at Taman Pelangi and I never miss coming here whenever I am in JB... 
Well, I guess I cannot compare the prices, cos one is in a more cooling place whereas
this one is served on open air stalls.... 
Must have a bowl of Gingko before leaving JB... RM4.50
On another day, we went to a shop in Taman Perling... 
This one has a nostalgic feel.... 
The wanton noodles and the "Sui Kau" dumplings were to my satisfaction...
The soup was so pepper-rich!
When I was told that this shop serves good Red Wine Misua Chicken, 
I know I must come and try! 
And I was not disappointed at all....
It was All Good.... yummmsss!
Our hearty brunch for the both of us... very satisfied with my new Food!
Oh, I don't know about the price.... 
Someone from another table paid for us.... 
Both of us were blessed with a free meal!!


  1. Such good food. Love it all. Some are good value, too.

    I guess it's not common for a fellow dinner to pay for one's meal. I had a local paying for my fare but not a meal.

    1. It is a coincidence... we did not know that our meal was paid till much later..

  2. Fried kway teow looks good but the price!!! *faints*

  3. Taman Pelangi, is it near a pan mee stall which is quite famous?

    1. Yeah, I think so.. the panmee there is quite famous.

  4. Next time, u bring me there to eat, ok? hehe...

  5. people pay for ur meal in kopitiam? so nice leh...

    1. We didn't know till we wanted to pay our bill and the payer has long gone.. :)

  6. Lucky lady always gets the best food everywhere!!! I have not eaten this Red Wine Misua Chicken until today. I wonder if they sell this in KL?

  7. The red wine mee suah looked "warm". Sure whole body felt hot after eating that.

    Penang char kway teow in Johor. Hmm. Looking good. Maybe you could ask for mild taste; not too spicy for you.

    1. Yeah, didnt know that they put so much hot stuff inside the koay teow...

  8. You ate a lot of noodles hah..hah...

  9. I want to try the red wine misua and also the ginkgo. Yums!

    1. I like the ginkgko but I heard cannot eat too much...

  10. I like the sui kau...very huge pieces and 'mouthful meat' (Canto: 'dam dam youk')

    1. You can say that again.. dam dam yuk hei! hahahaha

  11. This post DOES have me drooling. I love soups and these look like the best! The red wine and noodle one, YUM!

  12. I am eyeing the Sui Kau, slurps


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