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The Wheel Deal: Tips For Keeping Your New Car In Good Condition

When you purchase a new automobile, it loses thousands of dollars in value the moment you drive it away. However, that doesn't mean it has to continue down that path. If you’re smart, you can make sure your vehicle retains as much value as possible during the first few years. That should mean you can sell it for a reasonable amount when you want something different. There are lots of measures you can take to ensure your car doesn’t deteriorate too much. Thankfully, most of them are straightforward and inexpensive. The tips below are just there to point you in the right direction. You still need to use some common sense and think outside of the box. Source here Use quality floor mats Floor mats are one of the best ways to protect the interior of your car. Your vehicle should come with some already fitted. Even so, they won’t be the best product on the market. That is because dealers will try to make as much profit from your purchase as possible. So, it’s sensible to h

Second Day Of Chinese New Year In Ipoh

SECOND DAY OF CHINESE NEW YEAR... Yes, I know today is the forth day of CNY, I am a bit backward when it comes to posting my memories "on board" here in my blog.  Each year is more or less the same as in previous years, only one or two family members are "missing"... either abroad or outstation.  Love to keep these pictures as sweet memories, year in and year out.... For the past many years, I celebrated the second day of CNY at my in-laws' house.  Even though my parents-in-laws are not around anymore, we still make it a point to eat at my in-laws house, my kids love their dishes and have been eating there ever since they were born.  LOL.... Each year they look forward to eating the authentic dishes that they have been eating for the past many years. Part of the dishes served... this year I contributed two dishes....  The table full to the brim...  The aunties, uncles and the youngsters...  All squeezed together as one big family!

First Day Of CNY At Pakeeza Restaurant, Ipoh

WOW... THIS CHINESE NEW YEAR IS REALLY SOMETHING.... It has left me so busy that I neglected my blog for the past couple of days! LOL...  Yes, busy, busy exercising my mouth and not my fingers, I love all the snacks for this CNY, I love all the food that was served on the dinner tables, I love staying up late to bond with my family members, way past my bedtime... and now the adverse effects are coming up, I cannot deny I am getting old already.  It is time to slow down with those tempting crispy snacks, I feel something swelling up in  my mouth already!  Tsk..tsk.. heaty, heaty...  Our first day of CNY, we went to Pakeeza Restaurant for lunch.... a very wise choice cos most of the Chinese restaurants were packed to the brim with limited time for the meal.  Cannot linger on for more than two hours. Our orders consisted of Mutton, chicken, egg plants and bitter gourd...  plus Mango Lassi aka yogurt...  Our partial orders... minus the Basmati rice and another order of Naan

Chinese New Year Eve Reunion Dinner

CHINESE NEW YEAR EVE REUNION DINNER held at my sibling's house.  Once a year affair to get together for a scrumptious dinner and this year is no different from the previous years except for the presence of she or he.  Last year Aaron did not make it for CNY and he makes it a point to come back this year to be with us.  Except for one of my siblings who is thousand of miles away, my family is back for the family dinner. Part of the dishes prepared to be consumed for dinner...  Some were not displayed cos yours truly was busy cooking too... ahemmmm...  And the Happy Lot who assembled and have a family photo with different poses....  And we ended our evening eating butter chocolate CNY cake and drinking endless cups of tea...  By the time we dispersed, it was almost midnight...  Fire crackers was heard around our vicinity to usher in the New Year... *SUN LEEN FAI LOK* HAVE A BLESSED NEW YEAR!!

Spoil For Choices At Dynasty Palace Restaurant, Ipoh

WHEN MY FRIEND MENTIONED THAT she would be taking a few of us for Dim Sum at a restaurant which I had not been to before, I was ALL for it!  I thought I have been to all the dim sum shops in Ipoh already?   Nahhh... I am not not so "hebat-la"... LOL... The very next morning my friend took us to Dim Sum restaurant called Dynasty Palace... Wah. .. the name also sounds "kingly" to me, the shop lot is just opposite the AEON in Station 18.  I really have not been there before, most of the shops were abandoned and parking is very easily accessible.  Great, at least there is no hassle of getting a parking lot like those Dim Sum restaurants in town, one has to drive round and round endlessly looking for parking. From the outside, one is not so impressed, but once we went in, the ambiance was nice and clean.  Service was swift and we could get a table easily without having to stand behind the tables like those in town.  Each of us were given a menu and a piece of paper

Reanaclaire Bakes Berries And Walnut Butter Cookies

WHILE MY BAKING MODE IS STILL ON, I tried doing some cookies yesterday.  Looks like I did a lot of cooking this year round but actually it is not so.  My family and friends thought I have done a lot of cookies and baking this time round.... but little did they know that half ended up in failure and cannot be "shown" in the market.  LOL... When it comes to baking, I really have lots to learn but firstly, I really must put my small oven to retirement and invest in a better one with fan or something. Sorry yeah , let me practise more first ya  before they can be "legally" given away as gifts.  LOL.... Alright... after all explanation said and done, here was my next experiment on butter cookies.  I adapted the recipe from Ann here, I hope I have not "tarnished" her cookies.  They look so perfect over there while mine ended up in odd shapes and colouring.  Maybe I used different kind of brown sugar, first batch came out darker than my second batch cos of the

A Perfect Weekend Getaway In Batam

Add captsource:  Flickr Ever watched Phua Chu Kang and come across the famous phrase of “Best in Singapore, JB, and some say Batam”? Well, this Batam is exactly the Batam that I’m about to share with you. The close proximity to Singapore makes Batam a great weekend getaway destination for tourists from Singapore. It’s relatively easy to get to this wonderful island where you can easily buy a ferry ticket to Batam using online portal like Easybook. On top of that, the short journey makes it perfect for a short trip. Apart from the stunning beaches and delicious seafood, Batam also boasts of an extremely happening nightlife. While in Batam, you should definitely try out the following:  Shop at Nagoya Hill Mall   This is the biggest shopping mall in Batam and possibly one of the coolest hangout spots in the island. Because of its convenient location, it always stays crowded. The prices of the goods here are slightly on the higher side but fear not, you can still find great

Toast To The Birthday Girls

CELEBRATED TWO OF MY EX-CLASSMATES' BIRTHDAY last evening at Choy Kee Restaurant in Ipoh Garden.  It was a double birthday celebration for both ladies, one born on this day and another in early February.  Everyone of us who came were in high spirits, come to think of it, our dinner lasted more than three hours!  Nice place for a get-together for the place was not crowded and we had a very nice corner all to ourselves.  Food wise, nothing much to shout about and it is a good thing that the price was reasonable otherwise......   hmm... hmm...  In high spirits for the dinner...  Wishing everyone good health!! Food for the seven of us...  And a piece of dessert to end the meal...  The Birthday Duo...  And my group of girls of the same age...  LOL.... 

Reanaclaire Bakes And Cooks for One And Two

REANACLAIRE'S KITCHEN IS OPEN AT FULL BLAST for the past couple of weeks.  Baking and cooking mode is ON now and might be closed for Chinese New Year instead.  LOL... Rest and Relax during the festive season and taking the opportunity to go savoring other houses' food instead. I have actually thought of eating less these days but it seems I have been eating more than my usual portion!  I guess with all the bakings and attending gatherings, I am adding more "prosperity" in my body instead of in my purse!  LOL... Days when I am not eating outside, I will be very "hardworking" cooking at home, either for myself or eating together with my girl.  When my post has a "fish dish" in it, that means my girl is home... without the fish, that means I am being solo... For solo eaters like me, I steamed a couple of pork ribs which are  marinated with Chinese wine and shredded ginger among other normal sauces...  My odd combination of greens...  Asp

Easy Steps For CNY Dried Fish Fillet Snacks

THIS YEAR IS REALLY DIFFERENT from the previous year.  One year ago on this day, I was walking or should I say, hopping on a four-legged frame in Penang.  I was on wheelchair bound for a couple of months and was on clutches for a couple of months.  Thank God I could still move around here and there but never had a chance to make Chinese New Year goodies.  Everything just had to be ordered and bought.... This year I thought I would be doing the same, just ordering a bit here and there, but as the date to CNY draws nearer, the interest of trying out baking began to grow... Thanks to my friends who "encouraged" me, urging me on to try this and that..... And my latest goodies to date is Dried Fish Fillets for CNY Snacks. Precaution Tips : 1)  Don't do this alone, you will not make this snacks again, ever! 2)  Don't get engrossed in your conversation with your friend while the snacks are in the oven. Sitting alone, tying up the fish fillets can be so monotonous tha