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Cattlemens Steak House California

Where is the Best steak in town?  We wanted to eat at least one time before we go back to Malaysia... LOL... And the place recommended is none other than Cattlemens and that is where we went one evening last week. Called up the place to make the reservation in the morning and by 6.30pm, we reached Cattlemen's... According to their own website, Cattlemens is an authentic, family-oriented Western-themed steakhouse serving Harris Ranch “All Natural” beef hand-cut fresh daily by our own butchers. Since opening in 1968, Cattlemens has been widely known as the “Best Steak in the West”— a standout in quality food, value, Western hospitality and charming Western ambience. And here we were at the Cattlemens.... since we were a bit early, we whiled away the time by these below... Around the vicinity.... After 15 minutes or so, we were led to be seated at our table of 8... Nice ambiance... a cowboy's kind of feel.... As usual, sour dough bread on the house toget

Online Gaming Etiquette

Whether you play MMOs or bingo, you probably know by now that online gaming is the next big sensation . One in four internet users is now an online gamer. Gaming online has reached heights that were previously unimaginable, and considering that a lot of people participate in these games, there are some social etiquette rules that should be followed to make sure you appear polite and friendly to other gamers.   1. Introduce yourself : Make sure to introduce yourself when you enter a game. Just say hi and tell the other players who you are. This will help other players recognize you as a fellow player and provide a polite start to a conversation. 2. Play Fair : Play the game fairly. Cheating, in any form, is the best way to make other players dislike you and to even land in legal trouble. 3. Don’t Spam : The online chat rooms should not be spammed with unrelated content or promotional forwards. Also, do not send multiple messages to someone who has not replied yet. 4. B

Reunion Dinner At Sacramento

MISSING MALAYSIAN FOOD? No, not at all when we have homecooked food like these every now and then.  With help from one another, we managed to whisk up a meal that make us drool upon finishing. LOL... At least I do! On this special evening, we had a very scrumptious meal, this time the whole meal was prepared by ONLY one member of the family.  She did not follow us out for sightseeing, staying back to prepare and cook for dinner.... so very nice of her!!  This is what I call Caring is Not only Sharing, it is about sacrificing too.  LOL...  When the rest of us came back from our day's trip, our dinner was almost done.  The moment we entered the house, the aroma filled our nostrils and we got hungry almost Immediately.  Wasting no time, we quickly set up the table to start digging on the scrumptious meal... Our Cook of the House... Tean's Curry Chicken! Everyone loves this Malaysian dish!! Spring rolls made from minced meat and prawns... Very crispy! Baked

Are Your Workouts Not Working Out?

There's a pretty common feeling that just about everyone who's ever tried to take on a more active lifestyle can relate to. It's the feeling that, no matter what you do, your workouts never really seem to make that much difference, either to the way you look or to the way that you feel . It's like you've hit some kind of wall and no matter what you do, you can get past it. Of course, just because this is a common problem doesn't mean that it doesn't have solutions, and simple ones at that! Here are a few things that you can do if it feels as though your workouts just aren't working out. Rest more Image Taken From Pexels This is one of those things that a lot of people tend to ignore because it's all too easy to assume that it isn't that important. After all, if you're resting you're not working out, right? Well, technically that's not true. While spending every single day lounging around in bed or on the couch is hardly

5 De Mayo At El Novillero Restaurant

IT WAS ON A VERY SPECIAL DAY WHEN WE VISITED  THIS MEXICAN RESTAURANT.. 5 DE MAYO, so it is called... 5th of May is a very special day for the Mexicans.  Cinco de Mayo means Fifth of May, an annual celebration held on this day, to commemorate the Mexican Army's unlikely victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5 1862, according to Wikipedia. We went for our lunch at El Novillero Restaurant, known as one of the best Mexican restaurants here in Sacramento.  Never knowing what to expect, I was fascinated with the ambience of the place, it looks so Mexican and Spanish upon entering.  We waited for a good 15 minutes before we could be seated, there was even a wedding taking place inside the restaurant... A very nice experience indeed. The history of the restaurant... At the reception while waiting to be seated... From the place where we were seated... Celebration going on... Okay...what to order? All looks foreign to me.... I think I will just

These Issues Are of Utmost Importance When Hiring Employees

Every business that hires employees will have a time when they do it for the first time. This means that they need to navigate a range of issues concerning how to handle their employees. Even businesses that already have staff need to review their procedures and practices to ensure they're still doing everything they should be. The goals need to be to make the most of the employees, keep them happy in their work, and make sure they're meeting the business's expectations. Employers need to keep a close eye on employees to ensure that not only are the employees doing their job but that they're fulfilling their role as an employer too. Flickr image The Hiring Process The hiring process is obviously the first thing that many business owners need to think about. Depending on the size of the business, they could end up using a variety of methods and processes to make the right hires. Some small businesses will conduct a talent search largely on their own. Th

Tasty Package At Rice Bowl Restaurant

WE ARE REALLY TYPICAL CHINESE... Even in Sacramento, we look high and low for at Asian food, that is our first priority.  My sister knows where to get nice and reasonable prices meals and one of the regulars that we love to go is the Rice Bowl Restaurant.  My brother-in-law and his son do not really mind having Chinese food with us once awhile but not all the time.  But most times they do not follow us out and needless to say, we will definitely go for familiar dishes that remind us of home sweet home in Malaysia... LOL... Rice Bowl Restaurant has family dinners that range from $26 for three dishes and so on.  Since there are seven of us, we ordered two sets of $26-for-3-dishes and that means, six dishes for $52... Good package, right?  From the menu which consist of endless dishes, we really had a hard time choosing the 6 dishes... everything seems to look good and attractive... LOL... Creamy prawns with honey walnuts.... Variety of Greens... Clams with black beans...