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Year End Trip To Taiwan

A PLANNED TRIP TO TAIWAN.... not by me but by the youngsters.  I wanted to go Taiwan but not on conducted tours, I prefer free and easy where we can go to any place we want to.  That was what I told my kids last year and I am grateful to them that they managed to make this trip come true for me. I told them...  You all do the planning, just let me know how much to pay only.   LOL... And that was what they did.  They checked the online websites for cheap tickets, searched for tour guide for two days, booked the hotels, changed currency... and pass the bill over... LOL... just kidding! And our trip to Taiwan started on the 29th December last year.  I flew down to Singapore to meet them up, had our free dinner and rested at the lounge till it was time to board at 1am.  Slept a bit on the plane and we reached Taipei airport within 5 hours.  Our driver cum tour guide was waiting for us at the airport... so nice!  On the way to Taichung, they took us for local meat dumplings and fresh soy

Our Yearly Affair At Delights Restaurant, Ipoh

SAU KOONG CHAU...... literally known as "Close Shop" or "Stop Work" is our annual affair when the festive season Chinese New Year is coming near.  My ex-colleagues whom we know for umpteen years already, make it a point to have a gathering meet-up and have a good session of food before we  usher in the Chinese Lunar Year 2019.   This year again, we have our Friday long hours lunch at Delight Restaurant, a nice place for us, less crowded and less noise so that we don't have to raise our voices in our table of 10.  There is a new face this year in our group, she just joined in the government service few months ago, the youngest gal among us all.  It was a very fun and interesting afternoon, most of the time we focused on the new young staff.... a very witty and hardworking lady who works from early morning till midnight... Knowing her, each of us feel kind of blessed in our own way... LOL...  The pensioners being the early birds...  Back to our menu....

4 Features Of A Fun Home

A lot of people get hung up on the idea of making their home look beautiful. They want everything to be designed perfectly so that eventually their home begins to look like a property that’s straight out of a catalogue. While there’s nothing wrong with this, it’s not the only consideration a homeowner should have when they’re designing their home. How fun, for example, should also be a priority! We’re serious. Is it better to have a beautiful but atmospherically stale home or one that’s slightly rough around the edges, but fun? We know what we’d choose. But you don’t have to choose, really, your home can be beautiful and fun. Below, we take a look at how to add the latter.   Source: Open Plan Your home isn’t going to be all that fun if no-one can see each other. If everyone’s off in their own rooms, then when will there be time to enjoy other’s company? So to begin, look at creating a home that allows people to chat and be together in a relaxed environment.

Christmas Food Stuffings In Me

OH OH.... not HO HO... Yes, this post should be published a month ago... LOL... Nowadays my posts are indeed very backdated, so much happening that I did not have the time to write current happenings, unlike those days when I was still working, I had more time to blog than now I am not working.  As my friends used to call me.. "You are an octopus now that you retire."  I dare not contradict that... LOL... Back to our Christmas celebration, we had our party in Sg. Buloh... er... not exactly a party, no dancing or singing but more on preparing food and stuffing our tummies.  LOL... Of course, I am not the one cooking, so much to see and learn while I was there.  I kept "ooohhh... ahhhhh.... " only cos everything looks new to me especially Risotti rice!  That day was the first time I ever tasted Risotti, quite embarrassed to say but still I do tell everyone here.  Christmas isn't Christmas without a nice fat turkey, so someone said.  And so we had one ordered

An Evening Dinner At Chef Chew Kitchen, Petaling Jaya

BACK TO SG. BULOH for a couple of days.... Come evening, we went for dinner at Chef Chew Kitchen in Seksyen 19, Petaling Jaya.  Since it was my first time there, I did not know what to expect except to sit back, relax and eat.  LOL... It is a one shop lot restaurant so tables are very limited.  Reservation was made at 6pm to be on the safe side, to avoid crowds and waiting for food was very minimized at this time of the day.  For the seven of us, these dishes were served on the table... Thumbs up even before the dinner...  And soon these are served...  Claypot braised ribs...  Their signature dish... Fish Maw...  First time eating fish maw which is whitish in colour...  Black Beancurd with Pumpkin sauce... Hey, this restaurant indeed serves new to me! This must be Sweet Sauce Chicken... For the American... Cos we Asians like Steamed Chicken like this!  LOL...  And the star dish of the dinner is this...  Freshly steamed and succulent prawns

Beautiful Dresses For All Ages

Wedding bells are in the air!  The bridal shops and restaurants are in full blast again, bookings have to be made in advance and that goes the same for hotels' ballrooms too.  And there are many couples who opt for garden weddings these days, I think it is a very romantic, having a wedding solemnized in a cooling garden surrounded by lovely flowers and landscaping. There are much to prepare for a wedding but for the bride, the most important item she needs to have is the wedding and evening gowns that she is going to wear.  Some bridal shops may offer the correct design but the sizes might not be suitable or they might have correct sizes but the designs are not exquisite at all.  But worry not, there are now many online formal dresses for ladies who are looking for classy and exquisite evening dresses for brides.  Not only that, there is a nice selection of prom dresses for11 12 years old !  These beautiful prom dresses can be worn for wedding dinners as well, it is like killing

Our Long Wait At T S VIP Restaurant, Ipoh

EATING TRAIL CONTINUES... Back in Ipoh, we went for a promotional set dinner at a restaurant which has just shifted from Heritage Hotel to the Ipoh Country Club.  The restaurant is called T S VIP and it was giving out meal sets at RM388 for 10 people.  We made a reservation two days in advance and when we reached the restaurant, we were told that our reservation was not on that evening but the following day.  Oh no.. we specified that it was on a Friday, not Saturday, we told them that we ordered the set personally, no phone calls, nothing.  Anyway, after hearing our explanation, they laid out a table for us... and we chatted and chatted.... till an hour later, the food had not arrived yet... By then all of us were super hungry and we called in the Captain.... this time he apologised profusely cos he did not know about this earlier... After the first dish, we had to wait another half hour again, oh dear.. the captain was called again and after that, all the other dishes came out

Comfort Food At Pekin Restaurant Sutera, Johor

BACK TO JOHOR... The evening we were back in Johor, it was our turn to have "comfort food" Asian styled... and for that special dinner, we went to Peking Restaurant at Sutera area.  The food can never go wrong over there, only thing is that, the place is always full.  We waited for half an hour before we could finally ushered in to our table.  Food preparation is fast though, within minutes our dishes were all served and within minutes, only empty plates were noticed.. LOL.. There were only 6 of us and we ordered just a few dishes, bill came to around RM200. Smiles for the camera while waiting for our "comfort food!" Everyone loves their Glutinous rice wrapped with lotus leaf...  This is also nice... Yam with vegetables inside the "well" Yummy Yam! Asparagus stirfry with garlic.. Creamy prawns...  Now I am drooling! Another one of their signature dishes...  Mongolian Spare Ribs or something like that... Very soft a