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Two Nights Stay At Conrad Centennial Singapore

FROM JOHOR, we took the Grab services to Singapore... the driver came to pick us up at our little nest right on time at 10am.  Traffic was smooth and we reached the hotel within an hour.  So convenient for the four of us, no queuing up for the causeway bus, no waiting at the immigration, just drive through the customs and paying the driver $75SG for the one way right to the hotel we were staying.  My son recommended Conrad Centennial Singapore, he knows we ladies would love to walk though we do not buy... and the Suntec City mall is just right opposite!  How nice and convenient and yet so tempting!

To our delight, they allowed us to check in early though it was a Sunday.  We settled ourselves into the big deluxe room and walked around a bit to familiarize ourselves in the hotel.  Even the restrooms did not escape our eyes... LOL... They are heavily scented with lemongrass or was it lavender... anyway, from the lobby to the restroom, sweet fragrance is in the air....
From the first floor... 
Yes, it was still the festive season... 
And the king size bed... 
Not both but three of us... 
Somebody got to sleep here for the next two nights... LOL.. 
The curtains are not manually operated.. 
They are "electronic-deviced"... 
Just press a button and it does the rest.. 
First time I seen that... 
Well, I guess I am really outdated... 
How I wish my home toilet is like this... hahaha... 
Here we are... leaving our marks here and there... 
This is what I called Holiday!


  1. wah, a smart way to travel by Grab! what a nice hotel! your son gives good recommendation. pity someone has to sleep on the sofa! lolx!

  2. What a grand looking hotel with a nice swimming pool

  3. I continually follow your website and find the best content you share. Thanks for sharing such kind of great photo with us.

  4. WOW! This must be the fanciest hotel I have ever seen! I would love to stay there, even if for only one night. I love that big spiral of lights.

  5. First time hearing about this hotel but then again, I have not been to Singapore for many many many years, not with our current exchange rate - our miserable ringgit's going from bad to worse, no harapan!

  6. Wow...this hotel looks really luxurious and premium. I have not gone to Singapore before. :D


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