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Up Stirling Castle And Peggy Scott's Restaurant

ON THE WAY BACK TO ABERDEEN.... we stopped at Stirling Castle.... needed lots of walking again and after that, we replenished with a scrumptious lunch.... Ascending up the road leading to Stirling Castle... And finally after some puffing and huffing... At the grounds... Oh, it must be a sunny and hot weather in Stirling... Saw something familiar at the parking grounds... Subo? Serious??? Lunch at Peggy Scott's Restaurant... While waiting for our lunch... We had Lentil soup and Panini... One of us had this set... Coronation Chicken...  I like this set... it has raisins....  And Beef Pie....  And after our lunch, we proceeded to another Battlefield!!

Day Outing At Edinburgh Castle And National Museum Of Scotland

UP THE EDINBURGH CASTLE... The next morning we had our energy recharged... after a hearty breakfast at the hotel, we took a tram to the town, it was just a 15 minute journey from Novatel hotel to town.  From there, we walked up to Edinburgh castle, stopping on the way to have lunch and ice cream!!  We spent nearly the whole day sight-seeing and stopping at the National Museum of Scotland.  Entrance is free of charge and we spent a couple of hours inside... In the evening, we checked in to another hotel, Courtyard Merriot for another night... Up Edinburgh Castle... Lunch and dessert time! At the National Museum where we spent a couple of hours...  A tiring day no doubt but well spent... 

How to Make Savings in Your Home

There is so much to save for in life, from schooling, a mortgage, holidays, vehicles, elderly care, the list goes on! Your home can be one of the biggest drains on your finances, so it is important to take a close look at what you’re spending, and on what, to see if you can make any savings. Here, we run through some ideas on how to cut down on your monthly home expenditure. Smart Home Investing in smart home technology from a company like Crestron  can really help you to make some savings. This technology is able to memorise your preferences and therefore ensure that you are only using your utilities when they are really needed. A smart thermostat will turn on and off and adjust temperatures itself, and you can control it remotely so you can turn it on before you get home, rather than leaving it on all day. Smart lights allow you to dim them to save energy, and make sure they’re switched off when not in use remotely. You can even use motion sensors to ensure this. This remote con

Healthy Living And Supermarkets Shoppers

  Supermarkets are complicated businesses, that people outside the trade often underestimate. From the color scheme to the lighting, from product grouping to aisle flow, every aspect of the modern supermarket is carefully planned to provide the best possible service to your shoppers. The amount of research that goes in to developing a supermarket layout would probably astound the average person popping in to just get milk and wondering why they’ve come out with half the store. Although different brands might pay to ensure that they have pride of place or to be able to run marketing campaigns at the end of the aisles, it seems to be the grocery section that has been the focus of many supermarkets’ development plans in the last few years Supermarket Layout Design It is hardly surprising if you think about it, that the layout of supermarkets makes it so easy to find certain items, or that certain foods are grouped together. Putting the flour and sugar in the same baking goods

Sightseeing, Food And Novatel In Edinburgh

EDINBURGH CITY...  It is all about walking up and down the roads, leading to Edinburgh Castle.  But halfway through, we changed our mind, we decided to visit the castle the next day, it is too much to cramp the sightseeing on the first day in Edinburgh.... By the time we walked to the car park, it was nearly dinner time.  Aaron recommended Imperial Palace for our dinner, they serve Asian Chinese food.  After our dinner, we checked in to Novatel Hotel which we stayed for one night before moving to another hotel the next day.   The room cost around 78 pounds for two persons in a room, very nice and comfortable, nothing to complain about... In fact the standard room can sleep 4 persons, there is a sofa bed which can accommodate 2.... next time we know... we just have to book one room for 4.  LOL.. The more, the merrier.... See the number of steps we had to walk? We managed to somehow...  Up and down... ascending and descending to the castle... Halfway we turned back... that

A Short Weekend Trip To Edinburgh

WEEKEND HERE AGAIN... Two days after coming back from our London trip, we made another short trip again, this time to Edinburgh.  Edinburgh... how do I pronounce it?  "A-din-burgh"... but in actual fact, the locals here pronounced it as "A-din-bra"  Now only I know... :) Back to my post, we started the journey early morning at 8am, Aaron drove to Edinburgh for a 11am appointment and dropped the three of us in town.  We walked along Princess Street, the main road where it is the busiest street in Edinburgh... On a weekend...  Tenners building...  Leading to the museum...  The Scott Monument....  The sun was out and yet I was so cold...  Basking under the sun....  I really admire them...  Hard to get such a nice weather during spring...  No picnics.... just the sun is good enough...  We ladies are all bundled up...  Walking back to the car park after some "minor" shopping....