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Pig Stomach Stole the Night At Sun Marpoh, Ipoh

BACK IN IPOH... time flies too.... Each morning we go out for our breakfast and then somehow or rather, we only go home when the sun sets.  That means we did not cook anything in the house and we only eat two meals per day.  One in the morning and our evening meal.  In between, we would be walking either in this mall or that mall.  How many malls in Ipoh?  Not many... just 5 malls and we are still not complaining... LOL...  On this evening, we went out for dinner at Sun Mar Poh in Ipoh Garden.  Just five of us ladies and we ordered five dishes....  Heard that this new dish is in town...  They call it Ice Plant... have to be kept cold...  Eaten raw and dipped with Kewpie roasted sesame mayo...  Trotter in black vinegar...  Thick and concentrated, just the way I like it! Yam basket filled with vegetables among others...  This dish is kind of special...  Pig stomach stir fried with lots of garlic and dried pawns plus chillies...  Very appetizing...  Old

Dinner For Five At Punggol Settlement, Singapore

ANOTHER EVENING DINNER AT PUNGGOL SETTLEMENT... Cousins took us for another dinner the next day, this time to Punggol, definitely first time for me here.  I have never stayed in Singapore for a week before, most of the time, we only "layover" for a night or two.  Thanks to my auntie and her family who opened their place for us to stay and this is the only time we really explored more places in Singapore.  So what do they have in Punggol Settlement?  They have a beautiful waterfront area for both food and leisure.  If I stay around this area, I would go for my evening walks whenever possible and then taking my dinner there facing the sea... LOL...  On this day, that was what we did.... strolled along the waterfront and then we had our dinner at one of the restaurants there. Really a nice place to walk and pass time in the evening..... Yes, we wish we could fly too! Our dinner at the White Meehoon Restaurant....  We had quite a

4 Tips to choosing the best tea kettle

If you are a tea lover, you know how important a tea kettle is. And while you want to be enjoying your tea, you want a kettle that serves its purpose well. That said, below are some helpful tips to consider when choosing a tea kettle. Functionality Do you want an electric tea kettle? Is the handle comfortable enough to carry to your patio? Is the kettle suitable for using on your stovetop? When it comes to functionality, almost everything goes into consideration. You want to buy a kettle that is functional to you and your household. Price Cheap is expensive. But also, that does not mean that you should spend a fortune on a tea kettle. First decide on what you want then proceed to compare prices from different stores and vendors. If you like a particular kettle, check how it is priced elsewhere to see if you can get a better deal. You don’t have to spend all the cash you had budgeted for, if you can get it at a better price. Also, if the kettle is too cheap then you might find

Evening Dinner And Live Performance At The Wheeler's Estate, Singapore

OPEN AIR DINNER... On this beautiful Sunday, my cousin took us to a colonial building called Wheeler's Estate.  This 2 acre wide estate was formerly a British military airbased and now turned to a dining open air area with spacious verandahs filled with greens.   Something different from the hustle bustle in the city... no queuing, just sit back and relax, eating while listening to the live band performing English and Mandarin songs throughout our dinner.... We were there around 6.30pm...  Heritage bungalow turned to a dining restaurant... We chose to sit in the open air...  Lots of tables.. no need to queue up as in the malls... Started off with a cup of hot tea.... Grilled Steak.... Quite a large portion.. Hawaiian Pizza I think... Grilled fish...  And some side orders besides these... The six diners... Later in the evening... the place became crowded... Live performance... From the trio.... As night falls...  We

Amazing DIY Home Bar: 8 Hacks and Ideas, No Matter the Budget

As the quality of life in the US steadily improves, cocktails are becoming more popular. Moreover, home bars are making a comeback, which is a move driven by the rise in liquor delivery . Even if you are not affluent enough to have the luxury of a home bar, you could dedicate some space in your house or apartment for entertaining guests, or mixing a drink whenever you want. In this article, we look at ingenious home bar hacks and ideas irrespective of your budget. Turn Your Old Barrel into a Liquor Spot Turning an old barrel into the ideal home bar spot can be daunting, but you will get the kicks out of the project. Moreover, you can make it a group project where you invite your friends or family to help you out. There are several ways that you can turn the barrel into a liquor spot. For starters, you could split it in half, or leave it whole. Make doors into the sides of the barrel and add shelves to hold the liquor. Copyright: Unsplash | License: COO Public Doma

Dinner At A One Claypot House, North Point Yishun, Singapore

TWO MEALS AT SAME MALL...  Met up with my girl in the morning at North Point Yishun.  Took her nearly two hours to reach, poor girl.. station after station... Before we set out, I told her to meet us at UOB bank at the entrance.  My problem was that I did not have Wifi once I reached the mall.  I thought the mall would have wifi at certain places but most of them need password.  So I had to walk around to look for free wifi to get connected with my girl and let her know where we were.  And the place I had wifi was quite far away from UOB... oh my goodness, I had to walk up and down to get through to her....  anyway, cut the story short, we managed to meet up after walking thousand of steps to and fro....  We walked around and shopped a bit, not me, of course... paying 3 times as much compared to Malaysia?  Not worth it... LOL..  Comes evening, we were given a scrumptious treat at the A One Claypot House... we wanted something light but our host misinterpreted and over-orde