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Different Kind Of Meals

MIXED MEALS.... Looking back at these pictures, I realize that I did not take rice for the past couple of days.  How come, I am also surprised!  If my siblings know that I have not taken rice for a few days, they might not believe me, they call me "Rice Bucket"... must take rice daily and no cravings for western food.  Well, I have changed... maybe age and travelling have changed me.  LOL.... I am learning, learning to go without rice and instead of other fusion other than rice and rice.... My breakfast....  For lunch, I took another piece of bread....  Very rare during normal days But now are abnormal days and I have changed...  For dinner, I ate these...  I went to buy from a food court... Fried chicken, pumpkin, a piece of beancurd fish cake and a piece of bread... Weird meal?   I agree.... and enjoyed it...  Now come to think of it, I call it Lazy! Just eat whatever is in the house... Ordered from Spade Burger for me and my nephew.... 

Waist Trainer For Women

During this Covid-19 season or Conditional Movement Control Order, I did not go to the shopping malls to walk around like those days.  Now the safest thing to do is to stay home and stay safe.  However that did not deter me from browsing online websites to keep myself occupied with the latest trends and how to look good. Not only me, my friends also log in online to do their groceries, food delivery, shopping for clothing.... nothing can deter us from browsing, right? And the way I consume my food now, it is making me growing sideways if I am not careful.  I must continue to exercise regularly to sweat out the calories, eating and sitting down most of the time is a No-No.  But fret not, I can always get plus sizes dresses for myself if it happens, meanwhile I like to browse these exercise outfits, something like a plus size waist trainer for women , just in case, I have grown sideways with all the food I am consuming each day. Ever heard of Loverbeauty website?  From what I re

Fruit And Nuts Bread Using Breadmaker

BREAD-LESS...  No bread in the house and lazy to go out to buy and hence, the baking of bread began.  This time I tweaked the recipe a bit....  Tesco breadmaker does not require egg in making fruit bread but I added in one.  It also does not need oil but I added in 2 tablespoon of melted butter and after that, I kept my fingers crossed.   Fruits and nuts are 30gm and I added 60gm cos I like each mouthful to be filled with more nuts.... Yes, I am greedier this time.... Press on #5 for sweet bread.... After 2.55 hours....  Medium crust.... next time I should press the "Light" crust and see how it looks...  The top sides are a bit hard and crusty..  But inside is soft....  See my greediness? I put dried blueberries, almond flakes, pine nuts and walnuts....  For each bite, I get to eat something different...  Best to be eaten within the sameday or two the most... The last piece was finished on the 3rd day and it was more dry and hard by then...

Simple Steps To Apom Balik aka Tai Kau Meen

HOW TO OVERCOME MY CRAVINGS..... the only way is to DIM.... Do-It-Myself... LOL... and that was exactly what I did yesterday.  My cravings for the Peanut Pancake aka  Tai Kau Meen in Cantonese and Apom Balik in Malay  was put into trial test, thanks to a lady who posted up her recipe on Facebook.  I quickly screenshot the recipe and gave it a try yesterday... Ingredients: 1 cup multi-purpose flour 2 tbsp fine sugar (I used brown sugar) 1 egg 1/2 tsp yeast 1/2 baking soda 1 cup water (I used 3/4 cup) Mix all the ingredients and leave for 1/2 hour.... Meanwhile, I crushed my Peanut Candy cookies which were given by my neighbour... I cut a small portion of SCS butter and a scoop of peanut butter....  Into the pan the batter goes... low fire...  First round, I poured in a thin batter....  Best is to wait for the batter to be drier or cooked longer first before putting in the peanuts and butter....  Trial try.... a bit too soft... so I must heat the batter

Noodles And Salad

MEALS OF THE DAY.... Homecooked and outside food.... My neighbour bought Koayteow goreng for me...  Long time I did not eat this... so I finished it all.... and I have to skip lunch.. for once! For dinner, I dumped all these in my bowl of Maggi noodles... I did not use the packet since I have "ikan bilis" soup.... A very fulfilling meal again....  And while eating half-way, my neighbour called me....  She passed over this salad consisting of apples, cucumber, carrot and "suit lin" For sauce, she used plum sauce and apricot jam... So nice that I asked for her recipe...  And I will do this when my kids come home!

What I Eat During CMCO

THREE MEALS PER DAY....  surely more and no less than that... LOL... My neighbour and I ordered some food from Bercham and this lady charges RM6 only for delivery for any food bought in her area.  Actually it is worth paying that small fee, she goes to buy food from a few shops, depending on what we order.  Her own homecooking specialty is Bah Chang and steamed radish balls.  We ordered those from her before and most of the time, we wanted these Char Siew Pau (BBQ pork dumplings) from a Dim Sum shop called Lok Yuen.  I ordered 4 of BBQ pau and two Meaty pau...  It cost around RM2.60 each....  Noodles too were ordered but I forgot to take picture of my breakfast.... These were my yesterday's lunch.... A very filling and satisfying lunch! For dinner, I simply fried this, dumping in bits of roasted pork and zucchini.... This morning's breakfast....  Homemade strawberry jam and two "almost cooked" eggs...  For lunch... LAKSA!! I gave a pa

Steamed Rice With Pumpkin

LAZY DAYS... I try to minimize my cooking to once a day... max... LOL.. I am so lazy these days.  Most of the time I cook only for dinner, with a heavy breakfast, I skip lunch.. *I try* but most times I end up taking bread instead.  Yesterday in Ipoh, heavy rain and thunder plus hailstones!  But thankfully not in my area but certain parts of Ipoh... I was safe in my own house despite the howling wind, seriously howling, never heard such wooooo sounds so clearly before...but this morning when I woke up, I saw two small holes in my kitchen ceiling.  Oh oh... time to check for repairs... sigh... Today I saw the aftermath of the storm, Ipoh being terrorized by the storm is up on viral, really scary if I were driving in the midst of the heavy storm and wind.  Back to my post..... I just cook a simple meal with half a pumpkin, minced meat, french beans, dried shrimps and red hot chillies... Steamed pumpkin rice for the both of us....  The heavy rain did not stop me from hav

Pizza From Michelangelo, Ipoh

EAST AND WEST.... two dinners on two different days. Young man asked for Pizza again, this time not homemade ones but from the real Pizza shop called Michelangelo.  Used to be packed with patrons when they first opened a number of years ago, at least 6-7 years back.  Then in the recent years, Ipoh cafes started to increase numbers and they kind of affected this Pizza restaurant.  During MCO, it was closed and only reopened last week.  Young man wanted Dominoes and aunty here wanted Michelangelo... and of course, the payer decides.... I ordered Half and Half...  Two different types of pizza...  but more or less the same....  He likes bacon with eggs.... And I had sweet and salty bacon...  But how much can I eat...  I just had two pieces for dinner... and I'm good... And the rest of the pizza? All went into his endless tummy!

Simple Steps To Lemon Cake With Pecans

SWEET TEMPTATION filled my mind again yesterday after my friend posted up her Steamed Lemon Cake in Facebook... that set my baking process on.... Checked my fridge, I have 2 big lemons but a bit short of butter.  I weighed the butter, it was only 145gm.  The recipe required 175gm of butter, flour and sugar.  How leh ?  No worries, I ended up tweaking the recipe to accommodate the shortage of butter by 30gm. I used 150gm of self raising flour instead of 175gm... sugar, I slashed it to 75gm, I really cannot eat too sweet... and the rest of the ingredients are : 3 eggs, one lemon plus one tablespoon of lemon zest, one teaspoon of baking soda... and that was it. Cream the butter and the brown sugar....  Add in an egg at one time...  I added in some pecans for decoration....  Into the oven 180 degree celsius for 45 minutes....  oopppsss... cracked again? Maybe I should lower the heat to 160 degrees next time... or cover it with an aluminium foil on top.... 

Food Deliveries During CMCO

FOOD DELIVERY..... Yours truly is so lazy at times that I try to avoid cooking whenever possible.  A full heavy breakfast will last me throughout the day and I can just nibble something in between till dinner.  Had this for breakfast... (neighbour bought) A very full meal, I would say....  I ordered this Beef fried noodles too... besides BBQ dumplings.... Delivery fees is RM5...  And in the evening, this came.... Roasted Chicken... RM19 My neighbour ordered online... And I also wanted one too! The part without the skin went into my mouth the minute this was opened... LOL.... I had this for my dinner....  No, I couldn't even finish this half... I gave whatever I could not finish to the young man... He was more than delightful to take whatever I could not finish! So no wasting....  *My eyes are wide and my mouth is small*

Home Exercises During MCO

ALL FOOD AND NO EXERCISE MAKES ME LAZY.... Besides having gray hair all over my head, I would be growing sideways as well IF I just sit and eat all the time.  No joke, I feel like eating even after a heavy breakfast, like for instance this morning, the minute I put down my plate of Chee Cheong Fun (white noodles), I felt like munching a piece of bread.  And I actually DID eat a piece of bread spread with peanut butter.  Then only I felt fully satisfied.  And at 12.30pm, my stomach said..."hey, time for lunch!"  And I ended up taking a big dumpling filled with BBQ pork and a piece of papaya.  So what's for tea time now?  LOL..... Practically I take three meals per day, at least, I would say... never been less but more.  I have a weighing machine in my room, so far, I am still maintaining within the range, plus minus 1-2kg.  I drink Barley Green in the morning, for detoxification and a kind of supplement so that I can "output" what I have "input" dai