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Goodbye To Mr. Covid 2020

BYE BYE 2020.... no, we won't be missing you...  This whole year has been in a turmoil and still is... due to the arrival of Mr. Covid-19.  Many of my hopes and plans are dashed for this year and I dare not decide on what to do for 2021.  "Come what may" or "play by ear" as I told my friends, tentatively is like that.... no promises made. What are we looking forward to for 2021?   Though it is meant to be hilarious.... but I guess this is going to happen....  I only can pray for a Better 2021.... This has become History of our lives.... As we begin the year 2021, we would love to bade goodbye.... Goodbye to 2020 ... Goodbye to Mr. Covid and its friends.... AND I WISH UPON ALL OF YOU TO HAVE...  GOOD HEALTH FOR THE COMING DAYS AND STAY SAFE ALWAYS!

Christmas Dinner At Grove Diner, Ipoh

CHRISTMAS EVE DINE OUT.... We were not obedient on the eve of Christmas, we did not stay home, instead we made a reservation to have our dinner at Grove Diner.  We had never been there before and I know that to go on a festive season eve will certainly burn a hole in my pocket/wallet/purse.  There is no doubt about that, I called up for reservation a week earlier, the staff sent the menu to me, via whatsapp.  So convenient these days! For the eve of Christmas, Grove Diner only had 4 choices for us patrons.  Most expensive is the Wagyu beef and its condiments, RM268, followed by the second highest is RM168 and another two choices is the RM69 plus plus.  How about that.... I estimated for the six of us, the bill could easily comes to RM600... LOL... The set dinner came with a truffle mushroom soup, followed by main course and ended with a dessert.  No drinks were included and five of us had warm water... LOL... so stingy, right?  LOL....  A bungalow house turned cafe along Jalan Tambun,

Gifts On Christmas Day

FEELING LIKE A KID AGAIN...       On Christmas morning, we spent our time opening presents, mostly 12 sen gifts we bought from Shopee.  Actually we bought for ourselves, not given by friends and we had a happy time opening parcel after parcel.  We had never opened so many parcels before, we accumulated them since a week ago... LOL... just to make ourselves happy "shiok sendiri" on Christmas morning.   Part of our loot bought.....  My kids know I like Shin Chan.... This one is not 12 sen, ok... LOL>..  And our opened "gifts" ....  Till this day, the 12 sen are still coming in...  Yes, it is like I am collecting junk! LOL... 

Blessed Christmas 2020

MERRY MERRY... CHRISTMAS....   Ordered a fruit cake to welcome Christmas into our home, in fact I ordered two... one to be given away to my sister-in-law.  On that very day, she came into my house, bringing a whole cake tray... and what was it inside?  Fruit cake!!  hahahaa.... I gave away one and received one back!  What a laugh we had! Yes, Christmas is about loving, giving, caring and sharing.... and this goes round...   This year I have my kids with me, though not the whole clan, nevertheless, it is good to be together for this year.  Working at home seems to have its benefits after all!   We opened a lot of presents this year.... I will post about that soon!  Meanwhile, I am enjoying my fruit cakes and getting drunk with them!  LOL...  Ordered from my friend who is a specialist in Fruit Cakes.... Yummy in my Tummy.... She told me that I can put into the freezer if I couldn't finish it... What?  The cake is half gone already... By tonight, it might be finished!  Yes, we share i

Penang Laksa And Char Koay Teow At Taman Emas

PENANG DELIGHTS.... After our shopping at La Gourmet, we went for our lunch at Taman Emas coffeeshop, just opposite Peng Hwa School.  That is our regular place for laksa fix.  There are only two stalls there, Laksa and Char Koay Teow with duck egg.  We did not want to eat too heavy but somehow, we ended up feeling very full too! My type of Laksa, no har koe, please....  (shrimp paste is a no-no for me) I thought of sharing but somehow, I finished the whole bowl....  These must be dipped into the Laksa soup.... Could not resist a plate of duck egg Char Koay Teow too.... This has to be shared.... Satisfied? Yes, super satisfaction!!

Best Packaging Materials to Use for Roasted Coffee

Packaging keeps your company’s coffee products fresh and also helps develop a lasting relationship with your customers. It can help to ensure your coffee delivers the best possible customer experience while also building brand name loyalty. The materials that go into your roasted coffee’s packaging will determine how well its freshness and aroma will be preserved. They can impact your product’s shelf appeal and either expand or limit your packaging and display options. Preserving Freshness and Aroma Your coffee brand requires protection from oxygen, light and moisture to preserve its fresh-roasted flavor and aroma. Your coffee beans packaging bags  will benefit from choosing the most appropriate Modified Atmosphere Packaging options for your company’s offerings. Ground coffee requires greater freshness protection in its packaging than whole bean coffee, so the right MAP option will play an even greater role. Overall, your ideal packaging material will prevent oxygen, light and moisture

Shopping At La Gourmet

CHRISTMAS GIFT... I was not a good girl yesterday, I went shopping, I went to Penang Gurney Plaza, I went to shop for thermos flask and not for myself, I went to buy for my friends!  Yes, I am busybody... LOL...  La Gourmet told us that there would be a sale somewhere near Christmas, that was a few months ago and I still remember.  I wanted to go to that little shop to see, I love La Gourmet stuff, I bought a ceramic wok called Shogun and I love it very much!  Why?  Cos it does not stick and the food gets cook very fast even with slow fire.  Not only easy to cook but easy to clean as well.  No scrubbing needed, just a gentle loving touch with a soft sponge and clean water.  LOL...  By the way, this is not a sponsored or review product post.  This is a busybody post whereby I want to show you what I bought yesterday.  LOL... I called up the shop first and asked whether they have these flasks for sale and they sent me photos through whatsapp and I like what I saw.  Then I quickly message

Stepping Out With Classy Shoes

DIAMONDS, NO, SHOES?  YES!  Shoes are my best friend, not diamonds.... Ever since I fractured my right foot five years ago, I am now very careful with what I wear on my feet.  No more cheap plug slippers, sneakers or high heel shoes that are not anti-slip.  Nowadays I look for good and comfortable shoes which I love to wear daily unless those days, I used to buy cheap shoes which do not last and might cause injury as well.  I have stopped wearing steep and high heels for a few years now, firstly it is because I have retired and secondly, I am now having "fall phobia" wearing them. However when special occasions and events arises, I need to wear something classy to match the dress or gown I wear, something like court heels.  These shoes will be more suitable and right with the glittering outfit.  I cannot be wearing flats or sneakers with a glittering gown I am donning, right?  LOL... I would end up being "outstanding" at the event!  When it comes to shoes, I do not

A Meatless Meal At V Life, Ipoh Garden, Ipoh

VEGETARIAN DINNER...  and I obliged my friend who suggested going for a meatless meal in a new cafe opened recently in Ipoh Garden East.  It is called V-Life, a plant-based kitchen creating vegan, healthy and tasty dishes as stated in their Facebook.   'V.TALK-V are PLANT-BASED KITCHEN CREATING VEGAN, HEALTHY & TASTY DISHES. In V life, V take food seriously and passionately where you could order for dine-in or delivery, right from our surroundings. With our state-of-the-art cooking technology, V are a step closer to reduce food wastage, and sustain the earth’s lifespan by preparing healthy meals through our home grown hydroponics, fresh vegetables and plant-based meat. With less demand, there would be less supply. By reducing meat intake and replacing with healthy greens and plant-based meat, you are on the way to conservation. Walk with us, and together, V could give earth and our future generation a better lifestyle.' I was told that I need to make a reservation but since

Engagement Rings Forever

Diamonds are forever, as the famous jingle goes centuries ago till today in the 21st century.   Buying an engagement ring can be pretty nerve-wracking, especially when there are so many diamonds, metals, styles and combinations to choose from! It's not like the old days anymore, where you only had the option between platinum and yellow gold. Things have changed drastically and now you have a wide range of engagement ring options to choose from!   But let's simplify this to make it as easy as we can for you. Even though there are a lot of Moonstone engagement ring styles to choose from, it will narrow down and become extremely clear if you know what your bride-to-be likes! Now this could be the easiest or the most difficult thing to find out, depending on how you approach the situation. To help you out, here are some ways you could find out what you partner would absolutely love in her engagement ring! : While a diamond is special, there are some shapes that are more popular tha

Fresh Water Fish At JJ Fatt, Gopeng

GOPENG AFTER MCO.... The bill date shows 2 July 2020, so it was two weeks after the recovery period, I guess... it was like Breaking Free for us then unlike now, we are more or less back to Conditional Order.  Anyway, just keep safe, I keep saying and saying again. To celebrate our breaking free, we went to JJ Fatt in Gopeng for the fresh fish dishes, commonly and popularly known as Snakehead fish aka "Sang Yu" in Cantonese.  Its benefits is healing scars more effectively.. and like other fishes, protein!  This restaurant is famous for their fish cooked with chinese wine.  For one fish, we can have two dishes, the top part goes to the soup and the body parts cooked with ginger and spring onions.  Alongside with these two dishes, we ordered another two to eat with full satisfaction. Fish head in claypot chinese wine...  Another dish consisting of the flesh...  Very fresh and nicely done...  Wild ferns... or Paku Pakis cooked with sambal....  And oyster omelette ...  Total cost

Cool Attire For All Seasons

IF IT'S NOT FOR THE CORONA VIRUS, I would be having the time of my life in Sacramento at this time!  I guess it was not meant to be... sigh....  Beginning of 2020, I have made plans with my siblings to go US during Thanksgiving time, that is in November.  I have not experienced winter there before and I was longing to go this year.  Unfortunately it did not turn out that way, we can plan but... God decides eventually.  LOL... So I am stuck back in my own tropical country, experiencing the hot weather instead of the cold weather now in Sacramento.  I can imagine myself wearing blanket hoodies during the day, walking along the premium outlet stalls, carrying loads of bags from the shopping done.  LOL... Yes, now I can only imagine. In fact, my sister who is residing there, had showed me photos after photos of her shopping "loot" at the outlet stalls, making me "salivating" like anything.  "Everything is so cheap, sis!".. she exclaimed and I could only lo

Villa Curry Noodles For Early Birds

HOMECOMING FOOD.... mainly consist of local food specialty, that is Chicken Koay Teow and Curry Noodles among them. One place which I discovered this year is Villa coffeeshop which is located at Jalan Dato Tahwil Azhar in town.  It is not a shop but an open spaced area whereby there are a few stalls manning the area.  In the morning, they have curry noodles and wanton noodles and in the evening, we can order dishes from another stall.   The one I am going to recommend is the curry noodles.  I have eaten there only one time... and the reason is that the noodles are sold out by 8.30am!  Yes, that early.... and that is the reason why I could not get to eat unless I really have to wake up very early!  And I really do not like to get up so early to have breakfast especially curry some more... LOL...  However it is worth trying, the curry is nice and tasty, secondly, it only cost RM4.50 per bowl with roasted pork, long beans and beancurd pok.  But lately I heard the price has increased to RM