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Freshly Baked With Love From Breadlady

BUNS AND PIES... freshly baked with Love.... printed on a brown paper bag, delivered by her handsome son right to my doorstep!  LOL.... Saw it on Facebook, one of my friends put up the fresh curry buns she ordered.  Yours truly saw and salivated and the next thing, I have the details I needed.  During the weekdays, the Breadlady has different kinds of buns and on Saturdays, she makes shepherd pies.  Since I got the details on Friday, I quickly messaged her and ordered 5 packets!  No, I did not eat them all, I ordered for my friends too, they have the same common interest as I do.  LOL...  ' Each set of shepherd pie comes with 2 fresh buns costing RM15.   I like her packing.... Brown paper bag with this slogan... Freshly baked with love...  The pies were still warm when they were delivered to right to  my doorstep with no extra charge... So nice! This was my lunch on Saturday.... I like the buns too...fresh and soft... One is filled with cranberries and apple.. And the other one is

Chai Boey/Mustard Green Soup

AIKKSSS... WHAT A NAME FOR A DISH? And usually this Mixture-Of-Everything dish is everyone's favourite in my family and I am sure many of us love it as well! Normally this dish is created after when the festive season is over.  Any leftover of dishes are not to be wasted, they can just go into the pot at one go, add in blanched mustard leaves, dried chillies, tamarind, tomatoes, lemon grass, ginger...  As for me, I do not have leftover food so I made a special request to my neighbour who goes out very early each morning.  First question to him, "Do you like Chap Choy?" His reply... "Yes, I love that dish!"  Good, in that case, you have to buy some the roasted pork trotter for me!   LOL....  He ended up buying a pork trotter and of course, I reimbursed him, he is already so nice to go out early to catch the roasted pork man.... LOL.. Pork trotter cost around RM23 and mustard leaves around RM10.  Never mind the money, the One Dish Dinner satisfied our cravingsss

Covid-19 Rants And Bakesville

SPIKING HIGH...  Every each day I receive worrying messages about Covid-19, how it has affects many lives in Malaysia, a country now almost having the same dilemma as in India.... sounds kind of frightening, right?  Not only that, what is more worrying is the health frontline people, their lives are at risk each day in the hospital while we have the comforts of our own home and what is most worrying is that they might have to play God one day, who to live and who to die... due to the insufficient of ICU places....  and the list goes on and on....  Every now and then, I used to think back.... before 2020, life was very normal for us... and then in a matter of days, our lifestyle have change so drastically.  How can we play a part in the midst of this pandemic?  Stay home, stay home and stay home... for us retirees, this can be possible, however, for those who are bread winners, it is quite an impossible task.  Anyway, I wish all of us continue to be optimistic and strong, stay positive

DIY Peanuts Pancake At Home

CRAVINGS ACCOMPLISHED... though not as tasty nor as impressive as those sold outside.   Felt like eating peanuts pancake aka Tai Kau Meen yesterday, but thinking of driving out for just two pieces, forget it.... The thought of taking precautions, SOPs, bathing immediately upon reaching home.... oh... those hassles and trouble, I ended up taking out flour, baking soda, one egg, sugar and crushed peanuts instead. I made two big pieces of this size.... Added in some butter for flavour...  Lots of peanuts but very much less sugar....  And my cravings are satisfied....  Two Big Pieces.... and one given to my furry family member.... Hope she enjoyed it as much as I did....  LOL.... 

Sweet Temptations On MOTHER'S DAY 2021

MY MOST LIKED DESSERTS.... ICE CREAM!! Received one tub on Saturday afternoon and two tubs on a Sunday.... my favourite desserts of all times!  Forget about the weight, I am going to indulge myself in a few spoonfuls of this tub and that tub after every meal... LOL....   I have never order ice cream online before, I am afraid that by the time they arrive, the ice cream would have softened.  Thank goodness, these tubs did not melt a bit, they arrived in good condition, not softened at all.  Very good!   This arrived on Saturday evening around 4pm... After the heavy rain and thunder.... And the flavour is Durian! I tried a few spoonfuls after dinner... Taste? Very Durian-licious!! Love it!! And these two tubs came on Sunday afternoon.... Homemade Gelatos.... One is Pistachio and the other one is .... Durian!! My two senders really know me very well.... A Durian Lover! LOL....  I must try this Homemade Durian ice cream after my lunch later.... hmmmm......  Big Thank You to EK and KC.... R

Mother's Gift 2021

FROM PANDORA but paid by my kids.... LOL....  Received a package yesterday afternoon from Ninja Turtle  van, not surprising these days cos I have been ordering a number of things online for the past few days.  But to my surprise, I did not order anything from Pandora!  Immediately I know who.... something small and sweet...  Received feedback from the senders that from this year onwards, they do not have to think so much on what to buy for their mommy..... something small and sweet to represent each year and at the same time, something to add to my collection!  LOL...  Ninja package....  A very small white box...  Compared to a small white bag....  Inside lays a tiny bracelet charm.... So minute.... That I have to zoom my camera.....  Then only I could see the small pink diamonds on the "holder" Almost need a magnifying glass to see that.... And behind the charm says "I love you" Small and sweet it seems, But the words are big,  And will remain in my heart.... Alway

Assorted Meals On Ipoh High Covid Days

ONLINE, BUYING BACK AND HOMECOOKED MEALS... and these are normally what we post these days, right?  LOL.... I don't do gardening much but now I have a few pots of Okra in front and at the backyard.  Besides Okra, my good friend is going to hand over her baby eggplants to me and I hope that once they are passed over, they would stay healthy and strong with me!  LOL....  For now, another food post on what I have eaten these few days.....  Noodles in the morning bought back by neighbour.... My lunch and dinner....  Chicken pie bought outside,  Egg mayo chicken floss bun bought online... And 3 slices of luncheon meat leftover from previous night dinner... Yes, good enough for my day's meal....  On another morning, I ate Hakka mee with these 4 stuffings.... BoBo Puffs ordered online by a sweet young lady....  I like the yellow one best.... why? Fillings is all durian! How I miss the real durian fruit.....  Except for the green macha, the other three are gone with the wind...  LOL...

Nyonya Food Feel

SOMETHING DIFFERENT... for yesterday's lunch using Grab apps.... After breakfast, I was thinking what to eat for lunch and ended up spending half hour scrolling the apps for food which comes with promo code.... LOL...  Found my appetite in Bee Gaik restaurant which serves Nyonya food and since it has been a long while since I last tasted, I decided to order a few types to last me through lunch and dinner.  Yes, I am lazy at times... really don't feel like DIY cooking most of the time!  LOL....  With the promo code of RM8, the total bill came to RM42 for the below items....  Famous for their Otak Otak....  Just couldn't resist....  Cost RM16...  Ju Hu Char.... comes with fresh lettuce for wrapping... RM16 Ordered a Meal set ... RM17... Yes, enough to last us through lunch and dinner... 

Moving House Checklist For A Hassle Free Move

Nowadays, even moving houses need a checklist to ensure a hassle free move. Change is part of life, and major life changes usually involve movement. Moving house can be stressful, but we are humans and can adapt to it. Moving one place to another is not necessary to be a stressful process, we can turn it into a happy and fun one. Moving house can somehow become one of our interesting life experiences too. Besides, there are always hacks to make things go simple and easy for everyone. You can pack and unpack faster, reduce the workload, and ultimately make the process go smoother than ever. Therefore, everyone should learn a few tricks to do your moving effectively.  And here is a moving house checklist: ●     Remove belongings that you no longer need. This is always the first thing to do before you pack anything. Get rid of everything you think that has been unused or kept dusty in your storeroom for years. You can categorize them according to the ways of getting rid of them b

Memorizing Your Dead Loved Ones – 6 Practical and Honorable Solutions

Courtesy: Pexels . Death is unavoidable, and it is advisable to come to terms with mortality – and seek closure when a loved one dies. However, it is always painful and disorienting when someone you love dies. The most that you can do for them is honoring their memory.  Memorizing your loved ones honors the feelings you shared. It also helps you accept the loss as you try to seek closure and move on.  There are lots of creative ways to honor your deceased loved ones. Here is an overview of six practical and respectful options:  Order Custom-Made Cremation Jewelry  Cremation is as old as time, and fire is said to cleanse the body and soul for the afterlife. One of the benefits of cremation is that you can keep a piece of your loved one in the form of their ashes. Consequently, you will need cremation urns or jewelry to house your loved one’s ashes.  Cremation urns are big enough to house all of your loved one’s ashes, and you can keep it at home or at the office as a reminder. Crematio

Healthy Breakfast At Home

BREAKING FAST very early yesterday morning, even before my neighbour was back.  Prepared some fruits and hard boiled eggs to be eaten with bread.  After taking in the fruits and one hard boiled egg, my neighbour came back.  He bought noodles with pork in soup, so grateful and I had my second round of breakfast after heating up the soup.  Now I know the reason of my 3kg weight gain during this confinement period at home!  LOL....  Two oranges, grapes and cherry tomatoes... First round...  Two hard boiled eggs.... Of course, I did not finish all the displayed items... LOL... Just one egg and one piece of bread with fruits....  This is for breaking fast in the morning... I finished another half bowl of noodles an hour later....  Then my hands were on the computer... Scrolling for lunch/dinner meal online!

PIneapples In Fish Curry

LOTS OF HAPPENINGS IN IPOH .... so many Covid cases that I have to be "confined" at home indefinitely.  I mean as far as possible, I try to stay inside the house and that means more cooking especially in the evening.   Ipoh cases is soaring day by day, now mainly scattered cases here and there, the virus is now in the community.   Friends going for swabs now and then, is no more uncommon, so and so is positive, also not surprising anymore... it seems we have to live with it now.  Vaccination is a slow process here, they are still injecting the seniors with high risks, and even with the vaccination, it is just a protective layer.   Meanwhile for us retirees, we just live day by day, thinking of our food ration for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Breakfast is normally taken care by my neighbour now, he goes out without fail very early each day and he buys back breakfast for me.  I don't request and he doesn't have to ask me what I want, he just buys whatever he feels like