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Common Mistakes that Nearly Every New Start-up Makes

Starting a company is not easy to say the least. After all, there are so many things that you need to think about and there are also many decisions to be made. The pressure can easily lead to poor decisions too. If you want to stop this from happening to your business, then these are the top mistakes you need to avoid making. Skipping out on the Planning Phase Planning may well be a tedious process, but if you do not have a solid plan, then you will end up struggling overall. You may not have any idea about what potential your idea has, and where you need to be financially in order to further your business. If you want to help yourself then plan out everything you can. Ideally, you would have a business plan, a marketing plan and a financial plan. If you can write down objectives for the above three points, then you will already be putting yourself on the path to success. If you need some help here, don’t overlook hiring a developer for a startup purposes. Source: Pexels (CC0 License

Good Food At San Jose

ROUTINE LIFE NOW.... No running here and there, mostly in the house and going out during weekends, that is my kind of life here in San Jose.   There is nothing much going on here, except the weather now is cold, I am having good restful sleep at night. perhaps due to the energy all used up during the day.  Taking care of an active baby is no joke for a retiree like me, despite the used-up battery, my pains and creaking diminishes when I see and hear the baby's smiles and laughter... Tiring but satisfying.... I want to know when my weary bones give up on me... LOL... so far, they are still intact and creaks only when I sit too long on the floor.... no more spring chicken like my son and daughter in law who can spring up easily!  Gone are the days..... Most days I cook... on and off, my son and his wife would take over the wok... My son's special Penang fried koay teow.... Using shrimps, chinese sausage and eggs.... Too bad no spring onions on that day... Messy at the sides.... L

Plants And Kiwi Cherries

FALL IS HERE... sometimes it is cold till I have to wear long sleeves and pants, but today is sunny.  I am still surviving with short sleeves and shorts at this moment.  LOL....  We have a very small mini size area and the soil is very fertile.  During the summer, they were very productive, I mean the plants, not the humans.  :)  Every now and then, these need to be plucked, I like the cherry tomatoes, they are very sweet even when eaten raw.  Oh, I forgot to take the cilipadi pictures, too bad... they are pretty dried up by now.  Buying cilipadi (hot chillies) in the malls is not cheap and during this season, we have to pluck them and put them in the freezer.  The plants will go into "hibernation" during the cold season.....  Sometimes I eat them raw and most times, I just add to the vegetables I cook....  For flavor.... LOL... Capsicum and they come in odd shapes.... See..... short and stubby..... Butt shape too! This one is most normal.....  Oh, we did not plant these.....

Moving To A New City? Don't Make These Mistakes

Image Credit Moving to a new city can be exciting and comes with its benefits. Not only will you interact with new people and forge meaningful relationships, but you’ll also get a fresh start in life. Moreover, a change in scenery can be good for your mental health. Despite these benefits, certain mistakes can make your relocation process more stressful. What’s worse, you might lose your money or belongings, a situation you don’t want to experience. Are you moving soon? Here are some mistakes to avoid.  Failing to prepare an inventory list One mistake to avoid is failing to prepare an inventory list. Your inventory list lets you keep track of your boxes, delicate items, products, and items as you plan your relocation. That way, you can quickly determine if your belongings are intact. Moreover, it helps you get the proper estimate for your items, making it easier to get the best insurance package. That said, you might end up losing valuable belongings or get a costly insurance deal if

What Are The Keys To A Life Of Travel?

  You only get one life in this world. So you should spend your time doing what you love. And if you’ve always been a keen explorer, then that means you should try to travel as much as possible. Alas, this is one of those things that’s easier to want than it is to do. However, it’s important to remember that you can get anything in this world if you want it badly enough. Just that thought alone will take you far! In this blog, we’re going to look at some actionable tips that’ll have you on your way towards travelling as much as possible. Pexels - CC0 Licence A Gung Ho Attitude A gung ho attitude will be essential! You’ll be presented with many opportunities to travel throughout your life. How much you travel will depend on your readiness to say yes to those opportunities. It’s often easy to reject a traveling experience because of logistics, energy, or whatever else, but if you can find it within you to dig deep and say yes to any and all opportunities that come your way, then you’ll

Renovate Or Move: Which Is Right For You?

  If you’re living in a property you’re unhappy with, it can be hard to work out the right thing to do. The first thing that comes to mind is renovation - after all, if you’re not happy with something, just change it! However, this isn’t always the most financially sound move.  Indeed, if you’ve got plans for your home that might increase the value, it’s worth it to look into if moving house would be cheaper, easier and faster for everyone involved. Because moving could lead you into a whole new world of possibilities, which means it’s time for you to sit down and consider all the pros and cons, especially with the help of the list below.  Pexels Image - CC0 Licence Think About Your Property’s Suitability  If you want to renovate, you’re going to need to look into your property’s suitability. Are you able to go ahead and build without permission? Do you have enough land to build out to? And do you have the time, energy, and money to try and up your home’s value right now?  These are a

Homecooked Meals In San Jose

TRAVELING MADE EASY.... is happening now in Malaysia, no need to apply for police permit or getting My Travel Pass approval.  Good or not good?  As for me, at the endof the day, we, the people have to take our own precaution, we have to face risks if we want to go out freely and at the same time, life just have to go on.  The virus is definitely now here to stay...  Over here, I also try not to go out unnecessarily, the numbers here are low, just a few hundreds but we do not actually know the real figures, right?  So it is like in Malaysia, "sendiri jaga diri".....  So most days I prepare my own breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Breakfast as usual is very simple, followed by lunch, mostly noodles or leftover food from previous day and dinner, I try to have one or two dishes done by then.  Juggling an active baby who sleeps one hour nap in between, there is not much time to do what I want to do.  LOL... With this routine, my blog is often left neglected and for my readers, please

What NOT To Do When You're Involved In A Car Accident

There’s a whole lot of information out there about what you should do after a car accident, hence why we all understand the need to gather evidence, contact our insurers, and so on. However, with each accident leaving us vulnerable and shaken, it’s all too easy to forget these essential pointers and make additional mistakes to boot. Unfortunately, these moments directly after an accident are the most crucial when it comes to seeking compensation , ensuring speedy recovery, and generally keeping our names out of the mud. Hence, no matter how emotionally hard-hitting an accident might be, it’s essential to keep your head about you at least enough to avoid these often fatal mistakes. Image Source: CC0 License Leaving without exchanging details Most of us want to put accidents behind you as soon as possible. Obviously, that’s not an option if you’ve been involved in a major incident, but individuals involved in scrapes or bumps may be tempted to skip all the insurance stuff and just get go

7 Puppy Training Myths You Should Know As A New Owner

Statista data indicates that dogs are the most widely owned pet type across the US, with more than 63 million households owning at least one dog in 2019/20. Dog ownership comes with training since your dog must be well adjusted enough to function normally in society. However, there are numerous contrasting beliefs on the best ways to train a dog, giving rise to some persistent but false myths about dog training. Here are some of the biggest dog training myths you should know about and avoid when training your new puppy.  Some dog breeds are untrainable Image Credit Border Collies and Poodles are commonly touted as the most intelligent dog breeds in the world. However, beagles and bloodhounds, ranked among the ten least intelligent dog breeds, are beloved members of countless police and customs departments. Consequently, every dog is trainable regardless of its breed, although many have behavioral quirks that make them behave differently than others. However, remember that not all dog

My Full Time Job In San Jose

FULL TIME GRANDMA... LOL... I have been looking forward to seeing my grandson ever since he was born and I thought that it would not be possible at all until he knows how to run.  LOL.. That was what I told my son, with the never ending Covid virus, we did not know when we would be allowed to travel.   Now I am really here, it has been more than a month now and I am more or less settled down, being a grandmother and nanny, two in one.  LOL... How many years since I last take care of a baby?  More than two decades and I am back to refreshing course with this active boy!  He is going to be six months and still needs full attention to his needs.  So my real job here is just to look at him... look after him....  My "job" starts around 8am, I prepare breakfast in the morning and then breathe in the morning air while waiting for my "baby boss" to wake up.  He is usually bubbly in the morning and as evening comes, he becomes more cranky cos he faces more difficulty to slee

When To Hire An Attorney; Know When You Are Out Of Your Depth

  Hiring a lawyer may not be first on your agenda, it can be worrying, time-consuming, and expensive. Consequently, it can often be put off and saved for only very select circumstances when actually there are lots of occasions where hiring an attorney can be the smartest decision you have made. Lawyers have spent years in training and work hard to build a reputation to be proud of. If you feel you are out of your depth then seeking legal advice can be a great source of recourse or help in unprecedented times. Here are some situations where seeking out legal assistance may be money well spent.  Photo Credit; Sora Shimazki from Pexels Family matters Family lawyers will always be in demand and they have great worth. The breadth of lawyers’ input in family-related matters is not strictly confined to refereeing divorces, although this can make up a large percentage of their work, and instructing a lawyer if you going through a marital breakdown is strongly advised. Family lawyers can also b