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4 Tips To Throwing Soccer Watch Party


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It's soccer season, and for most of us, that means watching the premier league unfold. While it's great to enjoy the game on your own or in a bar, there is nothing like getting together with a few friends and watching the game in the comfort of your home own. So, why not make it a celebration, and throw a watch party.  

A watch party gathers people at one place to view an event such as a sports match or a movie together in real-time. Watch parties can also be virtual when friends and family connect online using video chat software such as Zoom or Google Hangouts.

It can be a great way to share good food, drinks and keep up to date with sports news ( while enjoying the game with your close friends and family. So, if you're thinking about throwing a watch party, here are a few tips that can help you get started: 

Get Snacks 

Food is one of the best parts of a watch party. Since it's a social event, there should be a lot of different types of foods that should be served. For example, some parties offer finger foods, while others might make hot foods like chicken wings or even order a pizza or take out. Of course, it all depends on the type of food you want at your party, and how many people will attend. 

And if you're a good cook, there are a lot of different recipes online that would be great for your party if you're interested in trying them out. 


There are a lot of great drinks available that you could have on your watch party list, but it's important to remember to have a variety. Not everyone will want alcohol, and some may even have to drive home after the party is finished. So having soft drinks, alcohol, and water, and hot drinks could be an excellent option for your watch party


For a watch party, you don't have to go all out with decorations. You can keep it simple and still get what you need. Of course, you can decorate your home in the colors of your favorite team. Or in the colors of the two teams that are going head to head for that match. This could make your party more fun if you have friends cheering for the opposing team and bringing a little liveliness to your event. 

Watch Party Games 

What is a great party without party games? There are so many different types of party games that you can have at your event. Whether it's drinking games, betting games, or even little dares, a party game can put an extra layer of investment in the match you are watching and make you want to cheer even louder for your team. 

In addition to this, while you're waiting for the match to begin, you can play trivia games to see who amongst you and your friends and family are the real sports fans. A whole host of other party games can be modified to make the laughs keep going at your watch party. 

So, if you're throwing a party this season, these tips should get you started. 

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  1. Snacks would be a must...and drinks too plus a BIG screen! Never mind the decor. LOL!!!


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