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TONIGHT IS THE COUNTDOWN TO 2009 !!! What is your program for tonite? What is mine? I do not have any plans yet er... so far, no invitations to party & dance ler.. (no par tei) no sprawling on the floor... no balloons bashing, no shrieking and yellings... no shouting of 10, 9, 8, 7.......err... It is 12.14pm now... quiet in the house, the fellas are still in dreamland... perhaps they want to reserve energy for tonite's bashing of countdown... Well, I guess it is ALL IN THE FAMILY affair tonight........fellas, let us get the bottles ready.... whoa..whoa!! hold on to that, Andy! LEAVE SOME FOR TONIGHT, YOU HEAR???

Medical Leave on New Year Eve

TODAY ON MEDICAL LEAVE... Overslept.. woke up around 8am.. wa lau ... so late....forgot to on alarm previous night... hangover from too much blogging? No la .. woke up feeling chilled, dry throat too.. kept spitting "tam" urgh.. yellowish one... .yucky..disgusting.leh... Ok, ok....all excuses kept running through my mind that moment... to go or not to go office??? go or no go?? If go, my card will be red , if no go, no red and I can sleep again.. And of course... sleep won over work... I hit the pillow again....zzzzzzzzzz Went to see doc... no doc, no mc ma... doc said throat red wo. . ok, justified.. I m really sick.. no bluffing one... ... so stay at home and cook rice lo... . so ... on mc, i cook these... fried salmon.. stir fry pak choy... chicken with pototoes... oh, this one "sponsored" by my mama my favourite... black vinegar with pork legs... Geng or not .. sick also can eat like this one... It is 31st December tomorrow, I mean today.. A

Haagen Dazs in Burmah Road

FIRST TIME IN HAAGEN DAZS, Burmah Road... Last night after dinner, not full nor hungry, we thought of having some desserts... an inexpensive one but I ended up poorer by RM75/-... This is the most expensive dessert I spent on during my entire life.. and I am indeed thankful ... I paid without biting my lips veins..ouch! ouch!!! downstairs was crowded so we came up.. who said the economy is poor?? surfing through the menu.. what to order... this? or this? eventually we ordered this from the menu.. the real one came after half hour... 16 mini scoops of haagen ice cream, plus some fruits, marshmallows and all these dipped with the melted chocolate warmed with a small candle underneath... haizzzzzz..... RM75/- (geng chow)... must lick till finished the last bit....


CHRISTMAS DAY HAPPENINGS... MORNING at 10.30am we were in church worshiping and praising our Lord for His goodness and Grace..... Pastor Asok leading the worship with Michael's family.. the large congregation.... AFTERNOON we adjourned to Kok Thai Restaurant for lunch, sponsored by our mama, bless her... actually it was a church affair lunch yearly affair... chinese church congregation.. the youngsters... AFTER LUNCH, we siblings, did a rehearsal before the party at night, we invited our relatives to share the love of Christ with them.... guests arriving... food display the night began with worshiping.... and sharing.... our relatives... We had a wonderful time worshiping and the best part was the testimonials given by my mother, my sister/husband, my brother/wife, my cousins....but the bestest part was auntie auntie and her daughter accepted our Lord Jesus that night.....the Gift of Salvation.... Praise The Lord!!


CHRISTMAS EVE's DINNER in Sushi Restaurant. It is Fernie's idea, she has been harping about it for the past few days... and since today is a special day, I willingly obliged. Japanese food is not something I really fancy, once awhile is alright but for my kids, they love it very much. we couldn't get the seats near to the "revolving" sushi we ended up ordering from the menu... Aaron has one "free coupon" Which one to take first ah?? The grilled eel was nice...actually.. OOPS...ITS 12AM NOW MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL!!

Ang Mo Kiu Special

Just now as I was browsing through my holiday photos in Singapore, I couldn't resist swallowing my saliva when I saw this "one ton mee" and the bowl of fruit ice kacang.... I know I m being "cruel" but I just got to share this here in my blog... I know I won't be going to Singapore for a long time yet.... So... let me share my taste of this Singapore special Wan Ton Mee.... different from IPOH this one has spicy taste... Ang Mo Kui food court followed by this special fruit ice.... perfect for lunch!

Something Special With CEIVA

There is something special I would like to share with all of you who read this. Christmas is just a few days away, how would you like to be with Santa Claus? Am I kidding? Alright, let me tell you how we can be actually sitting on Santa Claus's lap. Just visit this site and upload your picture and write what you wish to have. In a short moment, you will be amazed to see Santa holding "you" and your wish being written in his book. Great? Unbelievable? Well, all these is made possible through CEIVA Digital Photo Frame and CEIVA is not an ordinary type of frame, it is in fact very different. CEIVA is unique, we can send our photos immediately via our computer or cell phones to the recipient's CEIVA regardless of the distance. There is no software or technical expertise needed to set it up, just follow the easy instructions and in no time, our love ones will be able to see us and vice versa. Our pictures can be updated daily with just some clicks from anywhere a

We Welcome You, Jingle Bell....

TWO DAYS AGO, on 20th December, 2008 approx. 6.30pm, a new member joined us in this household.... He is none other than Jingle Bell.... Why Jingle Bell?? When we carried him to our car, a song was playing on the radio.... guess what? Yes, Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, jingle all the way.... oh what fun it is to ride... la la la la la la..... So Jingle Bell he is, long body, long name....... he he ... The way he walks reminds me of a reindeer too... he sort of jingles, skips, then jingles... Actually he is a dashchund... and a dashchund he is.... welcome to our home, JINGLE BELL!

Superb Games In Badminton Super Series

WOW..WOW... OUR BADMINTON CHAMPIONS! Today or should I say yesterday, it was a very (3x) exciting afternoon for me...and for the rest of the badminton fans in Malaysia, I guess.... For the first time, Malaysia managed to snitch three championship trophies in a row.... Oh, by the way, I am talking about the Super Series Badminton held in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.... I was glued to my sofa for few hours continously... (exaggerating a bit la) First match was Lee Chong Wei... won Peter Gade... straight sets... (wa Second match were Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong against the Korean pair... (smashing!) Third match were ladies' doubles Pei Ty and Ee Hui against Indonesia pair ... (GREAT!) All straight sets leh... They were so "geng" this time.... maybe it was our homeground? No la.. I think they played perfectly well today.... home ground actually more pressured, don't you think so? How do they tackle the mental stress, I wonder, so noisy with all the wooo

To all Amazing Bloggers

I would like to thank Sunny for giving me this Amazing Blogger award... indeed I m honoured to receive this and I want to dedicate this award to my many blogger friends as well, all of you have been very friendly. In another month or so, it will be my first Anniversary in this Blog.... and .. i wanna say this year 2008 is indeed an amazing year for us all... through blogging, we know so many things, changes in our lives, so interesting, so meaningful to our daily life... So once again, to my fellow Bloggers, YOU ARE ALL AMAZING AS WELL!!


TO MAINLAND BY FERRY We took a ferry across the sea this time, not by the Penang Bridge... Fernie said it was the first time for her, she was worried about being sea sick before we boarded the ferry... no such thing, it was a very breezy ride across, just 15 minutes and we reached the mainland.... cars onto the ferry... I saw this Star Cruise ship half way.. images from the island getting smaller Penang Bridge going to reach Penang Mainland... REACHED... We proceeded to our lunch at a Thai restaurant upon reaching...

Gurney Drive & Kimberley Street, Penang

GURNEY DRIVE HAWKERS' STALLS is a must for tourists, over here, we can eat all we can... that was what we did and my sons ended up having stomach discomfort the next day. We came here around midnight for supper and stuffed in our favourite.... ie..... LAKSA..... midnight supper-ers.... enjoying their supper.. our favourite... midnite feast... penang tau foo fah... with brown sugar this is Kimberley street our dinner was here... by the road side .. added spices from the air matt toe yau meaning "everything got" we love chicken feet... and the drumsticks... nyonya bah chang something different from IPOH first time I tried this... and I love it!