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Purple Cane Tea House, Ipoh

Andy didn't come back for the weekend and Fernie went for classes so that leaves Aaron and yours truly here, hunting for food to heal our stomachs on a Saturday morning. After some browsing through an Ipoh food blog, we finally decided to go and visit Purple Cane Tea House in Osborne Road. This place was formerly a dim sum restaurant "Foo San".. now it has changed to selling all types of tea leaves in front and this secret garden was at the right hand side as we entered. It was our first time there and we were quite amazed by the setting up of this place... first time in history, we stepped into the wonders of quality and healthy food.. (I think) the ambiance they have 2 private rooms behind... whereby more privacy for your group... the boss is a friendly lady and she called it Her Secret Garden just kidding, she told us.. Ok, now for the food, we ordered these... Braised chicken with sweet chili with 2 sweet potato pau-s Black tea curry chicken served with wan

My Gifts From Over The Sea

Gifts of the day... blessed is the one who gives and receives.... Many thanks to my two friends who went overseas and came back with lovely gifts for ME! lol . Chris went to London and bought this cute bag .. and to make me rounder, a packet of chocs too! I think they are chocs.. not opened yet... wait for Andy to do so.. hahahhaa ... Thank you, Chris... And this gift is also very special... All the way from Perth.... A lovely rose and a creamy face wash for my withered faded skin.. Give me few months ya.. maybe a different Claire... hahhaaa.. Many thanks to this Lovely Mama for thinking of me... Can't wait for my skin to be as youthful as yours!! hahahhahaa....

Born To Be Short

A scream could be heard from my room.... Mother instinct...quickly got up and rushed inside... haiyah.. .it was just a dragonfly ma... what was there to scream? but give me a cockroach, i will faint!! After snapping a picture of this beautiful insect, I took a broom.. tried to reach sweep it away from the ceiling but couldnt... I was "too tall" ...darn... pulled up a stool to reach it... another darn!! Why am I so short one! My girl was laughing at one corner already by then... I said, "hey, laugh what, u and i, almost the same, OK?" Eventually a chair has to be brought... the dragonfly was just waiting to be swept away.. and out it went to another corner of the ceiling outside my room... Peace at last!

Groundnuts Porridge

From my previous badminton post, I jumped to cooking porridge... hahahaa... (no la lang one) Sometimes I do not know what to cook for my kids and boiling porridge seems to be the easiest.. just dump everything inside the pot and let it cook in slow fire..... Easier said than done... when it comes to groundnuts porridge, the nuts must be soft then only the porridge is nice, right? My three fellas love them soft and chewable.... first I soaked them with hot water... then I boiled them in slow fire till soft.. took a long time lah! any other way to quicken up the process? RM5 minced meat with added cornflour, salt, pepper, sauce some dried scallops... and 2 salted eggs... all dumped into the porridge.. and after an hour or so, we get to eat this... Salted eggs, Groundnuts, Minced meat, Scallop Porridge! anything else to add in?

Badminton Finals Japan Super Series 2010 Pictures!

The Victory and The Defeat!! What an afternoon in Japan! Most Malaysians if they were watching the finals today would have predicted that our players would be swept right out by China players. That included me as well, Lin Dan versus Lee Chong Wei... the chances of LCW winning is practically 30/70... (ain't i pessimistic?) I thought Lee Chong Wei would be the underdog as usual.. WAS I WRONG! Gosh... LCW played such a spectacular game today... like never say DIE.... or did Lin Dan made a lot of mistakes? First set LCW won by a close margin 22-20.... 2nd set, he lost 16-21 and during the 3rd set, it was a "finger biting" excitement.. almost point to point win until the last 4 points.. LEE CHONG WEI won 21-17..... waaahhhh... i clapped like mad in the room, silly me!!! In the midst of the prize giving, I took some pictures of them... hehehee.... Lin Dan... charming man! Congratulations to Lee Chong Wei... hahaha..he looked cute here.. just look at his muscles.

Nanyang & Pineapple Biscuits

After having out lunch in Pan Heong previous post, I went to the counter to browse at some biscuits displayed there. Saw this special and sweet box there... Nanyang Biscuits.. wondering what was inside... inside the box, there were around 10 packets neatly packed then Aaron opened one packet and ate... he said very nice... besides the salted beans, chicken floss is embedded inside too so it is more or less sweet and saltish.. not bad... Cost RM11.90 for one box... these are pineapple tarts, their shop speciality, it seems i love pineapple tarts .. there are 24 pieces inside and it cost RM18 per box.. a bit expensive.. but lantakla. . just try...

Men Single/Doubles In Badminton Japan Open 2010

GREAT!! Koo Kien Keat/Tan Boon Heong are in the finals!! During the first game, the Indonesians played very aggressively, for a moment, it was worrying with a 5 point cushion in between... Malaysia won by a narrow margin only during the first set. Second set showed the Indonesian players a bit nervous and the gap of a 8 point cushion was seen. Anyway, both countries played pretty well.... tomorrow is the finals... Match to watch ... Men singles Lin Dan vs Lee Chong Wei Men doubles Fu/Cai (china) vs KKK/TBH Astro 811

Semi Finals Badminton Japan Open 2010

Okay...badminton day again.. In a couple of minutes, Koo Kien Keat/Tan Boon Heong will be playing against Indonesia doubles. It is semi finals today for the Japan Open 2010. Hope they can scrape through later and we can see them again for finals tomorrow. Lin Dan has won against Peter Gade and will be meeting against Lee Chong Wei tomorrow in the finals. Hope our Lee will not be nervous... Wow...the Indonesians look aggressive now!!

Friday Down South

I took a day off again, this time to Kuala Lumpur.... At 5am, Aaron woke up sharp and started to "make-up" "touch-up" and prepared himself wearing smart with long sleeved shirt and black slacks... and a necktie kept in his bag. I woke up at 5.45am and wore a pair of jeans and tshirt and off we started our journey down south. I was driving initially.. still feeling quite sleepy actually even "Patrick" was cocky-eyed in the morning... Sky was bright when we reached Sg Buluh Then we adjourned to The Strand for Aaron's first job interview!! Yes, he went for an interview and was quite excited about it... Not exactly going to start work yet, still a few more months to go but since he was called for one in KL, his mummy took an opportunity to travel down with him... I am not going to talk about the interview.. not relevant here..but the food is definitely! Pan Heong Restaurant in Batu Caves We went there after the interview around 2pm...

Hugh Low & Cockman In Ipoh

I cannot keep my hands idling... I must be doing something... holding on to something... typing, clicking, whatever as long as something occupying my hands.. sounds like an octopus, right? hahahaa... Okay, let me ask.... what is the first thing you all do while waiting for someone to get into your car? For instance, your friend gets down from the car to pay bill, leaving you with the engine on, what do you do? How do you pass time while waiting for your friend? As for me, the first thing I do is to "play" with my handphone, either call, sms, delete sms-es and lately, I started to take pictures wherever I am... even when waiting for the traffic light to turn green. Am I crazy? Police will summon me or not if he sees me holding handphone taking pictures at the traffic light? Well, whatever, don't do what I did ... while waiting for son to buy something, I took these pictures... Ipoh new town formerly known as Hugh Low Street now changed to Sultan Iskandar Shah or