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Madam Solo On Monday

My twenty over paid posts are finally published!  After more than a week doing all the "writing" and advertising for some keywords, I can now breathe a sigh of relief.... You know, humans like me are funny..   When I didn't get any paid posts to write about, I feel kind of feeling empty... you know, no money rolling in... something is missing...  But when I received so many at one-go (20 over) I was like.. "Gosh, how am I going to finish all those in one week?"  See, humans like me never stop ranting.... Yes, I am indeed thankful to have those posts to write on... the money does come in handy to buy some "extra stuff" for you-know-who.  At my age I don't need much material stuff, (I only craze for shoes!) .. other than that, what I need to buy is Capital V - Vitamins!  To keep me fit and healthy, I don't need to wear glamour clothing anymore instead I have to exercise even more... but never seem to find time to sweat it out! Well, just one

A Wedding Dinner At Last...

My kids and I drove a half hour journey to attend a wedding dinner at the East Ocean restaurant in Menglembu last night... it has been a long-long time since we last went to a wedding dinner.... I didn't even know what the current market price to put inside the red packet these days... The last time I went for a wedding reception, it was around RM50 only... But nowadays the market price has doubled.... no wonder a wedding card is commonly known as a "summon".. only difference is that this "summon" comes along with food..... lol...     all smiles  .... these two fellas enjoyed the "Yam Sing" part... The cutting of the wedding cake...   our table only consisted of seven people... so food was abundant...    the "abalones" with minced fish paste...   after the first dish, we waited nearly thirty minutes for the 2nd dish..   it was definitely worth waiting for.... the Poon Choy came out....    Never had "Poon C

Bra Or Ear?

For a few nights already, I had been yearning for this particular type of biscuit to munch... during lunch time I drove to First Garden to find, even went to Wenn 's shop but to no avail... she didn't even know what I was talking about when I described the biscuit to her... I asked, "Bra biscuits, you know... like a cone shape, brown in colour, hard type.... " She had no idea what I was talking about... hahahaa... Thanks Wenn for being patient... we ended up buying two Magnum ice creams sticks instead.. lol.... Then yesterday I found what I had been looking and yearning for.... My version of "Bra Biscuits" I remember calling them that when I was young...  Cantonese version is "Lin Ku Pian"  (sounds vulgar, right?) It seems the actual name is "Yee Chai Pian"  (Ears biscuits) So...which do you think is more appropriate.... Bra or Ear?   (just for laughs)

Cheap And Nice!

I remember buying a pair of boots for my girl before we left for Korea during the December month.  It was winter in Korea and thank goodness for the pair of boots she was wearing.  It really was comforting to her legs, kept her warm and easy walking all through the seven days tour.  As for me, I wore my sneakers and had a fall in a park.  Gosh... that was when I wish for a pair of cheap ugg boots, just like the one my girl has! . A word of advise, do get a pair of good quality boots for winter! :)

Diamonds To Swoon Over

Looking for an exquisite diamond engagement ring for your lovely fiancee?  How about this style on the left?  I chose this elegant and exquisite ring among the rest of the diamonds in this amoro website.  Of course there are many more beautiful designs to choose from but my taste is something simple like this.  But I am not getting engaged or married.. so I guess no one will give one to me... lol...  But for those who want to give something special to your love one, do spend some time admiring these real carats!

My Chapped Dry Lips Signs Of Aging?

Something is not right with my lips lately... been having some discomfort, every now and then, I need to put on lip gloss or vaseline... but the minute it dries up, I can feel my lip's skin folding up, in other words, "wrinkling" the moment the gloss dries up.... I can see the "kedut-kedut" (dried lines) on my lips....  why is it like that?  Allergy to lipstick?   But I didn't start on any new lipstick lately.....  Aging lips?  Possible... Gosh... hope my face won't wrinkle so fast as my lips does...   To let you know what I meant, they were something like that...  I dare not put up mine... it will spoil my blog post!! sigh... .

We Not Naughty In Jaya Jusco

It was an evening of relaxation, watching We Not Naughty in the cineplex at TGV Kinta City, Ipoh. My girl made a "date" with me two days ago, wanting to see this Singapore-made movie... actually I didn't ask her what sort of movie we were going to watch... I just agreed readily when she suggested going out on a Wednesday Ladies Night! (Tickets are sold cheaper for ladies only!) Since we were half an hour early, we spent the time munching our "favourites" at the food court...  My Sweet Potato and my girl's favourite roasted chestnuts... Look at this... guess how much it cost!    You won't believe it... This Honey Sweet Potato from Japan cost RM6.00!!  ($2usd)   But we enjoyed it all the same...    Ok, time for the movie... Let's go!! We Not Naughty.... Left us teary at some scenes... And at certain times, laughter too! Love this movie... Very realistic and facts of life especially in Malaysia and Singapore...

Our Road Side Meal At First Garden

"Where are we going for lunch?" This is the usual question my colleague will ask when we meet up at our office lobby each afternoon. Sometimes we pre-plan our schedule during the morning and at times we are "aimless" as to where to go for lunch. Normally we do not need to say anything till we are out of our office gates and then let the roads lead us till we make a decision... something like.... Have Road Will Travel.... This afternoon the roads led us to First Garden... when we reached there, we saw there were a few hawker stalls... well... the rest of the story is here below... A lone hawker stall...  feeling curious, I went over to see what he has...   ended up buying these for our lunch... 3 pieces of vegetable dumplings (kau chi) and a piece of raddish cake.... RM3.50 Another hawker stall selling Rojak (mixed fruits) sprinkled with lots of nuts.... a bowl of beancurd dessert with coconut sugar,  Rojak and Dumplings.... Hence,

A Real Biker

My colleague travels more than a hundred kilometers a day to the office, not in his car but on his "monstrous" bike!  He is young no doubt but we as his colleagues, always share our concerns to him, advising him to rent a room nearby to our office instead of traveling on his bike that takes more than an hour to reach each day.  But he told us not to worry, he is fully equipped, from the top to his bottom, he has his motorbike gear fully on and that includes something like this Nolan N43 as well.

Ipoh Hometown Restaurant Is Lonely And Alone...

It was such a pitiful dinner in Ipoh Hometown Restaurant last night... I have seen and heard much about this Ipoh Restaurant few times but I have never been there till yesterday. We arrived at the restaurant around 7pm.... the whole row of shops looked so quiet and secluded....nevertheless the five of us walked in ..... A lady came to take our order... it was so quiet that only our voices could be heard in this two shop lots restaurant...well, it was good in a sense that we could get our food fast or at least we thought we would... but we were wrong... the food took much longer than we expected .... These were what we ordered...   meat with tomato sauce...    beancurd special ...  beneath the beancurd is steamed eggs...    steamed herbal chicken... the chicken had a "frozen" smell...   sambal belacan paku pakis... among the four dishes, we favour this one ...    this is complimentary... sort of "sweet-less"      the f

Bandar Timah In Old Town

It was brunch for us again this morning, by the time we got ourselves ready for our first meal, it was already 11am... my girl and I ventured out to old town on this beautiful Sunday.   By then it was not so crowded and parking was easily accessible...    we were here... Jalan Bandar Timah... During my schooling days, it was known as Leech Street.... Leech Street in Old Town....   This old building is turning into a boutique hotel very soon.. my girl and I had our breakfast just opposite the building... My breakfast... dried curry noodles with pieces of chicken... my girl had a plate of hakka noodles... with a bowl of cooling water chestnuts   I had pumpkin sago with yam... gosh!!   Our meal at All Inn Cafe...  This meal lasted us till dinner... 

I Heart Collection

Fancy getting some funny shirts  for yourself or for your friends?  But I don't really go for those funny wordings, some are too vulgar for my liking but I don't mind those hilarious and decent ones.   I am into collecting these shirts that say "I Heart ............."  I would like to collect one from each country if possible.  Hope they are on sale in this website, let me check it later.  I hope they have them, I don't mind getting them as gifts for my friends as well.

My Laptop Is Growing!

Am I "jinxed?" This is the second time I received a second-hand laptop from my sons... Case number one... my son gave me his five year old Toshiba... when he handed it over to me, it was truly fine. After using for a twelve months, it refused to be switched on one fine day... Case number two... my another son passed me his Dell (3 years old) and it was also truly fine when I took it from him. Well, in less than a month, see what I found when I switched the laptop on... Two black lines appearing out of nowhere..... and the lines are "growing taller" each day.... Any remedy for this?? Anyone experienced this before??

Scholarship Interview

Till today my girl has not registered with any college yet but she will be attending two interviews, one next week and another one in early May.  This will be the first time for her and I pray that she will get the one that she wants. Every now and then both of us check out this website for new scholarships.  Most of the scholarships require either STPM or A-levels results, this make me realize that doing Form Six is relevant to obtaining scholarships.  Form Five results are not as "sik heong" anymore.... but too bad... my girl is not into Form Six... she prefers to do her A levels instead...

Green Is For Soothing Not Envy

Do you like landscaping in your house? I do not mind having one but for me to manage, I put up a "white flag" and I cannot afford a gardener. That is why my house does not have any greens nor a nice garden to admire... in fact, mine is "bare!" But when I visited my friend's house the other day, it was simply "soothing"... it is good for bloggers like me... after a hard's day work looking at the computer, it would be great to look at the greens just by opening the front door..... What is this... I was thinking.... I am "hopeless" when it comes to greens... Beautiful greens everywhere...  minus the red, yellow and brown... hahaha... 

Hardware Tools

I was looking for some home tools, relevant ones where I can do some DIY by myself, such as installing some latches to my wooden doors, my shoe cupboard giving way because of loose screws and dismantling a shelf which is going to rot.  Well, I am proud that I did all these myself but I notice that my toolbox is not fully equipped.  Something is still missing and I have to check out this website that offers almost everything including aluminum stock and whatever hardware you need, they have it!

Huff And Puff In Bukit Kledang, Menglembu

Towards the evening around 5pm, we decided to make another half hour trip to Bukit Kledang, Menglembu... after all the food intake, it is "advisable" to sweat out the extra calories by making a "climb" and at the same time, enjoying the natural scenic in this mountain....   the path where we started our "climb"...    Starting line... Okay, I won't call it a climb actually, you can say trekking... but as for me, I call it a "Huff and Puff Walk".... cos from the minute I walked up the stairs leading to the RTM at the peak, I have been huffing and puffing for air... for oxygen... for .... goodness knows what else! LOL...   Still at the foot of the hill...  no "Huff Puff" yet... steady only... hang on here... let me take a picture of my girls...   STOPPED to take some pictures again... "STOP" means gasping for air....    STOP again.... girl continued with her climb.. yours truly followed way