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Keep GUESS-ing And You GUESS This!

I felt "heartpain" when I opened up the GUESS box and found that the wallet inside has "deteriorated" to such an extent that it couldn't be used anymore...
On the surface it was still very nice... I love it very much... Aaron bought it for me when he was in Italy during his internship training.  Er.... that was...more than two years ago... In fact he bought two handbags and one wallet for me, the GUESS handbag was utilized to the fullest... also Gone Case now... but this wallet was kept inside the drawer till yesterday.....

The problem with me is that I like to keep things... keep till come-what-may... and look what keeping has done to my GUESS... sigh...
when I opened the wallet... I was shocked...
the leather has worn out....
patches of white and it was starting to peel 
when I rubbed on it....
There goes my GUESS wallet...
One lesson learnt... Never ever KEEP material possessions anymore....
They are meant to be Utilized and not Kept to "produce eggs!"


  1. That white stuff in fungusmould, which means the leather was damp/kept in a damp place. Sorry to see it that way.

  2. It's a mold. Oh sorry about your Guess wallet. This makes me want to dig in my stuff and check if there's something hidden.

    Hope you get a new one soon.

  3. kash: i kept it in my drawer.. thought i wanted to take it out and use.. but too bad... it has become this way.. sigh..

    marms: no wonder it peels off...

  4. We can learn from this...even yesterday I learnt something very good, but it cost we too!Lol...

  5. Birds of the same feather flocks together. Just recently I dug out my Polo wallet which my daughter bought for me 2-3 years ago and the condition, more or less like yours. Shake hands, hahahaha!!!...

  6. Aiyor...branded, should not be like that leh? You got cheated, they sold you imitation eh?

  7. medie: thim suen??

    kash: tell me what it is.. by the way, i cannot locate your blog url..

    irene: next time our kids wont buy anything for us.. hahaha...

    stp: soft leather like this leh.. if keep too long without proper ventilation..

  8. maybe it's not the original one..

  9. yes that is why I always told my mum that whatever you buy must start using at once.. don't keep it.. the more you use the cheaper it is cost...

  10. wenn: not sure... bought in Italy Factory Outlet..

    simpleperson: I must remember that too..

    xue: sayang..

  11. i'm not about wallets but i know keeping leather shoes for sometime and not wearing it will also have this problem.

  12. Lol, I don't have blog, but enjoy reading everybody elses. Well, yesterday I learnt if a brand new laptop is only €100, its too good to be true, here the gypsy people are notorious for cheating people. He showed me the laptop, I checked it, everything ok, I got out of his car, took out money to pay and somehow he managed to swap bags. I ended up with a laptop bag with catalogue books in it! I'm still raging about it! But I've learned my lesson.

  13. Those leather material must not be kept too long. Nvm...get another one during ur trip to US..hehehehe

  14. im alos into keeping things too gift that i receive even some letters and trashes with memories haha i have kinda poor memory so i intend to keep thing to remind me how wonderful life is

  15. Poor thing. Really very sayang. We can all learn something from this.

  16. Just to add, if anyone wants to store things like this, it would be advisable to use desiccant crystals. Normally they come in small sachets and all you do is put in 1 or 2 together with the item you want to keep away.

  17. Hello...due to time constraint, I cannot reply individually..pls forgive me..
    Kash, your case of being conned, it is quite common over here too.. things that are too good to be true, one has to be careful...
    by the way, thanks for the info, i think i know what those crystals things are.. like those being put in tablet bottles...

  18. I have been conned,lol...yes those are the crystals.

  19. Oh yes I have had the same experience before. So now I never keep things. After buy, must use! : )

  20. Nothing can't be done about this? poor thing.. :(

  21. never keep things too long..same goes to shoes.

    Remember I bought a pair of nice high heel shoe just before I knew I was pregnant and since then, it was nicely kept in the store until two years later (after I delivered my boy), it turned out to be exactly the same like your purse plus a broken heel. :(

  22. aiseh, you should have used it :( poor you. Nvm, all the more reason to head out and get a NEW one!! haha

  23. Oh dear, I feel painful for u. Don't u put silica gel with it.

    I've a huge collection of designer bags like LV, Chanel & Dior etc. I keep them all in their original dustbags & boxes with silica gel. Some been there for more than 10yrs but condition are still good.

    U should also take them out to air if u're not using them. Hope these tips help...

  24. Ehm ehm...bRo I l!Ke yOuR gUEsS bOx...


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