Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Sexy Outfit In London Bridge At Lake Havasu, Arizona

From Hoover Dam in Nevada, we continued on our journey, passed many desserts and reached a small town called Lake Havasu City in Arizona. We went there to visit an old friend of my BIL and my sister and we were served with an American tea...
the road leading to the friend's house...
the house reminded me of those Spanish type of villa...
the weather was super HOT!  Couldn't wait to go inside...
A very welcoming sight awaiting for us when we were inside the house...
I "attacked" the salsa with the tomatillos...
the Salsa was home made... so yummy that I kept taking helping after helping! LOL..
homemade pumpkin muffins and carrot cakes!
and we had ice cream plus fruits to compensate for the hot weather....

After an hour or so, we left for a tourist attraction, that is the London Bridge!  The real London Bridge is now in Lake Havasu, bought for US$2.5 million from the City of London... (wonder why it was sold to the US... anyone knows?)
the entrance to the London Bridge in Lake Havasu...
Arizona Tourist Center... a tourist standing right outside!!
it was very quiet and peaceful...and clean.... and not so hot already...
The emblem of London Bridge...
oh..what is this... 
Caring is Sharing!
Here it is.... the LONDON BRIDGE... bought and flew over from London piece by piece ....
The real London Bridge...but it is not falling down here...
London Bridge and I....
it was not peak season so it was kind of peaceful and serene then....
well, cannot leave the place without entering the souvenir shop, right?
Should I buy this???  
This sexy piece cost around $40usd!!
So... what do you think?
Would you like to buy this outfit??


  1. Wow.. beautiful place.. I like the Londo Bridge... I love the scenery. Did you buy the shirt? look sexy ^_^

  2. that's a lovely London bridge..

  3. I would not buy it. Good picture of you at the bridge.


  4. wow thtas cute hahaha ivee seen some shirts like that here before

  5. Yes! As the story went, some American bought the London Bridge...and he thought the Tower Bridge was London Bridge. Discovered too late that he had bought the wrong one. LOL!!! That's why it is very important to have some general knowledge...

  6. No need to gild your lily

    Aloha from Honolulu,
    Wishing YOU the Best
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  7. june: no i didnt! hahaha..

    wenn: i didnt know that it is there..

    filip: i also didnt buy it ..cute though..

    mecoy: must be cheaper, right?

    stp: wrong one? gosh.. how many millions gone!

    cloudia: hahahaa...

  8. I love the london bridge. Breathtaking view...Haha nice outfit, did you bought it?

  9. Aiyo Claire, I WOULD! Hahaha...

  10. andrew: Nice view but no to outfit.. hahaha...

    merryn: next time u go and buy it.. hahaha..

  11. aiye they miss out the NOT on the signboard .. kakakaka :)

  12. really sexy outfit but USD40 not worth wor.

  13. Did you buy at the end? I will give it a pass.

  14. Awww...is sexy. i dun think i wana buy it lor.ahhahahah

  15. Wonder why London Bridge is sold to the American at the first place, need to check on the history :D

    The outfit is suitable to be worn inside the house..USD40.00 is a bit expensive..


Thank you, readers!

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