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The Day The World Stood Still...

On the 25th at 7pm, Tam and I went "dating"... It was her birthday and my girl treated both of us to this movie. A Super Wednesday in TGV, the ticket only cost RM7 compared to RM11 normally..or was it RM12?

Upon reaching the cinema, we both realized we didn't bring our cardigans, cham.... she and I are so "young" that we cannot tahan cold already. Fortunately she managed to rummage through her car boot and got a big weathershield... lol.. big enough to cover both of us like a blanket.. lol.. I should take a pic of that "lifesaver!" It saved us from our toilet trips at least... *too cold cannot tahan not going to pee, right?*

Ok, enough of that crap... my intention is to write on this movie... Tam kept grumbling throughout the movie, said it was too "farce" , how could the hero and family not die when all the others did when they were escaping the wrath of the earthquake..

Well, I shut her up ... I said the main motive of this movie is not to show the hero-s or what, it is to make known that when the end of the world really comes, no one can escape the wrath... The tsunami-s ended it all... there won't be a big ship to carry us away nor some spaceship to fly us over to the moon.. all will vanished... While it is frightening to see all these happen, at the same time, it is an eye opener for us.

Why did I blog about it today? Cos I dreamt of it last night, I was driving my car escaping the tsunami that is coming from the coastal area, Lumut... I was driving at a high speed..... aimlessly... and suddenly... suddenly......



  1. HAHHAAHAHHAAHA aiyooo u r like a kid watch horror movie then dream about it hahahaha

  2. You must have thought that you there at the end time :p Lucky the phone rang..Claire, it is frightening to be there at the end times :(

  3. Yup, a visit to the cinema is like a trip to cold storage. They sld start a mini Paparich kiosk at the F&B area to warm us with hot coffee.

    Lumut? What an unglamourous place to spend your last minutes on earth! lolz

  4. haha...lumut? means on the way to utp lo??!! mebe can fetch me along if it happens, i also wan to escape. hahaha...

  5. I have not seen the movie and I do not intend to. So expensive...and I don;t know why the cineplexes are SO cold - like a mortuary! LOL!!! I love the theme song from the movie though. Adam Lambert rawks!!!

  6. manglish: maybe i think too much.. a child in me? possible. :)

    Elin: yes, frightening but got to face it too one day, eh..

    gratitude: hahaa..cold storage, yeah, something like that.. must take cardigan, back to kids' days..

    gabriel: i was driving from it, not to lumut.. i think u wont wait for me lo.. u sure escape to ipoh already ...

  7. stp: adam sings the theme song? oh ,i dont know that... i also nv observe the song though..hahaha.. wanted to get out from the cinema fast cos ggrrrrrrr.... cold.. eh, the ticket on wed cost 7rm .. so wait for wed.. or tuesday for ladies.. hehehe..

  8. not reading not reading... supposed to watch with hubby... but too tired after all the travelling to him haha.

  9. Well Claire, at least you got the tickets. The tickets were sold out last week, couldn't watch with my bf.

    Will try this week. BTW, thanks for adding me up.

  10. LV: not reading? hahaa... i didnt write anything much and like u, i dont like to read bout the story line as well..hehee..

    sexyjessie: yes, my girl got the tickets for me 2 days beforehand.. otherwise sure cannot get..

  11. I heard the ticket sold out fast...but my fren managed to get it online, RM13 for 2 pax on wed also... overall the movie just so so only...
    like Sir Arthur..i love the song too...check it out!

  12. this movie a bit scary ...better dun watch.

  13. Its a movie I don't want to see but my husband is anxious to. We always wait til a movie comes out on DVD or Netflix! And your, thank goodness the phone rang!

  14. mandy: wah...your ticket lagi cheaper.. yeah, it is a so so movie, maybe we expect too much from it since everyone said it was so goody good..

    chrisau: hahaa..u are like a small child.. close yr eyes if scary...

    cheryl: normally i dont go for movies too, only watch when there is a good feedback..

  15. Oh ya 2012 movie. Some people say this is what will happen to the world in 2012. Scary....

  16. hahahhaha...Claire you're so cute la!

    So did you said "thanks" to the person that wake u up?

  17. This movie isn't funny at all except that part when the girl gave her boyfriend the finger point*f$#@*! hahaha.... My mind was just wandering around, can't get to sleep after watching that movie! Extremely scary... I believe this will be happening in one day, not sure when! Global warming is getting worst and no one seems bother much about it. The water surface at Northpole not frozen even it's already winter. Polar bears has to eat their own cub becoz of hunger. Really really sad huh! According to Buddha, their books were written more or less the same as Quran. The sign - "When there are more & more people becoming gay/les and when more & more unbeatable diseases suddenly strike human, that's mean the end of the world is near!!!" =(

  18. sjb: i love thrilling movies.. anytime.. but cannot sit on roller coaster one.. :)

    AnnieQ: hehe...i think it was an sms, i remember wrongly.. the sound of my sms is the ringing tone.. drrrinngggg....

    My little space: as the bible is written, wars or sickness might be everywhere but doesnt mean the end is near.. it will come when we least expect it to be.. lets just wait and see and pray..and hope... and believe in God..


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