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Damian's Kisses In Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackes

I am currently watching this latest series every evening from 8.30pm...  "Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles" is delightful to watch.. hahaha. .. at least for me... love watching chinese dramas that involves family affairs and this one is no different because the man of the house has 5 WIVES!  :)   image taken from here Hero is Damian Lau.... such a lucky man cos he has 5 beautiful wives..   and being "directed" to have kissing scenes with a four of the young actresses!  LOL...  (courtesy picture from here ) My first  Chinese TVB series was in the late 1970s... the first show I watched was acted by Damian Lau, the above.. he was very young and cute then.. now he is in his early 60s and I in my early 50s.. hahaha.. that is why I love to watch his latest series... I want to see how he handled the 5 wives.. hahahaa....

Let's Do This Again In Secret

Got these pictures from my colleague... She gave me a Sweet Birthday Treat in Secret Recipe and we had a wonderful time during lunch.... how wonderful is wonderful?  hahaha.... Well, it is always wonderful to go out and have a good time especially when you don't have to pay a single cent..... hahahaa... oh gosh!  See how BIG my mouth is!! my meal...another grin... and she ordered these for me too... of course, we shared our desserts! Presenting.... Chocolate Indulgence....   Turkish Indulgence!! My Favourite! Ok, let's get serious and eat.... hmmmm.... and after the food and "burping"..... another session again... "Presenting........ she and I... Thank you, friend...for such a lovely sumptuous lunch... Let's do this again next year.... LOL.....

How To Find Yourself On Your Gap Year

Taking a gap year is the perfect time to blow off steam, have fun and also discover what you’re all about. Open yourself up to new experiences in different countries and, not only will you learn plenty of new things about others, you’ll also learn plenty about yourself. In this article you’ll find suggestions for the best ways to discover yourself on your gap year, including trying new activities, learning new skills and sampling new cultures. Open yourself up to different cultures  When you travel you want to get as much from the experience as possible. One of the ways to do this is to really open yourself up to a new culture. A good way of taking advantage of this opportunity is to sign up for a volunteer project with a reputable organisation like Projects Abroad. This will give you the opportunity to be in and amongst local people, learning about how they go about their everyday life and experiencing how people do things differently in different parts of the world. Learn ab

Back North To De Baron Resort Langkawi

I am jumbling up my posts! From south to north and north to south and back north! My sister was asking me during dinner a moment ago whether the hotel De Baron was nice or not... I replied the hotel was okay but definitely not my choice of destination. Was everything being paid for, she continued to ask... Yes, that was a FOC trip, all inclusive with six meals per day but yours truly here only managed to take three only...the only thing not free was the shopping and the karaoke.  :) The lobby in De Baron, Langkawi... behind the resort... leading to a swimming pool and the sea... the platform overlooking the sea....   the sails at sea... the only sight spectacular...   and here I was... getting ready.... but the picture came out a bit too soon... lol.. the garden terrace was quite nice actually... if only.... OK, I won't complain much... and this will be the last of my Langkawi post... No more trips in December... It will be a month of rest..

CHIJMES In Victoria Street, Singapore

  Just opposite the Carlton Hotel in Singapore where I stayed, there stood a beautiful struc tured hi stori c building complex which I heard has been gazetted as a nation al monument.  It is called CHIJMES also known as Convent of the Ho ly Infant Jesus ... ( my school's name is also CHIJ but based in I poh...  CHI JMES Singapore.. But now this Catholic convent school and the ir convent quarters has been "turned over" and restored for commercial purposes, it becomes a shopping, dining and an entertainment centre.... we entered the CHIJMES to check what was in store inside...   it reminded me of my own former school..  the d esign is almost the same...   With the lightings, the Chijmes look vibrant even at night... from the place where I stood, the diners were having their meals below... I was wondering... a convent school turned into pubs and entertainment... funny to think of that, right?   but then if it is not

Cheaper Accommodation In Johor

My kids and I are still discussing where we should go for this coming Christmas holidays.  We have only two choices actually, it is either going to Singapore or Penang to celebrate this festive season.  If we go to Penang, my son who is working in Singapore will have to a flight to meet us.  On the other hand,  if we choose to go Singapore, my two kids and I will have to take a drive down to Johor and from there, we will take a bus over to Singapore.  We are still contemplating which is a better choice and more affordable.  The air tickets from Singapore to Penang can be quite pricey during this festive season so most probably we will end up driving to Johor.   This time round, we might not be staying in Singapore because the hotels are getting more and more expensive!  Last month I spent quite a fortune just paying the hotel rates for three nights and it was not even a festive season yet.  I cannot imagine how much the hotel rates will cost during this coming Christmas!  We have

KaraOKe-ing Till Voice-less

All work and no play makes us very dull and bored!  For the first two days Saturday and Sunday, we had our study course commencing at 8.30am till 10.30pm!!  No joke.. but of course with some meal intervals in-between.. On the 3rd and our last night in Langkawi, my colleagues and I decided to "let ourselves go" and had a blast in a Karaoke lounge just opposite our resort... we had a BBQ dinner at the garden hotel..... and after that, a Good Time at the Karaoke lounge! crooning a slow number... "Titanic"theme song, I think..   while my colleague belting out a Michael Buble "Sway".... for two hours, we sang.... till I croaked..... hahahaa... At 11.30pm... we called it a night... A night to remember.... The next morning, it was not a surprise to me  that my voice has "gone" off for a short holiday.... LOL...

De Baron Resort In Langkawi Island

I went for a four days course in Langkawi Island last Saturday. Started journey from the office around 6.30am and reached the jetty around 10.30... only 4 hours drive from Ipoh... It has been more than 15 years since I last stepped into Langkawi and it is time for another visit.  The ferry took more than 1 hour or so, I was worried that I might get sea sick, thank goodness I didn't... From the jetty, the bus took us to our resort called De Baron which is less than five minutes drive away.   Here we are... De Baron Resort.. Just three floors... Forgot to take the room pictures..  But my room has two queen size beds and ample space to fit 6 people at least...   Why is called the Baron? Click this picture for more information.. :)   A picture with the locomotive...   my roommate ....     for 4 days we were here... sitting right behind.. the place where we took our daily meals.... After a few meals of curry and more curry

Results To Method Giveaway

Another thing I almost forgot is my Method giveaway results!  Oh gosh, how "young" am I getting???  Please excuse my absent-mindedness, my friends... maybe the traveling from north to south and back to north has taken some memory drive from my grey cells!  LOL.. Back to my topic, here are results to the giveaway .... before I do, I must say thank you to all who came by to comment and to "rescue" their family/friends from heavier washing and coarse hands.. 1) Cynthia Tan 2)  Mamakucing 3)  Sheoh Yan 4)  Henry Tan 5)  Elin The above winners, please send in your email and your contact number to me so that I can forward to the sponsor for further details.   You can email me at reanact(at)  Thank you.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Thank you for the lovely wishes in Timeline and I want to thank you in advance for your comments coming in! (hope there will be.. hahahaa.... ) I am entering the 50s era and if you ask me, I would love to feel I am 25 always instead of 52! LOL... Though physically I have aged and feel less vibrant and active, (as Arthur said, no more a spring chicken)... I am still all in for any singing or dancing.... my colleagues will vouch for that (we just had our fun doing that a few nights ago!)  hahahaa.... I received this lovely cake yesterday... From my lovely friend cum blogger, Elin ....   She had worked tirelessly to bake this sweetie cake for me.. Thank you, Elin! Isn't my pressies sweet?   I have a bouquet of chocs too! Thank you, Liew! and my bestie treated us to a Peranakan dinner last night.... Thank you, T!  Thank you for the Spanish belt, TC...   Thank you, AA for these items to make me younger... :) last and not least, my love one came