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His Advice Is Compressed And Immobility

Early this morning I was awakened by my hp ringing... "Breakfast arriving in 5 minutes!" .. my sister's voice sprang on... Quickly I hopped up from bed, limped down the stairs carefully, one step at a time.... true enough, she arrived with a packet of "chee cheong fun" in hand.  Thank you, sis.. After my breakie and some slight household chores, I went to see my regular doctor... one look at the swell of my leg, he said that I must have twisted it quite badly.. he even demonstrated how I twisted it.. lol.... He mentioned that my ligament is badly bruised or "dislocated" or something like that... and my leg needs to be "Compressed and Immobility" mode.  (meaning no exertion and pressure on leg)  Given two days medical leave and to go back on Monday to see him again... But I was very disobedient... I drove for two hours before I finally got home to rest  my weary legs.... hmmmm.... time to "hang up" my leg now... :) "Hang

Watch Your Steps, Lady!

Wordless Wednesday as some blogs post up on this day... but as for me, it is a OUCH OUCH day... Very early this morning I went for my breakie in a not-so-familiar food court.  It was quite crowded and most of the tables were occupied... Instead of looking for a table first, my eyes were up on the stalls' banners .... doing just that, I paid the price... cos.... All of a sudden, my right leg twisted and I came tumbling down on the floor...then only I realized that there was actually small step down... Oblivious of others looking, I limped towards a table and began rubbing the sore area...     By lunch time, it was just too painful .. and I came by here to do the "inevitable."  "sucking wind" out... and then the sinseh "twisted" my leg ... left, right, round and round... the mulberry bush   ...then he put some medicine on the affected area  and wrapped it up round till it looks huge like this... Hope this works... :)

Great Combination And Harmony

Chinese New Year is now over... my colleagues and I had our last Loe Sang for this year during lunch time.  No, we didn't go out to eat or buy back the Yee Sang, one of my colleagues is an expert in making them!  She bought all that is needed and brought them to the office...    close up pic...      oh, this one is complete with sauce and cornflakes... Just look at that!  Before the Well Wishes....let me make peace with you all...   Another one with my colleague! and now... Let's Do IT!! There goes the Loe Hei for everyone!  (Sorry, readers.. 15th day is over... and Here I am ...  Still posting about Loe Hei...Loe Sang) Till the next year...  Happy Days ahead! 

VIP Guests In IPOH

A BIG SURPRISE CAME TO IPOH YESTERDAY..... YES, EVEN THE PICTURE HAS TO BE BIGGER!! It is indeed a GREAT and WONDERFUL to meet up with this family again!   Love this picture... someone is being cute and adorable there!! LOL....   As usual Ipoh has nothing much to offer other than Food and Food...  This time Elin and I took them to Kok Thai Restaurant... Over and over again I blogged about this place...  I guess it needs no more introduction anymore...  First dish came out steaming hot...  Claypot seafood varieties... Hope you like this dish, my dears... But I feel during normal days, this dish taste much better... seriously...   Next is the beancurd with the angled gourd (sing kwa)   something less oily... combination of vegetables and macadamia nuts..     and this is a special dish.... slices of pork belly on top and jelly fungus beneath..   I like this picture too... He said he was the teacher... And I was supposed to be his stud


Baby Boy.... narrated by Yours Truly... Once upon a time in the year 1988, a baby boy was born ...  "Hi everybody... my name is Aaron.. see my face expression?   I might look "Blur" but actually.. I am not.. I just don't understand the lights kept flashing at me...."   I guess the lights will only go away if I smile... OK, here it is... "My Pretending Smile" phew... that did it....   But the problem is  I couldn't do any other pose other than sitting , sitting and more SITTING... Now I know why I am kind of plump! All the milk and Sittings is to blamed.... haizzzz....   One day I am going to show them... that I can do more....    and finally I did!!! I can STAND already! BUT... what's next, MUM????? ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ To cut the story short... 6 years down the line....     I GREW UP AND... GRADUATED!! From what, don't ask me.... Looking at this picture, there's someth

My Sweet Temptations For Fulfillment

By now many of you know that I have sweet tooth, I like anything sweet and being so, I must also be very careful of being diabetic!  I do my check up quite regularly and so far, so good, still within the safe mode... Ok, lets forget about health first... These are some of the desserts I took for the past few days.. actually I took them at a moderate rate... like for instance a bowl of ice kacang, I could only end up not even half the portion of it...  I guess everything I take need to be shared....   Such a big portion... how to finish it??? A very generous servings of peanuts, just look at that.. This Ice Kacang is served in GP First Garden... Next is the Blackball now newly opened in IPOH Greentown Business Centre... I prefer them with soya bean than santan... Four bowls of desserts shared by five of us..... Least and not last, we saw this in Jaya Jusco! I remember taking this in San Francisco... and the popular flavour is Chunky Monkey! For one smal

Golden Colleagues' Gathering In Kok Thai Restaurant

Friday lunch hour is spent in Kok Thai restaurant along the Kuala Kangsar road with my colleagues... it is my first time in this branch because it is nearer to my office than to my home.  Ten of us went for this lunch including two retirees and a young girl.  A time to get together and also to commemorate the end of Chinese New Year which ends on Sunday. Should have switched on my camera flash... Plainly shows how amateur I am in photo-taking...  We ordered five dishes which came out in large portions... such as beancurd with "tau kan" and gingko nuts.. using "defocus background" feature and ended up like this.. hahaha... this is saucy meat... (far lam) fish slices with ginger and spring onions... some leafy greens... and claypot seafood varieties... An "unelaborated" meal which suits us "golden ladies"...  Not too oily and non-spicy.. LOL... but the bill is quite "hot" It came to RM202 for the

Teochiew Food For Thursday Ladies

I realized my handphone was missing when I wanted to call my girl around 6pm... oh dear, where did I put it??? Knowing me, either I left it in the office or I dropped it in my own car... I made a call to my own hp, nope, not in the car... Since it is Ladies' night for dinner, I suggested to my friends that I would take them to my office to retrieve my hp and then adjourned for dinner straight after that... I dare not go up to my office alone.. it was dark and raining too... Thank goodness my iPhone was in my drawer...phew...... By then, it was already 7.30pm... time to fill our stomach with food..... and I took my friends here for our dinner... Teochiew Restaurant!  A special dish in this Teochiew Restaurant is  Steamed Pumpkin!   It was steaming hot when served..... BEST!   Inside the pumpkin are small chunky ribs... YUMMY and YAMMY!! we ordered steamed eggs with minced meat.... not sure this is purely teochiew or not... :) But I know this one is...

May Peace Be Upon You, Upon Us ALl...

Time for the adults to have fun and it was this evening that my Golden Friends (including me) had a wonderful time.... I think this is one of the best time I ever had... (cos I love singing and trying to pretend I am a "real singer!")  LOL..... We have an organist... (playing in RTM, IPOH, no joke!) and a guitar teacher.... Both of them made a great combination.... and an amateur tambourine-nist   soon it was time to stuff our stomach with home-cooked food.... someone brought homemade "Lou Sang"  (combination of various vegetables, plum sauce, peanuts etc etc..) It was Fabulous!!  Couldn't get enough of that!    Time for our performance..... hahahaa... we are being "recorded" as well....   Notice anything famliar here? The Sign..... Here too..... AND THIS too???? Yes, you are right...  My fingers never  stops making the same sign over and over again... Left hand, right hand.... the two fingers come u