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What Have Gone Wrong?

I wonder about this myth whether it is true or not... If a single lady in her late forties with no boyfriend, is she more prone to sensitivity? What I meant is ... is an unmarried lady is more sensitive than those married ones? (sensitive here mean siew hei) Let me put it this way... lately I realize that a single lady in her late forties and staying alone, tends to be very sensitive, compared to the years when she was younger. Every little thing, she gets worked up easily, gets irritated easily, gets angry very fast.... Sometimes I really find it very hard to "adjust" or "compromise" when it comes to conversation with a sensitive single lady.... I rather be alone, it is rather stressing to be with someone whom Ineed to think over what to say, for fear I might get "backfired" when I am talking nonsense at times, for fear she might take the joke seriously when I am not, for fear, I might hurt her unintentionally cos I say the wrong words .... ....and e


MORE THAN THREE YEARS AGO, I, (mama) had a handphone much much cheaper than my three kids... theirs WERE more expensive than mine.... huhuhuhu... BUT Last night, mama here bought a new HANDPHONE .... FINALLY AT LAST.... (after delaying and ACTUALLY feeling heavyhearted to part with hardearned money) ... Now mine is the most expensive of them ALL...hahhahaaha... So bye bye Nokia 6120...... (andy has booked my old one not that he doesn't have he wanted a spare one just in case...) HELLO NOKIA 5800 AHA... THIS IS MY NEW HANDSET... but too bad the pic is blur.. taken by Andy's handphone.. perhaps he is hinting he needs a new one ? Now with the new set, I can wifi...yehhhhh... meaning I will be more crazy like before... can take it anywhere and do my stuff... even morning breakfast, lunch time, dinner time.... supper time.. and bedtime... ooooohhhhh.... (really chi mar kun, someone commented)....hahaa... (oh psst..psst...andy, teach mama first, how to go wifi, how to go msn, blogg

My First Body Massage At Home....

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I suspect I have "knotted nerves"...that is my right arm is still feeling some tenderness and heavy type of pain at certain angles... I cannot even lift up my hand straight and stretch my arm to the back.... (sounds like old ah por)...something is amiss.... Sister Keng recommended a lady masseur to me and I made an appointment with her. She came to my house yesterday around noon.. wasting no time, i put a thin mattress on the floor and she asked me to take off everything....... she said both of us ladies wor. .. so nothing to be shy of.... (yeah yeah, i know..otherwise how to massage, right) first time meet, also have to display everything.. haha... ANYWAY, I HAD A TWO GREAT HOURS with her... with all the oooohhh....the ahhhhhhsss... and the OUCHHHHESSSSS....with some minor cracking bones sound here and there, it was finally done....PHEW.... rm50.00 FOR TWO HOURS...CHEAP OR NOT?? most important, effective? If you ask me, I welcome a mas

Knotted Nerves (chee sin?)

For the past week, my right arm was giving me some pain... let me see... how to describe... like tender, numb. (sounds serious, right?) When I try to lift it up straight, it sort of feels heavy and it is like being punched many times there. Have anyone here experienced this before? A number of things came through my mind....firstly, is it due to hypertension, am I getting a mild stroke? Fear seeps in slowly... Secondly, did I tear a ligament of my arm playing badminton? Possible too, right? Thirdly, too much hard heavy work at home? Possible too... 4 thly , the way I sleep each night is wrong? How do i sleep? Well, I like to put my arm under the pillow and my head and shoulder resting the pillow.... heavy or not? I have slept like that for years and now maybe the nerves are all knotted inside... ( claire's own theory)... Knotted nerves is the greatest possibility.... With all the sitting and surfing in front of the pc , this is the price I gotta pay....

In The Morning, When The Moon Is At Its Rest

MY DAILY BREAKFAST is the most important meal for the day... I practically cannot function without a proper and satisfying morning is like no meal, no battery, so no battery means no energy.... and of course no energy, no work done... corek? Ok, stop the crappy talk and lets go through my by one.... I am letting the world know what type of food I have been inputing into my stomach all these years.... 3/4 boiled eggs with 2 slices of bread... now u know why yours truly here is tiga suku this is tosai an almost oil-less piece of fermented beans cooked thinly and eaten with curry or dhall.. ok, i know what u r thinking.. this doesnt belong to my doggie, ok? this is vadae... a crispy kind of fermented beans too... ahhhh... my favourite roti telur oily yeah, but nice and hot.... and of course, the IPOH hokkien mee... hot and spicy... drink the soup till finished... then only u can say burp....

Gurgle For All Ladies

Caring is Sharing, that is what I believe in... Today I would like to share about this Gurgle website with all the ladies here, I find this website is the one of the best so far on pregnancy especially for those who are trying for a baby and all mothers-to-be. For ladies who have yet to conceive and are trying hard to, well, perhaps in Gurgle, you will be able to find some solution to overcome your problem. From what I read in Gurgles, they have a range of features and categories which are very informative and entertaining for us ladies. Features like videos on gurgle pregnancy, the techniques of breathing, infants and babies upbringing plus parenting skills. We can also join in the chats with one another, to share our problems and pregnancy advice. Not only that, we can even upload our babies' cute photos for competitions here too. In fact there are many more features here that brings us together as a big family. If you find Gurgle website interesting as I do

May All Impossibilies Become Possible

Happy Birthday? No, not my turn yet but my blog fren, Miss Mathew, a teacher "instructed" me to do this birthday tag. So, being an obedient "student", I must heed Teacher Mathew's words ... early also never mind la.. as long as I get the "homework" done ... lol.... The rules are :- 1. Make a list of what you want on your birthday 2. The list should be 10 numbers 3. Post the image of this award in your posting 4. Give it to 10 friends of yours The list... what I want?? 10 is a lot... right? but not for a greedy lady like me.. lol.. ok, lets go....with the impossibles.... Peace on Earth Love one another Good Health and Long Life For All Enough place on Earth to cater for all long lives ... No poverty, all people living comfortably No crimes, no sickness, no tears... Families be united Bloggers like Eugene will not issue difficult questions on Fridays Let there be four seasons in Malaysia Everyone loves God... phew.... Miss Mathew, here is the h

Anyone Find This Delicious?

I AM A VERY FAIR PERSON...(says who??) I will not display only the good delicious stuff, I will also show off funny and "geli" food if I were to come across... and one of them is this plate of fried koay teow shown below. What I read in the menu was not this, they never mention raw egg on top. As far as I can remember, they said fried koay teow with egg gravy, so I thought it was like "wat tan hor" (noodles with egg gravy).... But when my plate of noodles came out, I was stunned for a few seconds... "Now should I eat this or should I ask the waiter to take it back?" What do u say? conclusion : No, it didnt go back to the cook, eventually it went into my stomach...... now thinking back, I must praise myself for not being fussy, HOW DID I MANAGE TO EAT THAT NOODLES WITH THE RAW EGG!? But then again, on the positive side, raw egg is good for health, hor? And another thing, got food on the table, still want to complain?? I should be very thankful instead..

My RM5 Lunch

MY LUNCH was simple today... feeling hungry, we went for economy rice and I ordered a small rice with these three dishes, pototoes, petai sambal and one piece of minced meat. Like that also cost RM3.20... sigh... times are bad, everything is pretty expensive... we ate at this dessert stall... they sell bean curd dessert with soya bean few types of varieties this is called mixed...cham cham... mango tau foo far (beancurd dessert) very smooth and nice... cost RM1.60 (expensive too)

Sisterhood Award To All!

Sisterhood Award was passed to me by littlemissfly .... what a cute name... thank you, missy, your tag came at the right time, just when I needed it most. I cannot remember how many tags I have received already but one thing I know is that I appreciate all your thoughts. We might be millions of miles apart but through blogging, our distance is only a click away. Thanks again all of you.... lets keep blogging! Here are the rules: 1. Put the logo on your blog or post. 2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude! 3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post. 4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog. 5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award. Now I would like to pass on this award to Grace, Amy, Cecile, Weng, Marie, Elvz, Elaine, Gbeth, Iceah and Janiz.

Come Karaoke With Me!

For music and song lovers, dare to take a test? Actually I got this idea from Teekay (Greychai) it was in his blog a couple of weeks ago. Lets go down memory lane... shall we? See how much we can remember.... Ok, here are some lyrics to some songs that came to my mind... To make it easier, I will write the first 2 sentences and see whether you all can remember the TITLE and SINGER of the songs or not. Crack your head a bit, ok? TIP: Hum to the tune to get the title, it is easier...but don't hum too loud, boss might think you are trying to enter "One In A Million" or "American Idol"....hehehehe 1) When I saw you standing there, I've about fell out of my chair..... 2) No, I can't forget this evening, nor your face as you were leaving.... 3) Such a feeling coming over me, there is wonder in most everything I see.... 4) My Love, there's only you in my life, the only thing that's right... (duet) 5) You asked me if I love you and I choke on my reply...

Shock Then Shiok!

Talking about paid posts, I was a bit taken aback when I saw a post offering $250.00 per review. Impromtu, my head started to calculate mentally how much IF I were to get that... wanna know how much? It is RM900!! Wow....... RM900 for a single post of just 200 words, how does that sound? No la.. I did not get that post... not qualified... I hope some blogger get it and will share with us here later. Okay... that was $250.00 .... acceptable... BUT this morning another greater SHOCK or shiok... there is this certain advertiser... offering......$$1,000 for a review!!! Yes, $1,000.00 man ... for a nice simple post.... how much...quick.. how ringgit? Right, it is approx. RM3,600 !! Wah, fatt tatt lor..... just doing one post, I can have my beauty sleep and have a nice vibrant face for the whole month! Few hours later.... After posting the above, I was asked whether I got this $1000 opp... UNFORTUNATELY no la.. haha... I dont have such a big head to wear the hat... haha....

Don't Blog So Much...

It is 12.10am now... i guess the 87% will soon become 90 over percent if I keep up like this each night. Sometimes I ask myself, is it really worth it staying up and catch up with the paid postssss. Let me give a word of advice. If you are working in an office with a strict boss or bossie, do not stay up late doing your paid posts or blogging. You might find your job at stake. Why? Take me for example.... Now I am very awake, yes, alert too.... BUT in the office... let me tell is a real torture. Juggling between work and at the same time, trying not to close your eyes is no joke... Brain also seem to stop working and thinking right.... thus, making more mistakes than usual. The face also looks "run down" haggard.... Scared? Not to frighten you but it is true... Now like vampire... daytime like bat.... Ok, wrapping up now... goodnite!

Kids' Choice Awards

Ever heard of Kids' Choice Awards? I bet many of you out there have heard of this especially mothers with young children and teenagers. This should be a very interesting and entertaining website for all parents and kids. Besides the kids' games, shows, videos and music in this KCA website, there is also a special voting for the best and favourite TV actor at the moment. Just a moment ago, I have voted for Hannah Montana who is my daughter's favourite actress too. We love watching her show on TV, it is about Hannah being a regular normal teenager by day but a pop star at night. The role she played in the show was not easy and overall, it was really an entertaining show to watch. Well, I hope Hannah Montana will win the Kids' Choice Awards. Besides her, there are a few other nominees I would love to vote as well. I love watching the twins Cole and Dylan Sprouse too, especially in their TV show series "The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody." They are r

Drunken Or Dunkin' Donuts

EACH TIME WE PASS BY TAPAH, we will stop by to buy Dunkin' Donuts, I don't know why they never open a branch in IPOH, I am sure they will make good biz here as well. Tapah is a bit far, around 40 minutes drive from IPOH. So whenever we stop by the rest house, we will get a dozen of "nuts" back home..... My kids love to eat them, of course that includes me too la.. especially when they are just freshly baked from the oven. Dunkin' Donut in Tapah rest house the place looks clean, right? varieties and more varieties... which to take ah.... chosen 9... still have 3 more to go... to make it a dozen...

Mac Advertising Network

In today's society, networking is becoming a norm for all ages, old or young alike, business entrepreneurs to housewives, students, working people and even kids. Due to the popularity of the Internet, business people are resorting to advertising and promoting their products online. Not only that, advertisers are finding social networking a main source of income in their career. All they have to do is to create an attractive banner that relates to their products so as to attract readers from all over the world. One of the best advertising network can be found in Mac Ads: The Mac Advertising Network. According to their website, their service is free, provided that you have a mac related product or service that you like to advertise to the mac community. All you have to do is to sign up, create your own ad and start to generate traffic to their website. Their main aim to is spread the word about the mac platform through advertising, to create mac fans to share their products

Testing, testing.. How CRAZY are You?

Blogging Addiction? Try this out.. hahaha.. I got this thingy from Ninie Jane's blog... this is not a tag nor a paid post. Just out of curiosity I sat for the exam... while answering the questions, I was thinking to myself, "oh dear, I am going to get 100% or 99% at least... am I so addicted?" When the marks showed 87%, phew... that means I still have 13% sanity, away from blogging.. but then 13 in cantonese is sap sam ... means.... CRAZY! hahahahahahahaa... 87% How Addicted to Blogging Are You? Who dare to try next? Grab this and tell me your marks.. see whether u r as crazy or crazier than me...... yehhheeeeeeeeeee...

Dinner At Gourmet Square, IPOH GARDEN

DINNER AT GOURMET SQUARE, Ipoh Garden..... 6 of us in one car... dare not go too far cos 4 of us sitting behind... if police block, sure will get summon... so end up eating at IPOH Garden food court.... I was very hungry so I ordered quite a lot of food stuff... But the photos here showed less.... WHY? Cos I was too hungry, I forgot to take the photos... ok ... this is mua chee... Fernie and I love to eat this... I ordered 2 packets.. One is definitely not enough for us... clay pot rice for 3 of us.... chicken, sausage, salted fish... this is koay teow in egg gravy... see the food? got fried sotong, crabfish and lala too... oh, fernie ordered hokkien mee... thinking back, now i realized my kids are big eaters too just like their mum.... poor me!

mY eMbarassinG Monday Morning

Time : 8.30am Monday early morning ... My embarassing moment was 45 minutes ago, happened near the entrance of my office building... While waiting for the lift, I heard a soft gentle MALE voice beside me saying "good morning madam" after that, his voice was so soft that I could only catch the word "ZIP" from him... Oh Gosh..GOSH... GOSH!! Quickly I touched my skirt behind... yeah, u guess it right! It was UN-zipped... AAAAA AHHHH H HHHH!!! I try to hide my embarassment by joking about it in the lift.. "no wonder my skirt is so loose today" Anyway, he was kind enough to tell me, Thank you, engineer MM.. but I think I do not want to see you again..... ahahahhaaa

KKK And Me

You know something, I still have not get over it yet... I have thought of not writing a new post so as not to cover the former post, the one taken with KKK la.. what am i crazy? What is an elderly lady here getting overly excited for? For one reason , I love watching KKK and TBH play in court and especially happy when they "happened to win" some matches... For another reason , KKK was here in IPOH wor .. and seeing him for real... wah ..... it is just beyond expression... cannot describe la... And lastly, the REAL REASON of being "overly happy and overwhelmed" is..... TAKING A PICTURE TOGETHER WITH HIM!! yo..... so chang, so hoi sum.. . Koo Kien Keat and Me the oldest female fan (picture is shifted to the sidebar) to avoid misunderstanding... lol...


NSS Badminton week in Indera Mulia, IPOH, Perak... NSS means National Sports something ..not to sure (lol), I do know that my favourite players of all times were there for real and for "LIVE".... I spent my last evening watching badminton "LIVE" for the second time... it was the FINALS and... let me tell you ah... .. it was a very very very memorable night for me, man.... UNEXPECTED THINGS DO HAPPEN !! we reached just in time to watch the "stars" getting ready to play... can see KKK in white and Rexy in green? now Rexy was serving... After their match, AA and I plucked up a lot of courage, (must be thick skinned) to approach Rexy and Koo Kien Keat who were seating in front and asked them .. "May we take a picture with you?" My heart sort of "flipped" when they smiled pleasantly and said "YES, SURE!" Rexy, the imported coach from Indonesia he is so pleasant looking... hmmm.. who is more handsome? left or right? haha.... alrig

Kam Hor Koay Teow in IPOH Garden

SUPPER TIME with Andy... I remember that night the electric current was down, the whole row of houses were in darkness. While groping for the candles, I suggested "why not we go out and makan (eat)?" It was nearly 9.30pm so supper it was .... We went to this Kam Hor coffeeshop, directly opposite Ipoh Garden Gourmet Square and beside Wooley Food Court. As I said before, if we want to eat in this shop, we gotta practise patience.. perseverence too... why? Cos it always take at least half an hour or more to get to our turn... we need to "persevere" too, esp when the food passes by but they are for the next table and not us... why it took long to be served? just look at the koayteow bowl... it was sort of "arranged" nicely the partial steamed chicken for both of us... of course, taugeh is a must (bean sprouts, famous in IPOH) bec of the spring water... aha... this is the old couple... aha... the old couple... i mean the older couple at the front... husban

Babies, Kids, Puppies, Shit!

With Labbie (the labrador puppy) around, I wish I have 4 hands ... 2 hands to pick up the shitty shit while the extra 2 hands to mop the floor at the same time... awwwww.... Nowadays each morning I have to wake up extra early to do all these chores... hey, when is this going to stop? Am I complaining... nawww.. I am just ranting it out.. this is what a blog is all about, right? Young mothers take care of young babies and kids... Old mothers like me is taking care of puppies and shit!! eeeeehhhhheeee... no, i m not complaining... no , no... I AM SMILING... SEE ... :)


One of my best evenings... spent with Koo Kien Keat... Unbelievable? But it's true.. really... do read on .... Perak Open Badminton tournament was on in IPOH Indra Mulia, I didn't know anything about it until my SIL told me... At first I was not keen but when she mentioned Koo Kien Keat was here in IPOH... my oh my.. without hesitation, I said YES, YES, I would go with her .... Wow... no regrets, man... Not only Koo Kien Keat, Rexy too, Lee Wan Wah... and Lee Tsuen Seng.. wa lau.. eh.... so geng.. so shoik... Always seen them on TV only, never see them playing "live" in courts before... Though 4 of them were having a friendly game and entertaining the crowd nevertheless, I was really enjoying myself just watching them ... Rexy partnering KKK against Lee Wan Wah & Lee Tsuen Seng After the game, they left for autograph session... Yours Truly here also followed... ( no. ONE FAN ma ) KOO KIEN KEAT...(handsome, right?) guess whose hand he w

Nasi Lemak And Glutinious Rice

One of my favourite lunch place is none other than All In Cafe coffeeshop... somewhere along Off Jalan Bendahara, IPOH, behind the famous white coffee Sun Luen Yong. I guess many of us staying in IPOH do not know that place very well because it is sort of "hidden" behind bushes and shops.. haha.. you will know what I mean if you get there... Ok, back to the foodie.. this time I went to take from this "thai" lady, I think she is thai or perhaps a mixture of race because the way she talks is definitely not local... next time I try to take a picture of her if she allows... Below are the food cooked by her... her prices is cheap too, nasi lemak only RM2.50 and the dessert was RM1.50.... Okay la.. IPOH standard... this is the nasi lemak (fattening) glutinious rice with kaya (more fattening) after this lunch, I gained countless calories...

Polo Pau in HK Cafe, IPOH

OKAY... FOODIE TIME.... I went for an early lunch, office system was down.... could not get my work done so I sneaked off earlier than usual..... (curi tulang) Went to this Mini HK cafe in Greentown Business Centre.... I think HK stands for Hongkong... They serve set lunch at reasonable prices there... RM5.90 per set which includes two pieces of watermelon and a bowl of soup...and of course ala carte too... my girl ordered this.... guess what this is... a nearer version.. it is a polo bun...filled with ...... char siew (minced meat) plus vegetables... tasted like those char siew pau fillings.. ok, you can wallop it now, girl... this polo pau cost around RM3.00 (i think)