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Dinner At Chili's, Gurney Plaza

I didn't take any pictures in Penang Road, as I stated earlier, it was very crowded and 5 of us had to sit separately... (no shiok)... During the evening around 6pm, we went to Gurney Plaza to have our dinner at Chili's, highly recommended by AA who had been there for a few times in KL. He said the food there was fantastic, different from the western food we ate here in IPOH... well, definitely... considering the price was also very different too! whie waiting for the food, here comes the pics.. Chili's Grill and Bar... (ok, next time special function, we will be there again, hoi ) someone ordered this Big Mouth Burger the steak was very nice.. different I think this is called Fajitas Combo set.. comes with wrapped with this... the supplements too... chicken platter with mushroom sauce.. or something like that... molten chocolate cake with ice cream i love this best! the "food bloggers" The Bill? RM 144 ONLY!! (my purse a bit lighter after this meal for

My Penang Itinerary

Its 10.26am now, we r in Penang, now waiting for my kids to wake up and then we will begin our "makan" session again. Since I am only familiar with a few roads, we will go to New World to have our brunch, yes, brunch, by the time everyone gets ready, it will be after 11 when we take our meal... Yesterday we reached Andy's college around 11am, settled all his stuff and fees before we have our first meal, it was in Penang Road...(i tell u, next time i ain't going there anymore, it was just too crowded, food was lousy except for the laksa and ain't worth to go there just for the laksa, some other place can offer just as good) Then after our lunch, we went to check up, met up with Amy ... we have a "deal", she passed over some "goods" to me and I paid her... DEAL... (ahhh....imagine those syndicate's, thanks Amy for making an effort, I hope the DEAL works.....and we will continue dealing..... Dinner at Chilie's, after 3 hour

Man's Best Buddy...

When we had finished our dinner in Sin Hup Kee , an old man and his best buddy arrived at the five foot way of the shop. Andy was facing the outside and he saw what this old uncle did... he sat down slowly, laid out a paper on the floor, tapped the four corners with some stones, put a mug on the floor and spoke softly to his buddy beside him. His buddy also sat quietly beside him, all the while licking the old man's hand which patted his head every now and then. It was a rare sight, an elderly man with his best friend, doggie ... the way he treated his doggie, it was a touching sight, I guess they only have each other for company day and night. We witnessed all this with awe for some minutes before we left. On the way out, Andy asked me for some ringgit change.... I do not have to know what he was thinking... morals has taken its toil...

A New Blogger Around The Block

It was raining very heavily around 4pm when I received a twitter message from one of new found blogger who is from IPOH too. Just got to know her for a week or two, she twitted saying that she has baked some peanut butter chocolate cookies and wanted to give me some to try.... How kind of her!! Isn't that a nice surprise on a dreary and wet Thursday? After some sms - ing and few calls, we decided to meet Maybank Ipoh Garden. When I reached there, I called her and asked her where she was, then I saw a lady holding the hp walking pass my car....I called out "Agnes!" She turned around... hahaa . .. so I was not wrong... If she didn't turn around.... . hmmm . .. then..... After exchanging our gifts with each other and a brief chat, we left our separate ways... hahhaa .. maybe one day we will meet up again and hope some other bloggers will join us as well... her gift to me... special homemade cookies... hmmmm .... my son exclaimed " WAH ! A giant Cookie!&qu

Nervous Wreck.... nearly....

Son Andy's 1st semester results is out today but he is still IPOH . When he called up his college in Penang to ask for his results, they didn't want to disclose to him. He must go collect it personally but after hearing from his college mates on "who passed" and "who failed", he was in a nervous frenzy. Then he told me that if he could not get his GPA above 3, his scholarship will be automatically terminate! (oh gosh....Why now only u tell me this? The way u enjoyed yrself during the past few months, I am now more worried and nervous than u...) He pestered me to call up the college, he said they might "give face" to the student's parent.... Ok, ok..let me try...... "Hello, education unit? May I know the results of my son, Andy so and so....from ......course... u see, we r from IPOH and I just want to know his GPA is above 3 or not... that is all I want to know....." (talking humbly and gently) Thank goodness, the lady on t

Dumb And Dumber...

Son called up from KL, calling to buy bus ticket when he goes back on Monday... both of us have forgotten about the long weekend ahead, taking for granted there would be tickets.. but no, our regular bus we take, tickets all sold out on Monday, called up the KTM (train), also sold out. SOS to Andy, he drove all the way to Medan Gopeng and managed to get a Plusliner ticket... phew... Talking about bus tickets over dinner with Andy just now, I remember one embarrassing incident that took place when I was going to take a bus to KL from Medan Gopeng . Ticket was 2.30pm, I reached the bus station around 2pm, checked with the counter and she wrote the bus number behind the ticket. Then I waited for the bus to come...waited and waited... Bus arrived, driver came down... I saw bus company "tally" with my ticket and also a sign showing " Kuala Lumpur ." Taking for granted it was the right bus, I went up to sit, me first passenger, took out my newspaper and read... a

What I did Last Thursday In Penang

It was a day trip last Thursday to Penang . By the time we left Mount Miriam Hospital, it was around noon. As I am not so familiar with Penang (though I have been there numerous times), I drove around, sometimes bypassing the junction and ended up driving one big round again... * dont have to say it out, i admit i have no sense of direction* Anyway, after some turnings here and there, we landed in New World Park, near Dorset Hotel.. It has been quite a long while since I last went there. This is one of the best food court I have ever been. So many types of food to choose from, couldn't really make up my mind what to eat... stomach not big enough to try more varieties and furthermore, only 3 of us.. so cannot taste much.... I ended up eating these only... misua with herbal chicken drumstick (strong aroma of the tongkwai ) khi ya kueh (thanks to Amy) made of pulut flour and dipped with thick coconut syrup and of course, a Must Have Ice Kacang (suppose

Weekend Is Over...

"hey, hey, hey...beautiful sunday , this is my, my, my beautiful day.... when u say, say, say, say that u love me..., my, my... its a beautiful day!!" Remember this lyrics, anyone? Yes, Beautiful Sunday, a song of the 70s, if I m not mistaken... Woke up to a beautiful Sunday....first thing i switched on the pc , next thing, i phoned up my friend, " wei , makan breakfast yet?" She sounded joyful hearing my voice, "hey, not yet la, just woke up only la... so what time breakfast? 10am? ok , good... i come fetch u...." (GREAT!!) Still another half hour to go, I went thru ' my emails, this, that... blogs....then baru pergi did my "stuff" in the bathroom.... (details are omitted, don't worry) True enough, she came and we went for our breakfast in Greentown centre called GT. After breakfast and " tar- pau - ing " back for my kids, I went for my long overdue facial appointment... beautician complaining " aiyoh , s

In Our Own World ...

*tok...tok.....tok....tokkkkk.....* the knocking got louder and I have to force myself to get up and opened my bedroom door. Andy came in and went to my bedroom toilet, I jumped back to sleep. I think it was around 8am... *dring..dring....dring...drinnggggg* phone call ringing and ringing...haiyah.... got up again to answer the phone near the bed. A familiar lady voice saying "wei, not yet wake up ah? wanna go breakfast?" With a sleepy voice, "what time now? nine only ah? ok, we go at 10... i wanna sleep somemore." then i dozed back to sleep... a restless nap, i can call it...where got mood to sleep back, after 2 interruptions... Took breakfast with her, took my bro to see doctor, washed my dog and porch and ....... Relaxing in front of TV watching the Live Macau Badminton Open and typing this at the same time... My girl? She has her own world... watching her romantic Korean shows on youtube... (cannot disturb her one, she is totally engrossed....) Both of us

May I Introduce....

When I was in Penang yesterday, I received a sms from Cynthia , telling me that her dragon fruit mooncakes that I ordered, were on their way to IPOH and would reached around noon...... cham .. cham ... I was thinking, how ah... then suddenly I thought of my good fren , Tammy.. she was the one I rely on when my dragon fruit mooncakes was being delivered, told her to meet Cynthia's brother in Poi Nam School, near to her working place, fortunately. Thanks Cynthia for the special delivery, thanks to Tammy for receiving them on behalf.... (here, I bagi u 1 kotak , courtesy from yours truly) For those who wants to order mooncakes for the coming festival, just tune in to her blog at Me, Me, Me !! She will attend to your orders personally.... Another blogger I would like to "expose" to you all, is none other than Merryn ...she is also very talented... for those of you who have kids and not-so-creative like me, then go to her blog.... she has lots of tips for u to keep yo

A Little Bit Of Cough...

What a tiring day! Early-early this morning around 7am, my siblings and I went to Penang to Mount Miriam Hospital. By the time we reached there it was around 9am, upon entering, we baru realized that we didn't have any masks to wear. Nurses, patients and visitors alike, most of them were masked... the scenario made us felt "inadequate" and we felt like we were at a high risk area of getting infected.... After registering with the nurse, we went to find a "suitable" place to wait. There were only 3 or 4 people waiting at point A. So we sat down, our eyes glued to the tv while waiting. Then suddenly an elderly lady came sat right in front of us.... and.... started coughing, coughing and coughing non-stop for some seconds. OH gosh! She was without a mask, we could hear her phlegm croaking at her throat.... gosh.... What did we do? My brother got up, he walked to the canteen some steps away, my sister also walked off to Point B... and I? Sitting there,

Cheap N Nice, I Want..

"Hello, Mr. Wah ? I read from mudah .com that your car is for sale? how much r u selling ... .... ... bla ..bla....blaaa...." Then I made an appointment with Mr. Wah and this evening I went with Andy to see the car. Both of us are not car experts but agak - agak , we know the market value of cars after filtering through the mudah .com for days.... He came promptly at 6.30pm and one look at the car, we were impressed. Body nicely polished, lacy accessories in the interior, cushion still very new, I can say tip top condition, even the engine was so clean and nice.... all except for the tyres... ok , no problem, those can be replaced.. It was an Iswara Aeroback year 2000 and he wanted RM10,300.... it was a bit expensive, market price should be around RM7-8 K plus). Then I asked him to switch on the car air con... air coming out instead. He told us it was just gas problem, I was thinking if it was just gas, why didn't he add it since he is going to s

Hoi Seng IPOH

It has been a long while since I last posted on food.... unexpected happenings happened and now we (my family) is still adapting to the news that had befallen us. Come last Sunday, we de-stressed and had a dinner out in this newly opened restaurant, just nearby our neighbourhood. Took my mum, my 2 kids, (sorry AA, u went back a day early), my sister and her husband, 6 of us went to try out this restaurant. From the outside, it was very impressive, it looked kind of neat and trendy...later on, I am sure wedding dinners will be held there during the weekends.. Though the place is impressive, I cannot say so much on the food... for me, it was a rating 6/10, they were recommended by the captain, herself, their specialities... the entrance... just opened on the 15/8 the inside deco.. a part of it.. mui choy with choy yuen RM10 a bit tasteless... 6/10 their special beancurd RM9 this one was ok... 8/10 the gravy was nice... buttered fish 7/10 cost rm 24 expensive sai to fish balls RM6 n

"He's So Bored!"

Andy is having his 2 weeks semester holiday, came back on Friday and on saturday he was already groaning..... "so boring, so boring..." walking up and down, feeling restless..... Hey, it is only 3 days and already complaining... college life must be pretty interesting in Penang, I wonder what is interesting over there that makes Ipoh life so dull.... By the way, he is also looking for a second hand car which can ferry him around town... good enough, just a cheap old car will do... anyone here wants to sell their cars? My budget is below RM10k, the cheaper the better, as long as it wont stall halfway, it is good enough, iswara aeroback or saga.... Now his daily chores are chauffeuring my girl from school, taking his grandma to market and fetching my girl to and from tuition... lol.... and me? ahhh... at least I can rest for these 2 weeks, yehhhhh!!!

A Coconut Outing

The prince-s were back on Friday! They arrived at different times, one arrived at 5pm from the north and one reached home after midnite from the south. After a long tok , it was very late when we hit our pillows... Next morning, awakened by the sound of my son coming into my room, I went out to squint at the grandfather clock on the wall. I saw 2 hands, one showing 10 and one showing 12, so I was thinking it was only 10am nia .. still early, I told him, let me laze for awhile. "Mi, 12pm already, not 10am!" Huh..sure or not.... wa .. lauu ... . did I really! Never had such a long sleep...since.. since... dont -know-when . Must be super tired, this old mama here... Imagine half the day gone, we quickly got up, went for lunch in Sun Hup Kee (will post that later), after that, we did some errands and then by 3.30pm, all of us thirsted and cried out for "WATER!! WATERR !!!" .... we found this stall nearby our residential area..... COCONUTS!!! busy sipping.

~~I am "BLOG BROKE"~~

No more paid reviews to do for the last.... err....let me recall.. maybe around 3 weeks. Since this blog of mine turned PR 0 , advertisers also stopped coming...My "business" season has dwindled down to almost NIL this month. That is why I said "blog broke" but thankful that I am not really broke since I still have an office to go to. :) No more paid reviews means no more extra pocket money to enjoy spending. I remember the first time I received payment of $30, i made a huhuhaha . After that, it gradually increased and I said to myself, "if one month I can earn $150 monthly, i m very satisfied." :) Well, with the "extra income", it is a extra blessing... Without, it is also a blessing, now I can still blog leisurely without feeling pressured to finish within a target time and date. But I cannot deny that it is also very thrilling to write paid posts and feeling the money increasing each day ... :) Though nowadays "empty", I stil

Blog Craze!

Before I continue on, I just wanna say that my Girl has recovered from her fever, cough, cold, sore throat... thank God.. I am much relieved now, can sleep better tonight! And not forgetting, A BIG THANK YOU to all your kind wishes and comfort words from all of you. God Bless U All! (ok, now boleh bermula dengan ni) Eugene , Eugene... he is a very popular guy now... Bold-Talk is his bloggie name, he talks boldly and straight-on in his blog. Unique in his own way, he blogs without fear nor favor, wanna know him more, hop over to his blog. After knowing him, he gives u homework to but of course, it is up to u whether u want to or not. Well, I am doing his home-word now, these are the questions posted in his blog, see... he has made an effort to think of questions to ask us, how can we not Ok, here goes my answers.... 1)How did you start blogging, what was your one driving factor? Oh, I started to blog after watching "Heart Of Greed" bec the h

Why Of All Days. . . .

My girl is down with fever, cough, cold and sore throat... all in the viral clan. Took her to see on Sunday and today. Worrying but reassurance from both doctors that it is not our enemy, Hini, which is attacking her. Her fever comes on and off, after a few hours when the medicine wears off. Her temperature is between 37 - 38 degrees. ( Eugene , same case as your son)... And of all days, this week is her PMR trial exam.... and she insists on going to school. In fact her school headmistress has advised all the students to wear masks to school from this week onwards, to be on the safer side. Just now my mum boiled 2 eggs, took out the yolk, put 2 old coins and wrapped them up with the egg white using a clean hankerchief. Then she "rolled" the handkerchief all over my girl's head, neck, shoulder, hands.... (chinese traditional way of bringing down the heat from one's body) Well, lets see tonight... if she is still unwell, she has to skip her exams.... no choice abou

Doe A Deer, A Female Deer

Someone was asking me this and now I am sharing this question with u... ie .... if I were to pursue my studies again, what would I like to take up.... (something to do with 8 ness ?) I answered, "Studying is one of my phobias now... My absorption power has gone down hill all the way now, in fact, NIL when it comes to remembering facts and figures, memory power has gone haywire too...." Then in quiet moments, when I was plucking and lingering with my guitar, the answer came to my mind...I know what I would love to study if I were given an opportunity. Well, guess what? I will definitely take up MUSIC! Learning vocals, sopranos, alto, tenor, editing notes, choreography and playing music instruments! Wow, the list is long, .. now getting excited also, yes, this will be my wish... I would love to do a music degree IF! So ... bloggers , if given an opportunity, what would u choose to take? What is your dream degree?

Singing "We R The Chum Pians"

Saturday spent having a badminton tournament with inter-districts of Perak. One week before the tournament, we had a 4 days training in this Badminton Academy which is situated near north south highway, on the way going to Chemor. This academy is newly built specially for the state players... but of course,we r just kacang puteh players.. nowhere near Wong Mew Choo.. lol... situated out of nowhere, this Badminton Academy... taken these pics during training time... the entrance... after the opening ceremony of the badminton tournament tournament in progress... one court for the ladies there were 9 pairs of ladies.. Before the game... all looked energetic... After the and partner both looking haggard... (smaller pic) But we made it !! Din't wait for the prize giving, we were too tired.. Totally Exhausted!! Now I have to admit .. old bones r really old bones (loe kwat tou)

Her Style Of Studying

When I was a teenager, I have never, never had a room to myself... not until I got married, in fact... I did not have my own study table, nor shelves to put my own books in. All were being shared among my siblings, one small room, one square table, one small cupboard to put our stuff in, and most times our books seem to get mixed up with one another. Those were the days.... And Now? Take a look at this.... study table, cupboard, shelves, all these belongs to One Person only...What A Big Difference to my days!! I used to think back, if I had proper place to study during my time, I wonder whether I am "somebody" now or not ... instead of being a "small shot" in my office..... ok, ok, don't wonder, I am quite contented now... believe me.... :) There is someone here, instead of sitting comfortably on the chair, prefers to have this as her study table... oh... i think this is called study bed, right? Who wants to sleep in her bed in this condition? Isn'

Mama Loves Shin Chan!

PLEASE don't laugh at me, I know I am feeling weird these days.... perhaps due to "growing age", the hormones keep on changing my way of thinking.. (what else to blame?)... Coming back to my weirdness, I wonder which mother of teenage kids love to read these type of books below????? I guess I am a One In A Million, if not, perhaps one in a thousand, or one in a hundred?? How did I end up doing this? One night last week, sitting on the bed with nothing to hold in my hands, I just grabbed one of the books on the shelf and started to turn the page.... Since that night, no turning back, I ended up reading and amusing myself daily with Shin Chan.... aaaahhhhhhh !! my son's collections yet to be read... My daily Antidote Andy, my apology to u... last time, I used to scold u for buying Shin Chan comics, I didn't understand how this small fella could entertain u...BUT NOW I DO!! Shin Chan is cute and adorable.... u might have outgrown it but I have grow to LOVE it!!