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Tarts, Oh Tarts!

Tarts, you are one of my favourite melting moments ... I look forward to each Chinese New Year where I can put these sweet melting pineapple tarts into my mouth and savouring them slowly.....before they land into the hot furnace of my stomach... sounds gross??? heheheee... Well, yesterday I landed myself in my friend's house to watch her prepare her once-a-year "Tarts".... not just there to see but to help out, of course *wink* .. more or less... Help!! Eat!! Help EAT!! .... so it is more or less justified... hahaha.... ok now the preparation.... a closer look at the pastry on cute paper cups... see the round yellowish thing on top?? yours truly here did that!! (I washed my hands before I did them, OK?) aren't they cute..... hmmm..... the baker.. the pineapple tart-er.. into the oven.... 20 minutes.. so she said.... OK, my work was done.. I went home to watch badminton then... I wonder how many tarts I have earned.... She asked me to go collect today... I paiseh ...

Holiday Inn In Paris

Paris, the city of romance... I have never been there, heard plenty, seen many of my son's photos when he was there a year ago. Recently when I visited my friends' blogs, there were plenty of pictures of Paris too, they really "moved" me and how I wish I could go one day. If given an opportunity, I would go during spring time. For me, the weather will be just nice then, flowers blooming and the wind is cooling instead of freezing cold. This time I will equipped myself with the proper attire, hope not to get chilled like last winter in Korea. Besides the proper attire, there is this website which has plenty of information in the accommodation, like for instance, Holiday Inn Paris La Villette. I am sure many of us heard and stayed in Holiday Inn before and you will know what type of facilities and how their services are. If you are not sure, all you have to do is to click on to this Holiday Inn Paris La Villette website and you will find all the information you n

Aliss Ran Away

Talking about puppies is quite sensitive nowadays, as my friend, Mr. Bean told me. Well, sorry to say, I am very sad when I lost Aliss, (3 year old doggie) on that dark Friday night. I was given the task of taking care of Aliss for just a night... When I came home from work, I released Aliss out from the cage and let her move about the house. I even took a few pictures of her that evening, as this is shown here... Then.... at around 8pm, as I was taking a shower, my son Andy came back from Penang. When he opened the gate, he felt something rushed past him into the streets. He didn't know I was "babysitting" Aliss ... and he only realized it when I shouted that Aliss was being dog-sitted. He quickly rushed out to the street and began chasing after Aliss... on the other hand Aliss ran and ran... so fast that he couldn't see where she has gone to. Too fast for him... and I was in my pajamas running out to the street too with the towel wrapped around my head. What

East Ocean For Ten!

We had a joyful "sau koong chau" lunch in East Ocean Restaurant last Friday... a wonderful meal before ushering in the Chinese New Year.... there were 10 of us .. just nice for one table. For the first time we celebrated our "farewell lunch" for 2010 in East Ocean.... and we planned to have one more grand meal again after ushering in the Chinese New Year... "hoi koong chau" ... East Ocean Restaurant in Menglembu loe sang dish.. one, two, three.... lets mixed.... chinese believes..this dish brings prosperity... The dishes ordered.... steamed clams... steamed cod fish... sei tai teen wong (4 types beans) kai lan with yam... very nice!! lotus mixed vege with macadamia nuts... ginger chicken... let's eat..... and be satisfied.... lastly, our dessert... egg white pudding... best of the best!! one toast for us veterans!! "kong hei, kong hei... sun leen fai lok" (Wish you all a Happy New Year!"

Camping Equipment

Gone are the day when my kids went camping at least once a year during their school days. I remember the time when they were getting ready their stuff, we would have trouble looking for their sleeping bags and their proper equipment. I dread the day they went because I would be worrying for their safety. The sleeping bags that I bought for them were not lasting at all, either they did not take care of them properly or the quality was not good at all. If only there was Outdoor World then, I would have saved my money using their products once and for all. Anyway, I am glad their camping days are over, but even if it is not, I can refer to this website for choices. Briefly about Outdoor World, it is about outdoor equipment most suitable for camping, that includes tents, sleeping bags, stoves, water carriers and even rucksacks. Nothing is complete without Outdoor World. The best thing is they offer their best service and delivery as well. Coming with affordable prices, as I can s

Lee Chong Wei Or Lin Dan?

In a matter of few hours, badminton fans will get to watch the two top "guns" vying for the biggest prize money for this year so far.. a whooping prize money of $90,000 (RM275,000)!! As Lee said, it will be the biggest ang pow money for this year... and of course, if only he wins! (well, even if he doesn't get to be winner, he still can bag the 2nd prize, for sure now) I just read The Star, Lee Chong Wei had pocketed around RM210,000 for this month, just the beginning of this year, he made that much!! wow.... if only I know earlier, I would send my kids to drastic badminton training... hahahaha.... Naw... just kidding. It is no bed of roses to come this far, the tedious strenuous training and the sacrifice of missing out school is no joke! Ok, back to badminton, lets sit back and watch our two top world players ... Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei.... make a guess now.. who will win???? I am patriotic one... sure I will shout for Lee... heeheeheeee!

Nuffnang, What Is Wrong?

Dear Nuffnang, I have seen and read a lot about you and most of them are positive comments coming out from bloggers around Malaysia. These bloggers are singing out praises about Nuffnang, how you have benefit them this, that and the list goes on and on....endlessly..... congratulations! But as for me, being a Nuffnang member for over two years now and a Glitterati member, I do not understand how your network works.... I have written to you and abided to your rules and regulations.. yet today, my earnings since the day I became member more than two years ago still remains at RM39.61. What is wrong? No one is clicking them? While others compliment you, I can only sit and brood.... and wonder what is wrong with mine.....

Koo & Tan No More Fire!

Today is the semi finals in Korea Open Super Series.... I was real frustrated while watching the men doubles.. Malaysia Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong lost poorly during the 2nd and 3rd set. As an amateur badminton player, I feel they were not enjoying the game, each of them were not cooperating at all. It was like, u played your game and I played my styles, no combination, no oomph!! I was really disappointed... Rexy, their coach mentioned the other day that he might have plans to split them up if they keep on losing like that... I guess he has to do something... both of them had no "fire" in them anymore!

Italy Hotels

Just now my girl and I had a talk about her future.. what she is going to do after her finals end of this year. The first thing she wanted to do is to take up car lessons, being able to drive is an advantage to her later on. Since her driving lessons will be in December, our plans to go overseas will not materialize until in January or February. While waiting for her results, she has plans to go somewhere far, three months holiday is quite a long time, right? Well, after all the hard work, one deserves a good rest. This time if given an opportunity, we would like to go to US or Europe. We have to start saving our money now, it is not cheap to go somewhere so far from our country. There are many countries in Europe but one country which I would love to go is Italy. I have seen and heard so much but have never been there yet. It would be fun and enjoyable to have a nice relaxing holiday there, no more tour packages but to go on our own. One of the hotels I came to know is Holid

Chinese New Year Preparations

The song goes.............Kong hei lei.. kong hei lei..... Nowadays the 9.88 and other radio channels are playing all the doong doong chiang songs.. (chinese new year).... in a matter of days, 5 days from now, we will be having our reunion dinner.... you and I.... So... how do you feel? How do I feel? I am feeling exhausted now in fact... planning to take two days off for this festive season. Tomorrow we will do some last minute cleaning in the house... so... don't call me to go out... don't tempt me to go eat something....... hahahaha.... This year we are using recycled notes from last year... bank said no new RM10 and RM5 notes!!! how come like that one?? Any answers?

Lovely Gifts From Near And Far...

What does Christmas and Chinese New Year have in common?? Well, the answer is GIFTS! Yes, during these two festive seasons, I am so blessed with gifts, edible and non-edible, but I am sure you can guess which I rather prefer... hehehee... something that can be tasted and not wasted! hahahaa... Yes, I have these wonderful tasty great stuff from friends far and near... here on my dining table is a half portion of what I received as new year gifts... supposedly to keep for Chinese New Year but as you can see, most of them are opened and eaten!! hahhaaa... everything I like ... are here... two packets of meat floss... home-made by my colleague... from KL SK..... must keep this for CNY... I just received these yesterday from a KL lady too Poppy seeds and black sesame cookies... so so nice! Just a few pieces left only! these were hand delivered from a KL lady.... they look "gorgeous!!" these... no need to guess... almost finished too by now.. she gave me another 2 big tins of n

VIP Came To Ipoh Town....

Last night it was like Rush Hour.... my heart was like thumping so fast and was feeling kind of helpless... Elin and I had an appointment with a VIP supposedly at 7pm... then last minute, something propped up and I phoned the VIP that we would be coming at 7.30pm... On the way to pick Elin, I forgot that it was a pasar malam (night market) near her area, the cars were so jammed up in between... and it was nearly 7.30pm... Quickly, I called up the VIP again and said we would be arriving late, half hour late..... VIP was very understanding, told us to take our time... don't drive like Formula 1, we were told.. haahaha... well, my son took over the wheel... mum here hates the heavy traffic cos she is a very impatient lady! Finally we reached the VIP's Regency Tower, apologising profusely to her ... wondering who was hungrier... she or us... lol... Then off we went... to Sun Tuck Kee for our dinner... these were what we had.... fried bihun... wantan hor .. noodles in

Kiasu Mum Went Surveying..

Ooooh... I haven't really do my shopping on cookies yet.... still procrastinating. Myself very kiasu one, if I buy now, biscuits are not so fresh already so I will wait till this coming weekend, then only I will go and get some... Meanwhile, I survey around first as to which shop I wanted to go..... Saw this shop in Pasir Pinji, very crowded on Sunday I went in to look see, yes, indeed very fresh so this weekend, I will go and get some varieties... Bought some and tried... kids love them.. potato crackers... some groundnuts puffs... and other biscuits as well...all looked fresh... OK, THIS WEEKEND I MUST GO!!

This Sanctuary Christmas Concert

Yesterday evening we went to watch a Christmas and New Year celebration cum concert in Stadium Indra Mulia... It was organized and sponsored by the Perak government in conjunction with the festive season...(I think sponsored by Perak government cos the Royalty was there together with Chief Minister, Exco Members and a selective of Heads of Government department to achieve the slogan "1 Malaysia" ma... churches and students took part in this program... the Royalty and the VIPs crowded stadium after an hour of performance by some church choirs, and 3 songs delivered by an Australian band the Royalty and Vips left the hall... the 2nd round of the real "JAM" begun again... The band from Australia called This Sanctuary part of the Hillsong... the lead singer... my girl and I went to the front to take pictures... I felt very young mingling with the youth!! after some minutes clapping and jumping around, I had to take 5.... "phew...pheww...." better sit here and