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Two Hours In Betong Town

After lunch on Saturday, we packed our stuff and checked out of the Hot Spring Chalet. Then I heard someone arranged to have us driven to Betong town, just around half an hour from the place we were staying. That was the best news of the day! I have never been to Betong before... and I was quite excited about the trip.... we were dropped right at the centre of the Betong town first thing I did was to take some pictures... we walked along one street only cos we had only 2 hours to get what we want... the shops along the street... saw a bank there.. plus the many wiring... shopping again... two hours was quite boring actually... nothing much to buy actually... take more pictures better.. well, 2 hours in Betong finally came to an end at 5pm.. from Betong back to Ipoh, it took nearly 3 hours.. hope to come here again next time... I haven't tried the food and the Massage yet!!

Teambuilding In Pengkalan Hulu

Halfway to Pengkalan Hulu, we stopped by a place to answer nature call, if I am not mistaken, it is in Lenggong. I woke up when the bus stopped and saw this beautiful lake.... only during excursions, I can get to come by... if I were to drive, surely I wouldn't know about this place.. After 10 minutes, we proceeded on with the journey... and an hour or so later, we arrived at this Hot Spring Chalet, Pengkalan Hulu.... just like what I googled a few days earlier... and then REALISATION HIT ME! I have came here before la! I think it was ten years ago, gosh... how could I be so blur... that time I was working with another department, and the chalets were very "run-down" those days.. this supposedly water looked so turn-off during the day no one dipped in their feet... but during the night, we could see the smoke/steam coming out of this yellowish water... so... I just closed my eyes and dipped my feet in... nice and hot... (they are hot spring wat


When Andy did not come home during the weekends, he would be out playing soccer with his college mates, this is the only form of exercise for him. Once a week is good enough, he told me. Then lately he told me that his foot has some problem with "corns", he stopped playing temporarily because he needed a new pair of shoes before the "corns" aggravate him further. For a few weeks, he has been growing restless because he missed running around kicking the ball. :) When I read this website about all types Soccer Goals , it reminded me of Andy. I think he would love to have that, but I know now he is too old to have portable Soccer Goals . I am sure many of the young kids would love to have one too, the world cup soccer has more or less influence many to take up soccer in their own yards. Better start from young, right? It is a good form of exercise, anyway and who knows, maybe one day your child will grow up to be another David Beckkam. :) Want to know how a portable so

In The Morning...

Yes, as I wrote last night, I am back in One Piece! After enduring a night stay and some hectic assignments till nearly 12 midnight, our group survived it all with a merry spirit. Though some complained of sleepless nights, nevertheless, most of them enjoyed the two days one night of Teambuilding course. First time I have gone to one and I hope I do not have to go anymore. I am not adventurous, I did not go to the caves nor wade in the river. All these I am very scared.... call me a coward... I don't mind as long as I do not need to experience the fear of water and height... Other then that, you can ask me to do whatever... assignments, presentation or even singing which I look forward to but unfortunately, that didn't materialize... Before departure, everyone was in high spirits including Claire??? hahahaha...

Car Insurance Expiring

Oh dear, my car insurance is going to expire this March, I have to withdraw cash to renew the road tax plus insurance. I am going to be broke next month, besides the car insurance, I got to pay for health insurance too. Both are expiring on the same month! Gosh, now I am contemplating whether to get a cheap auto insurance , that is a third party insurance or a comprehensive policy. This is my fifth year, I do not owe the bank anymore. Perhaps I will get a cheaper policy that comes attached with good terms and conditions that will benefit the driver, any good suggestions?

My Episode With My Old Junk

oooooh... I am so tired... Just came back from my "teambuilding course" in Pengkalan Hulu. Once reaching my office at around 8pm, I got down from the bus and quickly ran to my car to start up the engine. When it sprang to life after awhile, I was so relieved! Why? Cos I drove my 25 years old junk car to stay one night there.... While driving home, I wind down the window, after awhile, when I wanted to wind up again, it got stuck halfway, couldn't go down nor up... gosh... Reaching home, took my girl for dinner in Perak Stadium. Halfway through dinner, I saw my church friend. He came over and asked me, "hey, your car is ABF xxx?" Immediately I replied yes, wondering why he asked... then he said, "The headlights are still on!" Quickly I ran to the car again (in one night, I ran to my old junk two times!) Before I started the car, I said a word of prayer.. please do not let the engine die, Lord... And of course, it didn't ... phew....

Safe Or Not?

This evening I was told by my friend that a well established bank is offering 6.8% per annum on deposits from RM65,000.00 onwards. I also got to know that this amount of money cannot be taken out for at least seven years. 7 years, no joke, cannot touch the money, otherwise you will lose some of the capital... but if left untouched, you will receive the dividend returns of 6.8% every quarterly. They will credit the money into your savings account. Good deal or not? Any financial consultant to advise over here? Secured or not if put for 7 years in this type of proposal or not?

Yes, NO To Stress!

My girl and I are very easily stressed up... NO, she does not stress me... er... once a blue moon only la.. but most times, we do not stress each other up.... Both of us have our different type of problem and both of us are very agreeable when it comes to buying stuff for our room, our bedroom. Before Chinese New Year, we went to Parkson Grand to buy new bedsheets... and both of us fell in love with this one straightaway!! this bedsheet brings a smile to our faces whenever we enter the room... Just love looking at this... Yes.... NO to Stress!!

My Soon-To-Be Torture In Gua Gendang

Gua Gendang, this name sends "shivers down my spine" these days... Call me spoilsport or in cantonese "siyeh"... yes, I am one... I never like adventures and to travel in discomfort and in another few days, I will be experiencing just that... sobbb.... Call it "teambuilding course" and those words make me sigh... but then, it is all part of work, somehow after some "pushing and shoving," I still have to go regardless.... sobbb... Today I did some research on this place called Kolam Panas Chalet, Pengkalan Hulu (Hot Spring Chalets)... I want to prepare myself the "scenerio" , what and where and how this place is like... (see, i m siyeh one!) picture from google search Going to the Gendang Cave too, anyone here been there yet? Any climbing need to be done? Any danger going in? Leeches? Bats? Cockroaches? I have height and water phobia... A real torturing trip.. I sigh and sigh again.. but no choice.... A MUST trip! I

Shaolin 2011

It has been ages since I last stepped in a cineplex... wonder when that was... So imagine my shock when I went to buy tickets to watch Shaolin 2011 last Sunday.... one ticket cost a Whooping RM13.00!! Waahh... I thought it was RM9 the most... When the girl at the counter told me that it was a total of RM39, I really thought of walking away.... for that amount of money, I can buy the Shaolin VCD to watch at home and have a real good meal for three persons...correct? But I ended up buying anyway.. So much uproar about this movie... Heard only positive comments so far.. OK, my own views: storyline is very simple but the scenes/actors, they were really good, very real.... in fact, very "splendidly" produced and directed.. the 13 ringgit ticket was worth it... hahaha... Anyone of you seen this movie yet?

Carry On Piano-ing....

When she was four years old, I sent herJMC for two years... after that, she took in-house lessons for less than a year. Then she gave up at the age of seven, ever since then, the piano almost like a "white elephant", good for putting pictures and collecting dust.... Now ten years later, she dug up some old piano books.... Many thanks to some Korean series, she picked up the interest again.... she began "tang tang tang" some Korean songs... she will play the same song over and over again and...... over agaaainnn...... but I never get "muak"... as yet... lol.. Carry on playing, Girl... I love listening to them even though you play them numerous times.... to them... you are no pro... but to me, you are one...

What A Kizuna!

My girl and I went for Japanese food in Kizuna... just the two of us enjoying the delights.... It was my first time there but second for my girl! Imagine that... the young really know how to enjoy!! I must also keep myself updated where food is concerned.. hahahaa... Ok, so what did we have for our dinner? These.... Grilled gingko (sticks RM4.00) Grilled scallops (6 of them cost RM12.00) Unagi sushi.. for my girl RM20.00 the for dessert, we had this cucumber salad RM10.00 Our Kizuna dinner came to a whooping bill of RM53.00!! Just for these and two cups of green tea.... Girl, I think we better budget our meals for the next few days.... ok?

Lose Weight Healthily

One of my favorite cakes and desserts is these carrot cakes! Don't they look yummy? Well, I have taken quite a lot during the festive season, thus the rounded face and "widened" waistline these days. Ok, I will go for my exercise one of these days, brisk walking is good for ladies at my age. I cannot do any more jogging, lack of breath but I can manage to walk longer distances without puffing. When it comes to dieting, I really do not encourage oral stuff to reduce weight, such as adipex, being one of them. One tip though, always go for more reviews and research on the websites before consuming anything oral for losing weight. If possible, seek out professional staff to help you on dieting purposes.

Our Love Be With You...

The bags were awaiting for my son to be picked up.... it is time to say goodbye again .... All his bags are packed.. ready to go... The working bug has begun... Your wings are fluttering... It is time to fly.... Though our hearts are heavy... We know it is time to let go... Your life is just starting... Look forward to the path ahead... Whatever you do, wherever you go... Our love is always there For you, In you, With you....

Frustration Leads To Prosperity!

Say what you like... I am still feeling very sore when I cannot even read my comments nor putting up comments in your blogs..... Each time I click "comment" , this alien page shows up... frust or not? Nowadays I cannot even go blog hopping during my lunch hour, that is the only time I can catch up with visiting blogs and commenting... Instead... these days I spend my lunch hour either sleeping or eating even though I am not that hungry... Taking a nap is fine, but eating when I am not really hungry is an unwanted task to do... but then, I cannot help not eating since I cannot go blog hopping ... Due to frustration, it leads me to more Food!! Ok, self consolation... Chinese used to say this.... Eating is Prosperity....I think it is very true... Not everyone can eat whatever, whenever, wherever.... so.... SIK TAK HAI FOOK EATING MEANS PROSPERITY! JOM... LET'S GO FOR ROJAK!

My Chap Goh Mei Funny Meal...

Today is the fifteen day of the lunar new year, the last day of CNY, to me.... it means no more giving and receiving red packets from anyone, anymore until the following Chinese New Year in 2012..... (phew!! a relief for me! lol...just kidding) When I came back from work, I received a call from my mama asking me to come by for some "food donation." hahahaa... She didn't really cook much, just two of my favourite dish and some soup... so simple and yet so yummy!! My mum is also a Gem.. hahaha... lets see the treasures here.... YES! My favourite Yam dish! this is stewed duck with lots of ginger... followed by fish ball soup..... hmmmm.... the dessert for the day-DURIANS! these will go great with my rice definitely! Then mama said, after the durians, remember to eat this giant orange and 2 bananas! LOL....

Lack Of Oxygen In Brain?

My heart in turmoil... evening time I couldn't breathe properly, it was like I was feeling stressed, like I wanted to do my work fast but couldn't.... then I felt so sleepy and tired. My friend told me that if we feel tired during the daytime, it is due to the brain not getting enough oxygen, teok boh? Wenn, I have finished all your fitline minerals, got to go see you one day to replenish. Keep procrastinating because they are so expensive! :) But then, when I drank one glass in the morning, I din't feel so hungry nor tired for the whole day, in fact I felt very energised. Is it due to the minerals or due to some booster dose inside the powder drink? Tonight my mind cannot work well.. I go rest early....

Places In Europe

It is only February but then, my girl has been talking about her December holidays and where she wanted to go. She will be sitting for her final exam this November and will be in college next year. Before she goes to college, she hope that she can be able to travel to Europe! LOL... These few days when I read the paper, there are lots of holiday packages on offer to local destinations or overseas. Most of the tour agencies are more or less "competing" with each other on their rates. For us consumers, this is an advantage, we can compare their packages and go for the best options. When I came across this Italy website, I can imagine how thrilling and wonderful this trip will be if we could go as a family, the villas in Italy are so fascinating. Well, never know, one day this trip might materialize.... all I can do now is to save up my dollars and cents from now on. So far, I have heard of a few who are going to a few countries in Europe to experience the winter.

Don't Complain About Work Anymore...

Today is a public holiday again... this is the best month of the year! Out of the 28 days, I counted my working days for this February and to my amazement, I only have to work fourteen days!! ( please dont be jeles ... I took some days off for Chinese New Year festival :) After this month, there will not be any public holiday till April.... don't think about it, sounds kind of dreary if we do.... but then........ here goes..... Malaysia has the most public holidays if I am not mistaken.... the other day I was counting the public holidays with Aaron and I think, I think.... we have seventeen public holidays in a year here. I did some mental calculation... 17 + 30 days leave + 15 days mc entitlement (shhh....) is equals to 62 days?? Then... 54 weeks in a year... 5 days week working, that is 270 working days minus 62 days leave is equals to 208 days per year.... more or less is equal to 6 months of working and another 6 months of relaxing? Rough calculation la ... ok, who say

HappY ValentinE EveryonE!!

Today is a special day.... but I am here sitting in my old faithful chair and typing my heart out to wish you all a HAPPY VALENTINE!! (goodness knows what Valentine is all about) All I know is that Valentine is for couples who are still happily in love.... As for me , my Valentine is with my Kids.... (shoo...shoooo men aside... gosh.. as if I have any... hahahaha.....) Valentine is about US... So how is your Valentine, folks? Are you like me, sitting here the whole evening and wishing your love ones can just be right beside you?

Pot Bless Night

My cell group had a pot bless on Friday, each of us were to bring something to add onto the dining table.. hahaha.... since there were so many of us, some of us shared the expenses of the dishes. As usual, started with worshiping and praises then a word of Give Thanks prayer ... and finally the feast began.... I didn't manage to capture all the dishes actually... Thank God for the abundant food... part of the group and food... the Starter... home made loe sang... specially made by Richard and wife... then everyone started "loe-ing" the Mixed Loe Sang... one pot of curry chicken by my sister... mushrooms plus broccoli by Rodney/Theresa Raymond white carrot pudding by Kim ginger chicken by Jennifer sengkuang dish by Jennifer.... achah by Jennifer.... again.... assam vegetables by Jennifer... wah.. Jennifer, you contributed a few dishes... thank u!! and ended with a homemade chocolate moist cake by Jennifer, my cell leader... she is a good cook, a good evange