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My Modem, My Oxygen!

This is NOT a sponsored post on Maxis. :) .... it is only about me... as usual... I am going to a remote area soon ... so for the last few days, I was not very happy, I dread going to this remote place, even when it is going to be just three days! Three days is like three weeks to me. Why? Firstly, of course, I will miss my kids.... Secondly, this is not a tour or somewhere I enjoy going... Thirdly and the most saddest part is, there is no "oxygen" in that place, (Elin, u r right, no oxgen, how to survive? :( But this afternoon, she found a solution for me.... (thank u, madam) Today is the last day of the maxis promotion whereby they give the modem free of charge. And the most wonderful thing is, you can return the modem to them within 7 days IF you do not like it. How about that? I quickly grabbed it this afternoon, registered myself and taaa...daaaa... I took the modem home! With this modem, I can "breathe" properly when I go to that remote area...

Sun Sun, You Are On Camera..

Sun Sun Restaurant... actually it is a coffeeshop, no air con, just fan blowing and we can choose to sit inside the shop or along the five foot way pavement outside the shop. Up to you to choose but we opted for the inside, brighter ma... Actually, it was my second visit to Sun Sun, in a matter of one month.... when we reached there, I took out a piece of paper and immediately the "captain" asked me, "U seong mong ah? " (U going to load this up?) I said yes...and "I know about you from the computer too!" (they dont understand what blogging is, so better use the word "computer") From the paper I read out what I wanted to order... thanks to Watermouth reviews! crispy fried oyster assam fish fillets 4 types vegetables buttered chicken... beancurd in hot pan five dishes plus rice RM44.00 as usual, my photographer, Gabriel... oh, he was taking the 6th Bean sweet dessert (lok tau sar) When we paid the bill, the lady bos

Our Mascot Faces!

Is this called mascot? I dont know but my friend who did this, told me it is a mascot. When I first looked at it, I was very startled.. then... I began to laugh... and laughed.... good gracious! ! Do we really look like that? Just LOOK at my face,wide like a pumpkin... gosh! No outline meh? Do I really look like that?? ishhhh... I sensed someone nodding his head! hhahahaaha..... Initially I wanted to put this up as my banner, then I changed my mind.. I looked so awful... I guess I better put it aside..... each time I look at this, I wanna laugh again... hahahhahahaha.. Kids, I don't think you have seen this yet.... Tell mama what you think of this, will u? goodness, i cannot seem to stop my "hahahaha" here.....

You Are My Strength

Continuing from the previous "waiting post," everyone was getting ready for the worship to start.. Around 7.30pm or so, my sis and I began our praise and glory worship.... Though I have worshiped many times before, I still feel some pang of shivers inside me, some wonderful feeling... maybe the Holy Spirit leading me? my sis and I.. we love to worship our Lord.. He is our Strength and our Hope the birthday golden boys and girls... then the "makan feast" began... I had a nice time last night... Praise the Lord!

Why Are They Waiting?

Last night I went for MSF night of eating and having fun. I am not eligible yet to be a member actually.. oh, MSF stands for Methodist senior fellowship... not a member yet but potential one. Once I reach their age, I am a member.. hahahhaa.... the youngest member in MSF, sounds good eh... but last night I could go because of an extended invitation... getting ready... and now everyone is waiting...

My Motherhood Means....

I have been a mother for more than two decades but a single mother for thirteen years. So what is motherhood to me? Speaking from my experiences, my motherhood is split into two parts, 9 years bringing up my kids with their father and the 13 years bringing them up alone till come-what-may ..... For the first nine years of motherhood, everything was so complete, so smooth... so beautiful... Motherhood means sharing and loving our kids with joy and happiness, big problems become small problems with father around. Motherhood to me was contentment and bliss..... ON the tenth year, when fatherhood left us, motherhood became sorrowful and teary..... shattered and shocked but not crushed. Single motherhood needs strength and more strength, to climb the steep hill ahead. Single Motherhood and childhood encourage each other to strive on.... Never Giving UP.... This is the fourteenth year, single motherhood is not unhappy anymore. With childhood and motherhood blending in strong toge

Patrick, U Are Really Cute!

OH-OOHH... TODAY IS MONDAY! Good morning, I just woke up ... something happened while I was asleep.... oh, don't be alarmed, nothing serious.... something that some ladies dread to have except me.. lol... Monday, Monday.... hope you will brighten up my day... Looking at Patrick puts a smile in my heart... isn't he cute??? Thanks Gabriel for making a "suntan doughnut" hat for him... lol... He is now Super Cute! I am sure many of you hang some cuties in your car too.... What are they? Care to share? :)

Cheyyyy..What A Waste!

Feeling lethargic, I made an appointment with my regular beautician....don't "wow" me yet, I really feel very tired lately, snapping and fuming, as STP described me... lol... Yes, I agree, I do get worked up pretty fast these days and many of you agree that these are the symptoms of old age.. lol... Okay, back to my appointment, I went for a body massage. First she massaged my head, then neck, shoulder, hands, legs and lastly my back. The back massage was the best actually... I turned over on my stomach and put my face into the "Hole", closing my eyes and getting ready to enjoy the "kneading." Awhile later, (i was sure that it was only awhile), the girl told me to turn over to my back... With my blurry voice and half closed eyes, I said...."HUH?? finished already???" I heard her laughter when she said this,"Yes, over already.. u didnt feel it cos u were snoring away the minute I started to massage your back." Gosh... How Could

Breakdance In Gurney Plaza

Last week while we were in Gurney Plaza, we heard some loud hip hop music. Feeling curious, we went to that direction and from the first floor, we witnessed the energetic dance from these young guys. Guess who was the most fascinated? Nope, not my kids but their mum! lol.. I was engrossed in their dancing, my kids were not interested, they stood behind the crowd, whereas I was standing at the railing looking down and snapping pictures till someone tugged me from behind.. sigh...

Wrong Time Wrong Place In Penang

I posted about my Penang trip last Friday and getting caught in the jams almost everywhere. If my car did not have automatic gears, I think until today I would be still be "limping" on my left leg due to heavy pressing on the clutch. Maybe I was at the wrong place at the wrong time. It was almost lunch hour when I went to see my son at the college. It was a prayer time for Muslims during that 12-2pm period as well... and not only that, schools also closed around that time. Gosh, I don't think I wanna stay in Penang... lol... I snapped this while waiting for the traffic to ease along Kelawei Road in Penang ahhhh.... this is different... cos this is IPOH... so quiet... so un-alive.... hahaa... u want peace and quiet, come to IPOH..

A "Fine" Morning For ME!

Breakfast this morning in old town was rather expensive, super expensive I can say.... It cost me RM40 over for having 3 bowls of noodles! I am always a "law abider", parking at the right places and putting coupons on my dashboard. But only one setback, I always put 10-15 minutes later than my present time, for instance... I reached old town at 10.45pm, I put my coupon as 11am.... I heard that 10 minutes later is acceptable, right? While walking back to car, I saw the pink paper.... haizzzz ... pink paper means got summoned! His time is 10.48am... my time is 11am.. just a matter of 2 minutes, he gave me a summon!!! so bad la he... I am "Fined" learn my lesson... fine...

I Pinched And Pinched....

Phew... at this point of time, I am so dead tired.... (bet many of us are, right?) Today I was on leave, early early morning took my girl to school and then went marketing. AT around 8.30am, we left for Penang . Yes, I went to Penang today, took my bro to Mount Miriam again for his blood count. Thank God, his blood count was NICE... nice means good... good means he has enough of white and red blood cells which is very essential for him at this stage. Dropped him in hospital around 11am then I took this opportunity to go visit Andy and we went for a simple lunch in Super Danker food court. Half way through lunch, brother called up that he was ready to go... wow, super fast, this hospital! Quickly dropped back my son in college, I rushed back to Mount Miriam.... one north, one south of Penang island. With the heavy jam here and there, gosh... how deadly the drive was!! Wonder how I managed to scrape through it all.... On the way back to IPOH was very torturing. I couldn&

Blog Phobia

Just this evening this special blogger asked me what I was going to post today.. without hesitation, I told her that I have no specific topic tonight. At times my posts are impromptu , just write whatever that comes to the brain. But no, not tonight. This is my 3rd time I amended my post. Some of you who came in earlier had seen what I wrote and have commented. Sorry, my post was amended again... Maybe too many happenings happened lately that caused my mood to swing here and there. (Now I understand what is meant by mood swings, blame it on my pms )... At times when I go hop blog, I normally speed read and I ended up commenting wrongly. So... if I happen to mis-read, please forgive this blur old lady here....I guess I need to change my glasses or perhaps my monitor should be placed nearer to my eyesight. As for the beautiful lady who always love to point out my mistakes, thank you very much but I just hope that you will write it as beautiful as you really are. Don't let

The SOCSO Waiting Game Starts..

This whole afternoon was spent in the General Hospital Eye Clinic. Sister received a letter from the SOCSO to get her eyes reviewed by the eye specialists there, to confirm that she is really incapable of working anymore. Whether she can have an allowance or not for the rest of her life will be based from these doctors' report, fit or unfit to work.... From 2.15pm, the waiting process started. My sis was led from one room to another, altogether three doctors did a check up on her eyes. Meanwhile, I have to wait outside, wanted to go in but forbidden to. So much so, while waiting, I fell asleep on the chair itself. I really slept cos I jerked up when my head went down... gosh... imagine the scenerio... a lady wearing baju kurung, holding an umbrella by her side, dozing off..... what a scene... (wonder my mouth was open or not!) Yucks! But who cares..... At around 4pm, I left the hospital to get back to the office. My sis was still waiting for the 3rd doctor's checkup.

Don't End Up Like This, Folks!

This is the ultimate result from too much blogging! Yes, true... it happened yesterday evening... all of a sudden, my left wrist gave a sharp pain, really sharp, like cutting through my skin. I slowly manoeuvred my wrist to the backward, front, backward and front... and ended up with lots of " ouches !" Pressed it down on the table... BIG OUCH! cham .. what had happened??? I tried to do some typing, real slow... don't exert any force if can help it... that was why last night I did not do any posts, I ended up surfing with one hand... (still didn't want to give up ma... How to sleep without surfing and chatting, right?) The pain began to throb during the early dawn... this morning I plastered my wrist with salonpas. Now I put on a ankle band .... (no wrist band ma ), applied some Balsem Cap Kaki Tiga lotion and suffer the Hot and Spicy feeling now! kam lak geh.... Anyone experienced such wrist pain lately? Or am i the only one? :(

Chili's Hot, Swenson Cool !!

After turning round and round looking for this Penang Road cendol , we adjourned to Gurney Plaza. We wanted to do some walking, to "digest" our food and to subside my "anger" at the same time. (Incredible hulk cooling down effect) We went to Chili's  but it was so full, the man had to write down our name to book a place... Cis ... wanna eat also have to wait half hour??? No thanks, we walked off... and finally landed in Swenson .... it was not as crowded as in Chilie , at least we could get a place we wanted after a tiff with the waitress. I don't want to dwell into that... two guys deep in conversation and this gal as usual.. wanna pose here and there.. after Penang Road, Andy could still walloped this plate of goodness... whose birthday??? None of us here.. but today is Perak Sultan's Birthday.. it is a public holiday in IPOH ... ahhh ... the ice cream I "screamed" for... well, they lighted up the pan... and th

Crazy No More...

Never never drive when one is raving mad in the car especially the mad one is the driver. The risk of having an accident is very high! I always heard of this statement but never in my mind that I would experienced it myself. Yes, I was the mad driver, my anger overwhelmed me, furious........ now thinking back, I blame it on my hormones.... First, I want to apologise to my son, Andy especially, for I know he felt rather bad when I flew into my crazy temper. It was not his fault actually, he didn't know the way well in Penang and when we got lost, my anger erupted! Wasn't I ridiculous??? YES! In my fit of anger, I nearly had an accident, if not for my kids shouted and I quickly pressed the brake. Thank God in a nick of seconds..... otherwise we were be either hospitalized or paying damages for both sides. I am much saner now, in fact, I know what the problem is already.... For a month, I did not consume Evening Primrose Oil..... I thought I didn't need it anymore

My New Tenant

A new tenant to my house came yesterday, he is a tenant because he only will be here temporarily. What if I fall in love with him during his stay in my house? What if my girl also falls for him? When he leaves, we might miss him terribly... sigh... Here is Wangi, our tenant and or course our Labbie.. See Wangi??? He is full of fur...... what was interesting was that Labbie was so jealous when I held Wangi, she kept barking at him but being a family dog, that was all she could do. She never went to bite him or stepped on him. With her enormous size, Labbie could make Wangi become a pancake anytime! Oh, do I sound gory?? Still in mad mood!

Sane Or IN-sanity?

Going for a breakaway from HOME... wanna have a change of scene... arrhhhhhh.... I am eloping.... wanna take a breath, Heave in and out... Great! Allow me to go, please... I am falling.. but not fallen yet.... Let it be for the moment, I will come back and solve it... Right now, I will do some packing... Then I say Sayonara... Don't ask me where or when... as yet... But right now... Gonna stuff myself with food.. Food and More Food to keep me sane! (ranting post)

Why, Why, Tell Me Why...

After my previous post, I have learn something good out of it and I will use this post as a reminder for me, as not to do things without thinking rationally and taking more time to ponder over. Let it be a lesson for me... period! Now that I m in my new era age, I realize that I have changed. I cannot deny that fact. Friends whom I have known ever since I was young, will vouch for this statement. They said I have changed, not so in physical looks but in character. Once upon a time, a timid quiet simple lady... to a bold, more than quiet and aggressive woman with a tinge of impatience in her. I am that woman now! ggrrrrrrrr...... . I am bold in some ways, doing things independantly, no choice. I am outspoken, I made myself heard when I get mad!! Angry.. .grrrrrrrrrr..... Hormones... hormonal change, pre menopausal period.... Tai Sai , as my friends used to say... I am in this phase of life now... so if I get angry or get heated up fast, I am excusable, OK? (ranting post)

The Mystery Of The Missing Book

While having dinner one evening, my girl said, "Mum, I need to buy back a book for the library." Naturally I asked why.... She was quite hesitant, u know la... my girl, she never speaks more than 10 words in one sentence. Unbelievable? But it is true.... Okay, coming back to her reply and much prompting and hesitating, the story came out like this... Her friend who was on duty wrongly keyed in my daughter's name as the borrower of this BOOK which she DID NOT borrow at all. My girl didn't know about it till she was "summoned" to return the book. Blur as she was then, she finally found out that her friend who was on duty keyed in her name instead of "don't-know-who" and now my girl has to pay back for this particular book which cost around RM50.00. My instance response was "HOW CAN??? U didn't borrow the book and u mean u have to pay for the lost book??" How ridiculous! I told her the book must be in the library but according

The Name Of The Game

Here is the 10th picture! Why? read on..... I have been tagged by Wenn ! That is why the meaningless pic.. :p Ok, the name of the game is... take a look in the first photo folder either from Picasa or from the hard drive for the 10th photo, tell a story about it, mention the blog that tagged me and then tagg five other blogs. Now the story of this picture ... this was taken a few days after Chinese New Year during a barbecue party which my BIL organized. He bought all the seafood and stuff.... I took this picture when everyone was busy in the kitchen except me.... well, I was busy snapping pics ma.. so I was excusable.. ! Ok, siapa nak???? I will not tag 5 of you specifically, any one of you who wants to have fun with this, please welcome to take it....OK? Don't be paiseh or shy... FOC from me.... LOL...

Sun Tuck Kee's Amusing Banner

Ok, dinner time at Sun Tuck Kee with AA, Gab and my girl. (Sorry, Andy, hope u don't mind drooling over the food first, next time when u come back, u can request mama here to take u to wherever u want... meanwhile, please tolerate this post... hehehee...) Being a "banana," (illiterate in mandarin) I asked Gabriel what the picture here says.... He told me the pig here represents pork balls and the octopus picture of course, means octopus la.. what else! hahaha.... i find this pic cute... (sorry to muslims, this is a non halal pic) i wonder how many of us love this! or find it disgusting??? I love to bite them.. ngek ngek chewing.. how about another disgusting dish? LOL... ahh..the pork balls, my girl's favorite.. and the infamous wat tan hor egg gravy koay teow.. 4 of us walloped these up.. clean.. actually not much la. . for 3 still-growing Kids and 1 elderly lady...

The Laptop On My Lap

Thank you, readers for coming over and giving me some feedback.... To sum it up, I gather that this layout is not really Me... 1 stly ... I am not as Young and Charming as her... 2 ndly ... My eyes are " sepet " (small) compared to her big round eyes with long lashes... 3 rdly ... Her hair is blond while mine is gray- ish ... (OK, at least 50% white if ICI was not applied!) 4 thly ... All along I have 3 Big Kids in my banner, .... then suddenly, a young, girlish figure appeared... it just didn't seem Right, Right? 5 thly ... I do not drink coffee.... never like... even I am a IPOH pure bred... For these Five reasons, I have to change this present template.... I will change once I come across a new one that suits a Senior Blogger like me.. (well said, Kev!) OK... Then...why did I choose this template in the first place?? Well, for only ONE reason...... Her Laptop on her Lap.. that is what I love cos that is ME!

Is This Me?

Hi Readers... Just want to make up my mind.. . (told u all earlier that I am a fickled minded old blogger!) Is this new layout ME? Does this new layout suit ME? Or is my previous layout better? The bottom line is.... I feel something wrong somewhere in this new layout.... give me a day to get used to it, if I haven't I will be back to my Old Original Old blogger template, an Old fashioned ME!

Dip Dip At Jack Fah

Come, let's see what's cooking here... hot hot water... both of them watching how to go about it... first choose your pick... much to choose from.... after that, can walk off... the boys would serve us later... :p Last weekend, AA and Gab came home to take the white babe back to college. As usual when they are back, we sure will go looking for food.... AA wanted to try the Dip Dip at Jack Fah's place... I think many of us would not want to eat like this... standing and sharing the sauce, not like those days... now people are more health conscious, they rather have their own sauce served on their table.. Well, anyway, these were what we had for our supper on Saturday night.

My New Glaring "Dress"

I received an email from Blogger about their new blogger template designer is available now on Blogger in draft, an experimental playground for us bloggers.  Did anyone of you receive this email? So... This whole afternoon was spent "playing" with blogger templates and I found out one new thing about myself.  I AM A FICKLE MINDED BLOGGER! I cannot decide which to choose, from the templates to the fonts, the color of text, links and goodness knows what else, I clicked this and that... and finally ........ended up with this bright, glaring template!   Someone like STP and Bananaz commented that they need sunglasses.... OH WELL, I guess I have to supply some dark glasses, UV type for those who find this glaring.... ok, who else ... who else.... give a comment and I will think about getting some sunglasses or perhaps changing back to the original... but then... I do not know how to do it already.... cham.....    *Sorry guys, by the time u read this blog, I have alread

ViVa, We Welcome You..

My white babe... ooopppss... no, not mine, sorry. It belongs to AA now, then later to Andy and then much later to Fernie, hopefully! LOL.... Last evening the White Babe was ready to go home, it called us to take her home and after work, AA, Gabriel and I went to fetch her. Before we left, we blessed our car with a short prayer, thankful to our Lord once again.... And then..........zooommmm... and now she is back to our home nest for now, temporary. Later she will be zoomed off again to her new home with AA back to the Uni. AA's first car... his happy smile... AFter this, mama will have to tighten her belt! :)

Me And U And Our Food

A lunch shared by two of us.... don't mention names, I am sure many of you know who I share my lunch with. We were still very full when lunch came but if we dont take lunch, by three pm, our stomachs will growl, right? So we took something light, something shared and felt good, not too full and wouldnt be hungry later too.... We went to Perak Stadium food court for these. Famous for its HongKong Chee Cheong Fun, it came with quite a large portion. And for desserts, we ordered a plate of rojak!!! Yummmmyyy.. that was our lunch! Maintain... maintain.... hahhahaaa..